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This article is outdated; currently most of our former Scalding Pass space is held by our Russian allies. Goonswarm kept sov in 1V- for the old Jewperhighway, but as we have now abandoned all of our conquered space to move to Delve, we are likely to lose that system in short order.

Formerly Goonswarm's fortress region.

A map of Scalding Pass can be found here.



After a prolonged assault and much help from our allies, GoonSwarm took this region from Veritas Immortalis, a member of the Southern Coalition. More information on the war can be found in the Scalding Pass section of The Taking of the South. Scalding Pass was the first conquerable 0.0 space held by Goonswarm since we were driven from XZH.

As of November 2008, current Goonswarm CEO Darius JOHNSON has announced that we will be abandoning Scalding Pass, along with our northeastern holdings in the drone regions and Geminate, within the next month or so. No details as to who might take over these regions have been given as of yet. If you have stuff in Scalding Pass, get it moved to one of our southern regions as soon as you can.
Goonfleet's Dong in Space


The 81 Systems of Scalding Pass are situated in the middle of four other 0.0 regions. It is bordered by Curse to the West, Great Wildlands to the North, Insmother to the East, and Wicked Creek to the Southeast. Goonfleet's claim is primarily in the eastern section, with the prize being the WQZ8-4 constellation. This constellation is the home of three outposts of 28Y, KZF and RYC. It also contains the systems of IAK, WO- and X2-, which have low truesec ratings and a generous amount of asteroid belts for ratting and mining.

Fun Fact:

When the Revelations II patch was deployed, the structural requirements for Constellation Sovereignty in WQZ8-4 were already met. Only 4 other constellations in the game met these requirements.[1]

There are two other GS-held outposts in Scalding Pass, in the systems of 1V- and JLO. 1V- is home to many goons, and is only 4 jumps south from KZF, or 1 jumpbridge away. It can serve as a handy last minute stop for those traveling south to Detorid. The JLO system is tucked out of the way of the north pipe leading back to Rens in Empire. It is only 4 jumps from 1V-, but 8 jumps from KZF making it too far of a journey to make a significant contribution to the economy in the region.


There are five Conquerable Stations in the region, two of which are 30Bn ISK Outposts constructed by Veritas. The stations are located in the following systems:

  • 28Y9-P - Conquerable Outpost - Factory
  • KZFV-4 - Minmatar Service Outpost - Refinery (35%)
  • RYC-19 - Minmatar Service Outpost - Refinery (35%)
  • 1V-LI2 - Conquerable Outpost - Factory
  • JLO-Z3 - Conquerable Outpost - Refinery (50%)


Because of the density of goons in WQZ8-4, the constellation is naturally the market hub of the region. 28Y is the major factory station, and it has the majority of the market share for anything produced locally. On average, anything on sale in 28Y will be cheaper than in the neighboring station systems due to competition among producers. But because 28Y is situated in a dead end system off of the main pipe, many goons choose to transport their wares to KZF and enjoy a markup for providing this service. For the same reason, anyone interested in selling minerals should take the time to bring them to 28Y.

The environment two jumps away, in RYC, is currently in a transition. Recently, as of this writing, the 2 factory slots in the RYC station had their installation fee slashed from 500,000 ISK down to only 1,500. Before this, it was only viable to produce high end items, such as battleships. Now with the reduced rate, competition for the factory slots is fierce, and the average wait time can be 3 days. Before this change, anything sold in bulk in RYC was generally imported from 28Y or elsewhere.

No goon in Scalding Pass mines anything other than Arkonor or Bistot. This gives a steady supply of megacyte and zydrine, but, other minerals are imported from empire via carrier jump. As a result, mineral prices can fluctuate wildly when there is a shortage of low ends such as Pyerite or mid ranges such as Nocxium and Isogen.

Newbie Life in Scalding Pass


New players operating out of Scalding Pass are generally shielded from many of the threats that they'd be otherwise exposed to in other regions. Even so, unless you intend to obtain implants, you're generally better off podding to and from the region for Skills, or perhaps hiring someome to import goods as needed. As a new player, ask around if you need anything; someone will certainly help with importing small items. Always have GSIntel available and stay tuned into anything going on.

Even without Jumpbridges, Scalding Pass can still be quite safe. NPC stations exist about 8 jumps out in Curse, offering a place to dock up for neutral pilots. Even so, most of the neutral population generally only live there to run missions. This attracts a small localized population of hostile neutrals, but it's few enough that they seldom stray far from there. Even so, roaming gangs of random neutrals will make an occasional appearance from the major empire pipes; be ready to pick out friendlies from neutrals. Understanding the geography of the region, and particularly the systems which lead into KZF and RYC, will vastly increase your chances of survival.

After you have a grip on your surroundings, it would be wise to setup safespots, and bookmark friendly POSs - especially those which are not in station systems.

See also: Finding POSs


The low truesec value of the area can make ratting somewhat difficult for newbies. Arch Angel rats can occasionaly spawn. These rats will jam your warp drive, and you will die. If you are having trouble ratting, and can't seem to make any money, look into training Salvaging. Learn the rules regarding looting or salvaging wrecks that don't belong to you.


As a newbie, you probably only have access to a cruiser, or worse - a frigate. You may have done some mining in Empire while doing the tutorial, or waiting for your application. But mining here in 0.0 and in Scalding Pass is a bit different. In regards to the ISK/hour ratio, Arkonor and Bistot are the only ores in the area which are viable for mining. The problem for newbies is that they takes up a staggering 16m3 of cargo space per unit, and requires 200 units to refine. This means that your frigate will only be able to hold a handful of units, and that hauling any worthwhile amount may take several trips in a tier 1 hauler. To make matters worse, if you enter a belt alone, and activate a mining laser on an asteroid, there is a very high chance that rats will spawn right away. This makes solo mining very frustrating. The solution is to find a group to tag along in. Be sociable! You won't get very far if you try to play on your own.


Eight jumps out from 1v- and situated around G-0Q86 in Curse are a few NPC-Controlled Angel Cartel stations, where mission runners and those who prey on them occasionally setup. Certain kinds of delivery missions can be farmed in this area. In certain instances you can run several delivery missions in tandem, but losing a load of mission-related products with a single hauler can have a large effect on your standings; be careful and consider running these with a scout.

Some of the missions available will require you to attack ships that are part of one or more Empire factions, and may hurt your security status a bit. Watch your standings and consider ratting Angels to bump your standings back up if they appear to be getting bad enough to warrant it.