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Security 0.0
Sovereignty Goonswarm, RA, TCF
Geographical Area Southeast
Bordering Regions Wicked Creek, Insmother, Immensea, Tenerifis
Notable Systems 77S8-E
Rats Angels
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The Southeast
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The South
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Previously ours, Detorid is the region where many of GoonSwarm's most critical fights happened. With BoB resistance purged and Delve vacated in spring 2009, Detorid was abandoned, leaving a void for shitty alliances such as Atlas and perennial faggots -A- to move in. Detorid was originally taken from Lotka Volterra.

Detorid is generally poor space with good truesec clustered only within a few constellations.



Former Goonswarm-controlled Stations

Atlas couldn't immediately take our old Detorid stations thanks to X.I.X, but we now no longer have control of them:

  • 77S8-E "77space penix" (Gallente Administrative Outpost (Office))
  • 0-G8NO "Straight Outta Syndicate" (Factory)
  • HZFJ-M "HZF Rapture" (Minmatar Service Outpost (Refinery))
  • O-W778 "The Ponderosa"(Refinery)
  • DG-8VJ (Factory)
  • MD-0AW "WebMD" (Factory)

Other stations


Detorid supports two sov4 constellations:

  • HZFJ-M, 77S8-E and 0-G8NO, our former capital constellation, just north of our old east Tenerifis sov4 constellation.
  • 0-W778, DG-8VJ and MD-0AW, located close to Insmother