Propulsion Jamming

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Propulsion Jamming
Skill at using propulsion/warpdrive jammers. 5% Reduction to warp scrambler and stasis web capacitor need per skill level.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 3x
Cap Need Bonus -5%
Required Skills
Primary Electronics III
Secondary Navigation II
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 135,000 ISK
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Propulsion Jamming is required for using stasis webifiers, warp scramblers, and warp disruption bubbles.


Level I:

  • Warp scramblers & disruptors, stasis webifiers.

Level II:

  • Warp Scrambler II, Warp Disruptor II.

Level III:

  • Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I (with Anchoring II). Light, medium & heavy webifier drones (with Drone Navigation I, II & III).

Level IV:

  • Statis Webifier II. Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor I (with Anchoring III).

Level V: