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Sometimes I see a dream, a dream of a region with npc and player owned stations, with dozens of dysprosium and promethium moons each, with lots of faction officer spawns, priority system loading and packet receiving for my alliance members, CCP team support ... well, it's just a dream you know.

Security 0.0
Sovereignty GoonSwarm, Blood Raider Covenant (NPC)
Geographical Area Southwest
Bordering Regions Querious, Aridia, Period Basis, Fountain
Notable Systems NOL-M9, 319-3D
Rats Blood Raiders
Aridia - Black Rise - Derelik - Devoid - Domain - Essence - Everyshore - Genesis - Heimatar - Kador - Khanid - Kor-Azor - Lonetrek - Metropolis - Molden Heath - Placid - Sinq Laison - Solitude - Tash-Murkon - The Bleak Lands - The Citadel - The Forge - Verge Vendor
The Southeast
Cache - Curse - Detorid - Great Wildlands - Insmother - Scalding Pass - Wicked Creek
The South
Catch - Esoteria - Feythabolis - Immensea - Impass - Omist - Paragon Soul - Providence - Stain - Tenerifis
The Southwest
Delve - Period Basis - Querious
The Northwest
Cloud Ring - Fountain - Outer Ring - Syndicate
The North
Branch - Deklein - Fade - Pure Blind - Tenal - Tribute - Venal
The Northeast
Geminate - Vale of the Silent
The Drone Regions
Cobalt Edge - Etherium Reach - Malpais - Oasa - Outer Passage - Perrigen Falls - The Kalevala Expanse - The Spire


Region Topography

Updated Delve Map Feb. '08

Where am I?

Delve is located in the southwest area of all space. It is north of Period Basis, west of Querious, and south of Fountain and Aridia (low-sec). It is both highly sought after and highly defensible. It has a total of 32 stations. The region is split into two. Western Delve contains 11 conquerable stations, many of which were dropped by the former Band Of Brothers alliance. Northeastern Delve is made up of NPC stations, and Southeastern Delve is made up of an additional 7 conquerable stations.


Delve was occupied by BoB from the alliance's formation to its dissolution. Possibly the most desirable region in the game due to its excellent rats, agents, complexes, high-end moons, proximity to Empire, compactness, NPC stations, and ease of defense, Delve was the crown jewel in BoB's empire. It was their home, the source of much of their wealth, and their last line of defense - it was here that the Coalition's advance was finally halted at the end of the The Great EVE War.

In Februrary 2009, that changed.

Yesterday we drove a fucking pickup truck packed with confetti explosives into BoB's ass. So now my Goons, the time has come to claim our birthright. As of this moment every single member of Goonswarm is ordered to 319 in Delve. Delve is New Syndicate, and the fucking goonwagon, filled with simpering retards, rolls on its rims into 319.

Shock and awe and buttes. Delve is ours for the taking.


Goonswarm held sovereignty in Delve and the status quo continued up until January 2010.

Whilst CEO Karttoon and anyone with wallet access were riding bikes, the ship Goonfleet with no-one at the helm collided with an iceburg called accounts payable:

The Situation: Karttoon went on vacation and Rapetrain has been AFK. Sov bills went unpaid due to his negligence. We lost sov in 30 systems and have lost more than six outposts, two of which are critical - J-L and NOL. Some will place blame on Niart for his negligence, some on Karttoon, it doesn't matter - what matters is the Swarm and its membership.

-The Mittani

There is nothing more hilarious or appropriate than the method in which Delve sov was lost.

Current Status

Delve is burning.

Getting to and from Empire

The nearest major market hub from Delve is Agil in Khanid, while closest office is Kihtaled (two jumps away). There are two major routes into Delve, both 20ish jumps. The shortest route cuts through Northern Querious, usually a ghost town but sometimes camped, getting you to the eastern, NPC side of Delve. The other route takes you from Agil to Khanid and Aridia lowsec and deposits you in the northern part of Delve and the major chokepoint of Sakht/1-SMEB. If it ain't bubblecamped by BoB pets, it is still hostile.

Places of Interest

Goon Delve

W-4 Constellation

Current basis of operations for GoonSwarm. The first constellation to go Sov4 with J-L serving as capitol. First target of the Hellpurge through Delve in February 2009. QY6, PUIG, and F-T are all factory station systems. J-L, with its 106 moons, is a refinery system and miner's paradise. SVM stands as the research station and 0-H, where our current frigate cache is located, is an offices station. It's pretty much the end all be all for Delve.

As it is ground zero for a lot of Goon jews, expect this area to be full of roaming neutral and hostile gangs and solo gankers. If you want safer ratting/mining territory, check out western Delve or the 7-K loop.


The main entryway of Delve. It is here where facialimpediment kills his constant stream of shuttles, pods, and gets his dictor blown up by inties. This system is just like the L4X system, always faggots around of one type or another. This system is also interesting because of all the standings issues that come up, being that it is the first major chokepoint of Delve. Random pubbies don't know where the fuck they are, BoB-friendly corps randomly come in, and Burn Eden will occasionally kill everything in sight for no real reason. Some pretty comedic chatlogs occur.

Be sure to scan for mobile warp disruptors. Unless you're in something slow like a battleship, you shouldn't have a major problem getting through here. Just make sure to scout it out if you're coming from Sakht.


The Alamo. The legendary BoB formup for many major ops with deathstars everywhere. This was as far as Goons and our allies came in the first Great EVE War. It is the gateway for much of western Delve and is used mostly to move people, ships, and stuff throughout the region.

Since headshoting BoB, the Alamo is now the LMAO. Feel free to put all your stuff here since it's our system and now our capital system for the constellation.


If it wasn't a ghost town, it was a BoB outpost system in a pretty good ratting area with a bunch of pansies that either ran away at the sight of a cloaking inty [1] or summoned cloaking breachers and recons to watch what's going on. Was baiter capital of Delve. I've actually watched an Absolution fire at all three rat battleships in a belt at the same time in an effort to prolong their cunning trap.

Under Goons, it is now a trade and travel hub between Delve and Period Basis. Always assume there will be a hostile here unless GSIntel says otherwise as there are still some BoB pets/gangs based out of their leftover POSes in PB.

F2OY Pipe

This is the alternate route from 1DH to C3N. Generally, the pipe is quiet except for the random hauler or gang that runs through. BoB had a Jump Bridge network through the pipe, but I'm pretty sure pets didn't use it. Also, in the C3N half there is a system named 8-Y that Skunk-Works inhabited and sent gangs out after any hostile that lingered for too long. However, goons don't care so much so it'll be mostly empty nowadays.

This is also known as Fake Querious as it is technically a part of Querious but runs through the very middle of Delve. Thanks CCP. See Querious.

The 7-K loop

This area is either pure comedy or pure boredom. The entire area was a very good piece of ratting territory when BoB wasn't using it or random pubbie chucklefucks are putting up towers around for no good reason. 7-K is the major chokepoint, leading to the best ratting system in the general area (and was the site of a major BoB mining/ratting op every day), C6Y. Personally, I'm surprised BoB hadn't put up an outpost there since a few of them practically lived out of POSes in that general area. 7-K has 7 belts and normally fantastic truesec (if truesec for the whole region wasn't broken). C6Y has close to 15 to 20 belts so lots of room to rat and mine.

The whole constellation is now under the control of Ultrapolite Socialites, one of our coolest allies. Sigma Squad bases out of C6Y as well. A note of caution: If you suddenly see nine characters log in at once, you've met Zek. Don't be alarmed. As hardcore a miner as I've seen, the man mines triple-boxed with 9-12 accounts at once, all in T1 cruisers. Zekfleet best fleet.

NPC Delve

These tables are a work in progress; please fact check them and correct them as necessary.

!USE A SCOUT! if you're going anywhere in NPC Delve with anything of value. The area South of PR- has calmed down considerably since the opening of the war, but it's still NPC space.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
319-3D 9-22 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 0 0 0 0 0 -

319- was Goonfleet's former staging system for the second Delve Campaign, until we took 0-H and started basing there. It was quiet for some time after the end of the war, until TRI moved there. Since TRI left it's pretty damn quiet around 319-3D.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
PR-8CA 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 0 0 0 0 0 Rebellion Alliance (our Russian Delve brosefs) live here.

Next to NOL, one jump from 1DH, two from Z3V, and a few from 319-. PR- was where we stage the epic PR- camp during the early days of the Second Delve Invasion. Today it still sees some hostile traffic, since it sits between the two NPC areas and NOL, but few if any hostiles live here now since Rebellion moved in and all the former Kenny pets left for greener pastures. It's a very large system, which makes it a bit of a pain in the ass when trying to hunt down people moving through it.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
YZ9-F6 5 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 50 0 0 0 0 There are usually camps on the 319 gate. Be careful in this system.

Factory NPC station next door to 319. Usually either empty or occupied by Paul Lebaue and his many CIC alts or HUN when they get bored of idling in I3Q. If you see a Lebaue in FWST or 319 then you can bet there will be a Lebaue Dominix bubblecamp on one or both of the gates in YZ9.

The YZ9 station has a GoonFleet office but no medical services are available.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
A-ELE2 4 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 50 0 0 0 0 Do not set your clones for this station.

A-ELE2 is a Level I, Level III and level IV security agent each make this a hot spot. It's next door to 1DH-SX. It occasionally has campers waiting for slow aligners on the undock. Mostly empty since Kenny left, but TRI sometimes jump caps in and out.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
1DH-SX 3-1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 0 0 0 0 0

1DH is a major pipeline and a lot of locals move through, usually without stopping. With four gates including one that leads to Fake Querious it is a great place to set up bubblecamps. Keep in mind that we do not have an office here. It was previously the unofficial GS HQ in Delve.


Location Medical Fitting Insurance LP Store Repair Shop Processing Manu. Slots ME PE Copy Invention Notes
UHKL-N 5-1 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 50% 50 20 20 10 20 Six jumps from 319.

Do not set a clone here as there are no medical services.

UHKL was the Northern Coalition's staging system for the Delve campaign. Pretty empty these days, but TRI caps can be found jumping to the station on occasion.

Living and Making ISK in Delve

Step 1: Park your shit in (a/multiple) station system(s)

While BoB generally ignored NPC Delve while they had this region, they now can only roam around it since we kicked their asses to the curb. You are going to find that NPC Delve is usually camped at one location or another so keep your shit out of NPC Delve. Goons and their allies have control of all the other conquerable station systems in Delve. You can park your shit in J-L, F-T, PUIG (among others) if you are interested in the southeastern part of Delve. If western Delve is your thing, NOL is goons and is the gateway to western Delve. Have fun chuckling to yourself while storing your shit in BoB's old capitol. T-M, 39P, and 8WA are all good station systems in far western Delve but intel is a little more scarce out there so be more careful ratting/mining.

While Delve is goons, you're going to see a lot of traffic moving through all parts. Delve is a compact area with gateways into Empire and very short paths to hostile Catch. Watch GSIntel like a hawk for any hostiles moving through Delve and get your ass cloaked in a safespot or POS if they are coming your way.

Step 2: Rat like a motherfucker (or pick on the faction/hauler spawns)

All of Delve is easily rattable with good spawns, up to and including triple Blood Popes, faction spawns, and even the rare Draclira officer spawn that Prae's suicide gang got with 10 billion ISK's worth of loot. The whole region has broken truesec, which benefitted BoB greatly while they were here but now we are here, so even if you see a low-truesec or medium-truesec high-belt-count system, it's still great for ratting. Typically the spawns are good enough to sustain yourself, personally I rat in a Retribution assfrig and it's a little slow, so a battlecruiser could probably make more per hour. For more, see Ratting.

Now, if you're like me and hunt for JUST faction spawns and haulers, change your entire way of thinking on "good" systems. Basically, ALL systems could have a faction spawn in them (broken truesec, thanks CCP), even those in-between pipe-style 3-belt systems. Therefore, these systems should be checked in an inty or something. If they're faction spawns, either come back with the ratter or comedy inty it to death, if they're haulers, warp out and back in and start going at them. Typically, on hauler spawns the lowend buyorders and time/isk shit isn't worth anything, so blow up the light shit that isn't nocx, zyd, or mega.

Oh and always fit a cloak on your ratting ship and make a quick safespot somewhere. It's still Delve and you will see hostiles moving through occasionally. BE PREPARED.

Watch out for the 1.1m and 1.25m BS, because they can nos your capacitor. Elder Blood Raiders scramble, nos, and web. In most cases, faction ships will mirror their counterparts, with using nosferatus and so forth.

Also, you never know if that new hostile is some dumbass in a hauler or a recon that wants you dead. Just because your scanner is empty doesn't mean said hostile isn't watching you. Yes it's annoying to have to stop your ratting to cloak, but them's the breaks. Losing your ship is not worth the 1-2m that you could have gained by ignoring that hostile. If you're not willing to actually utilize your cloak, why are you fitting it?

Step 3: ??????

Moneymaking in Delve is really a matter of luck sometimes. I've checked 10 decent systems without a single good spawn, faction or otherwise, the entire night, then I've blown through a gang of 10 to actually get to the faction spawn three systems over from my home base. Othertimes, the entire region seems to be shitting out faction spawns, or a Dark Blood Patriarch shits out a BPC worth 500m-1b as jewgoons are happily fagging up the system right next door. Therefore, there will be good money days and there will be bad money days. Certain days you'll get that juicy faction battleship, the next day it'll be haulers full of trit and faggots ratting away in all the good systems.

Past alternatives were killing BoB/pet shuttles, as a COIN alt corp faggot shuttled a Domination Control Tower 3-run BPC into Delve. It now belongs to the swarm. However, this region is our home now and you won't see so much of them anymore.

Step 4: Profit!

Shitty loot such as guns and Nos/Neuts can be sold to a number of goon refiners for a decent amount of money in minerals. Best-named shit can be carted off to Agil and sold (same deal with any faction loot) or sold to Goon buyers in the area. Check S-Mart for potental buyers as goons helping goons is Of course, the alternative is running a hauler through Delve which isn't nearly as risky as it used to be. Again, check S-Mart as trips to Empire are relatively steady or if you knowa hauler pilot, contract his services. Don't forget to salvage faction wrecks, as Blood Raider rig parts can be sold for a lot of isk.

How not to die, you dumb idiot (jesus christ fuck goons)

3) Know your gate rules

Understanding the gate rules and session change timers is important. When jumping in from another system, you can not do anything involving gates for 30 seconds or you will get a "Session change in progress" error message. Basically, it's the same thing CCP does when you dock into a station, you can't change a ship for a full 30 seconds while the server gathers what the fuck you are doing at the time.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a bubble, immediately breaking for the gate is a bad, bad idea. When you hit that gate, you are still a sitting duck for 10-15 seconds while you're mashing butan, which for small ships can mean immediate death.

The correct procedure is to use that magical 30 seconds of cloak that CCP gives you, THEN make your move. Due to recent patches, you should be able to turn on a nice little session timer that will appear in the top-left corner of your client. It's under Options > General > Enable Session Change Timer, I believe. If you haven't found it, just watch the clock for 30 seconds. Your gate cloak holds for one minute so you have plenty of time to get the fuck out.


If you are on the other end of the system and someone happens to be bubbling the gate your are in-warp to, you will get stopped at the bubble's edge. From there you have three good options, burn for the gate, burn out of the bubble's edge to an object, or cloak (preferably trying to burn to/away gate before presing butan).

Also, you can cloak inside bubbles. If you enter a system and there is a bubble on it, one of the best options is to hit your cloak, preferably after aiming at the gate or an object. Big shit is fairly easy to decloak, however most dictors fit webs and you probably wouldn't make it out of that bubble in time unless you're in something fast.

YOU CAN NO LONGER LOG OFF IN BUBBLES AND EXPECT TO LIVE. First off, you need to be free of an aggro timer or you are floundering about in a bubble for 15 minutes. Second, if you don't have an aggro timer and decide to log, you must be able to tank whatever is on that gate for a full minute.

Additionally, "waiting out" a dictor's bubble refresh time no longer works either. With Interdictors 4, I have a bubble overlap of about 30 seconds. That means I can doubleshit bubbles, pretty much at will. If you give a dictor enough chances, he will make you pay.

As of Tuesday 08/28/07 and the recent Revelations patch, dictor bubbles will immediately halt any warp in-progress. Therefore, you can no longer assume that you can outrun a dictor if you have enough warp core stabs and a decent enough lead. Pre-patch, I would have to catch up, then outrun a moving target in order to get in position on a gate to drop a bubble. Post-patch, I can just burn to 20km, drop bubble, and rape. So if you see a dictor on your tail and you're vulnerable to it, get to a safespot and/or cloak. If you don't, you're awfully cocky and cocky people tend to die to dictors. Just check my kill history.

Your way in can be your way out

This fact infuriates dictors (me) to no end. If you wait your 15-20 second session change timer, always consider the option of simply burning back through the gate you came in. Be careful not to go so fast that you bump off the gate and die, but if you're already going at a decent pace before the web comes down, you will have made it back to the gate already. You only need to make up 12.5km to reach the gate (I think). If you want to ensure you hop through the gate instantly, do the following:

  • DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. Don't activate modules, don't move.
  • Right click the gate in space and click "Set Destination"
  • Wait till your session timer's expired.
  • Hit your MWD and burn for the gate. At the same time, activate the autopilot. It will jump as soon as it's in range.

Plus, if you draw fire, they get an aggro timer and can't chase after you for a full minute. :woop:

4) Your target probably has backup

Any hostile or neutral moving through Goon Delve is probably traveling with a group so never assume they are alone. Be aware that every target you jump on may be a prankeapple waiting to happen. I've killed pods and frigs, just to have the rapier-waiting-in-ambush jump in and kill my dictor.

Assume all the other hostiles in-system are available and active. Lacke and I went hunting once for a juicy battleship only to have 4 recons appear out of nowhere all around us. I've engaged haulers only to get scrammed and webbed with a recon jumping in to kill me (Pilgrim lol). So if it looks too good to be true, have an escape planned.

5) You're not always as fucked as you think you are

If you find yourself in a situation where you are basically fucked, align to an object and mash the warp button like crazy. You never know when a dumb pilot accidentally gets out of his scram/disruptor's range when he clearly has the upper hand. In tonight's case, Berrik Radhok's Zealot was basically fucked by a Curse, but Berrik was smart about it. He kept aligned the entire time and the Curse MWDed out of its scram range. Berrik got out fine. I've done similar things to Crows as well.

YOU MUST STAY ALIGNED FOR THIS TO WORK. If you simply press warp once then get scrammed, your speed will drop as your ship will revert to its last command (ie nothing). By aligning, even if you get scrammed again your speed will always remain at maximum.

This point is primarily aimed at the Stasis Webifier. If you find yourself webbed in a non-gate situation, web the guy right back. If you're fast enough or your web is good enough, you might just be faster than the guy chasing you! I've used this trick to get away from rifters, SK Rooster's Harpy, et. al. Of course, you could always try to out-damage the guy trying to kill you as well, just remember to try and conserve capacitor to actually fuel the AB/MWD or your tank.

Tanking can be an option. If shooting someone on a gate and more faggots come in, you can always break aggro and try to get back to the gate. If you do so, you have a minute to tank for, then you're able to jump back in. Having drones out counts as aggro. Incidentally, this is what many of our faggot enemies do on stations.

If the rare, rare situation that you find yourself being gate camped by a solo interdictor that isn't facialimpediment or Webb Mordock, wait out your jump timer and burn back to the gate. Before jumping back through, initiate warp to anywhere. Iniatiating warp inside of a bubble aggros the dictor that dropped it. After jumping through, on the other side will be a pissed off interdictor pilot that is stuck inside his own bubble. This can be a fun way to set up traps.

6) Delve is a friendly region but will always have hostiles in it

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHECK WITH GSINTEL. Use alt scouts. Assume all major systems and routes are camped. Speed fit your ship while moving (MWD, nanos, istabs, wcs). Don't play the undock game. Don't rat with hostiles in local. You are on your own. If you come under attack, you will rarely, if ever, get help. You won't get a bailout from GSIntel if you failed to check recent reports, you won't get a bailout from GSDef as goons don't care if you die. Therefore, prepare ahead of time, such as following these steps so you don't get into the situation where you die in the first place.

Delve is GoonSwarm's home and we're shitting all over it and stealing BoB's old stuff. They aren't too happy about it. Rather than dying to a solo dictor or vagabond, remember you are in BoB's old crack house and they will occasionally stumble around looking for a hit. Prepare your ways out when you run into those faggots.

Additionally, if the region is too hot, rat some other time and join an op.