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Pod Jumping

Pod Jumping - Verb
Definition: The act of setting your clone to respawn in a station far away, and then intentionally dying so that you respawn in a far-off land.

Disambiguation: Pod Jumping is NOT the same as Jump Clones, although there are many similarities. If you refer to podjumping by the term "Jump Clones" everyone will be confused and you'll get bad advice.


  • Cheap
  • Faster than flying
  • Absolutely risk free


  • You can't bring anything with you at all, not even implants
  • Getting self-destruct to work can be annoying

How to Do it


Find a station with a medical bay. This is a red-cross + stasis pods on the icon under 'station services' on the right. You can find these through the map by choosing "Cloning" under Star map -> Services.

Hit "Upgrade Clone" from within the medical panel, and make sure that your clone can contain more skillpoints than you posses. Character sheet -> General will tell you how many skillpoints you have as well as how many your current clone can hold. If you followed the Basic Character Creation guide, you'll have more skill points than the basic clone and will need to do this.

Now that your clone is ready, click "Change Station". Find any of the stations in the system you're trying to jump to, and select it.

If you are jumping to an unknown station and you aren't sure whether it has a medical bay, right-click it in the list, select 'show info' and click the 'services' tab. If you see 'medical' in the list there, it has a clone bay. It is possible to set your clone to a station without a clone bay, but you will be unable to purchase a new clone when you get there. This is bad if there is any risk at all of you being attacked and podded on your way to a medical station, so always jump to a station with a medical bay if possible.

Now, right click on your ship and select "Leave Ship" and undock in your pod.

Now warp to a celestial body so you don't leave a frozen corpse outside the station, right click your pod and choose "self destruct". As soon as the pod blows, you will be reborn in the station you just selected. This will 'use up' the clone you just bought, and put you back to the standard Alpha clone.


I don't care if an alpha clone will hold all your skills at this point, just get yourself in the habit of ALWAYS having a clone that can hold your skills for up to two weeks. When you pod jump, as soon as the screen loads in the new station, you click that fucking med bay and buy a new clone. I forgot to do this and lost frig IV the other night, and I'm still pissed off about it. Save yourself the trouble.

Note that by default, when you purchase a clone, it is located at the station you bought it at. So unless you specify another destination, next time you die you'll end up right back here. Click Change Station and browse the long station list for the name of the station you're currently in and set it as your home station. You can find the name of the station you're in on the upper right, above the list of people currently docked.


For advanced clone hopping, you probably should set up a Jump Clone. You'll want to set up at least one jump clone within your first week or so of gameplay with Goonfleet.

NOTE: IF you accepted your invite while docked you have to undock then dock again to have the ability to select GoonFleet's stations from the list.