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Security 0.0
Sovereignty Atlas
Geographical Area South
Bordering Regions Feythabolis, Tenerifis
Notable Systems
Rats Angels
Aridia - Black Rise - Derelik - Devoid - Domain - Essence - Everyshore - Genesis - Heimatar - Kador - Khanid - Kor-Azor - Lonetrek - Metropolis - Molden Heath - Placid - Sinq Laison - Solitude - Tash-Murkon - The Bleak Lands - The Citadel - The Forge - Verge Vendor
The Southeast
Cache - Curse - Detorid - Great Wildlands - Insmother - Scalding Pass - Wicked Creek
The South
Catch - Esoteria - Feythabolis - Immensea - Impass - Omist - Paragon Soul - Providence - Stain - Tenerifis
The Southwest
Delve - Period Basis - Querious
The Northwest
Cloud Ring - Fountain - Outer Ring - Syndicate
The North
Branch - Deklein - Fade - Pure Blind - Tenal - Tribute - Venal
The Northeast
Geminate - Vale of the Silent
The Drone Regions
Cobalt Edge - Etherium Reach - Malpais - Oasa - Outer Passage - Perrigen Falls - The Kalevala Expanse - The Spire

Omist is the southeast-most region in the EVE universe of New Eden. Like Impass, Omist is highly secluded, being three whole regions away from Empire. Its security is generally poor and Angel rats are terrible. However, its sovereign history is rich with GoonSwarm and BoB past. Omist is currently held by Atlas and has not seen conflict since UNL folded.


Taken from Lotka Volterra, and then taken by Band of Brothers from us. Retaken, but was then handed over to other alliances. Omist is also ANZAC Squad's ancestral homeland. Very decent resources but the station systems are cursed with high moon counts. This makes retaking and securing the stations time consuming and expensive, something BoB decided to use to their advantage. BoB attempted to make a stand in Omist because its loss would expose their first tier vassels, Red Moon and RISE, to direct assault. Omist fell, and RISE and CORM were shown the door. However, the region was abandoned when Tau Ceti Federation moved north and UNL sadly lost their Omist stations to Atlas.


  • QSF-EJ (Minmatar refinery, 35% refine rate, constellation capital) - Atlas
  • 6T3I-L (Standard factory conquerable) - Atlas
  • AXDX-F (Gallente office conquerable) - Atlas
  • Z-7OK1 (Standard factory conquerable) - Atlas
  • 66-PMM (Minmatar refinery, 35% refine rate, constellation capital) - Atlas
  • UEP0-A (Gallente office conquerable) - Atlas
  • D2EZ-X (Gallente office conquerable) - Atlas