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The Second Great EVE War, another primarily-Southern conflict, began in November 2008, only six months after The Great EVE War faded out. It began with Goonswarm resetting [1] LETA and RUS-1-UKR, and AAA turning on GoonSwarm in response. With TCF having mostly abandoned their southern holdings in order to move North to Deklein, and RA much weakened by internal rifts, GoonSwarm was the only remaining member of RSF left against AAA. The conflict then turned into full-blown war when Band of Brothers - the main antagonists of the Great EVE War - officially ended their 'Max Damage' campaign in the North which was already petering out after they lost lost two Titans (both flown by Shrike), a mothership, and 2 dreadnought fleets within a week. They set AAA blue and, dragging Executive Outcomes with them, began an underwhelming invasion of Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass, a region GoonSwarm had already begun handing over to Red Alliance in order to reduce our useless space. BoB and EXE made some headway against the undefended systems in Wicked Creek and sieged a few Scalding Pass towers but were held off by Red Alliance, Solar Fleet and Legion of xDeathx and failed to take any SP stations before they were handed over to allies.

The war was also marked with the return of many veteran players due to the improvements of the netcode in Quantum Rise, meaning major fleet fights were more than just crap shoots.

In the first month, a hundred capitals had been lost for each side.

The main initial players were the "Southern Group", consisting of GoonSwarm, United Legion, Tau Ceti Federation, Zenith Affinity, Rebellion Alliance and Kraftwerk.

The new hostile bloc, variously referred to as 'Team eBay', 'AAASEROL', 'Bad Russians' and a host of other names, consisted of Against ALL Authorities, Red.Overlord, and Stain Empire and their various Stain subordinates, as well as Band of Brothers and Executive Outcomes.

The North at the time consisted of RAZOR, Morsus Mihi and the remnants of IRON. Additionally TCF were in the process of moving into the North at this time.

The war initially broke out with AAA + SE attacking Feythabolis and Esoteria, and moved to a multiple-front war with GoonSwarm on defense by December. After BoB failed to make an impact in SP, they moved on to try breaking const sov in Detorid, with Jake Noble burning his capwarm director spy Iromei to reset a group of OEG's sov-holding towers in DG-. AAA made 2 attempts to break AZN const sov in Feyth. ROL kept harassing our logistical routes - pos spamming bridge systems and ganking capitals at cynogens. SE and their pets tower spammed Esoteria to break sov and kill r64 moon towers.

The initial conflicts set this up to be a very long, grinding war that would have lasted for a good six or seven months until either side gave up - Evil Thug made a post on another forum stating that his hilariously unambitious objective was to remove Goonswarm from Feythabolis within 12 months. The major turning point in the war was in February, when Band of Brothers was disbanded by Haargoth Agamar and Delve was sieged and taken. That single act changed the way the political arena had been set up almost since 2006.

November 2008: From Anger to Greed

The full-fledged war had begun much quicker than the last Great EVE War, the beginning of which was drawn out over the course of three months. This one had essentially sparked from nothing over a complex in Feythabolis as opposed to an existential threat, but the rate of capital ship proliferation (which was caused by necessity due to the extreme hegemony shown by all powerblocs) had allowed war to escalate to the supercapital level within two or three weeks.

In the beginning, a handful of Red Alliance corps had been running GoonSwarm's complex in northwest Feythabolis, preventing goons from utilizing it. After attempting to solve the problem diplomatically, Zapawork reset RA on a corp by corp basis, setting RUS-1-UKR and Lethal red. As it would turn out, one of the reset corps was an alt corp of an old RA member named Nync, who formed the corp as an isk farming utility (allegedly to eBay the isk and live off the earnings). Nync made an appearance to try and rally RA against the goons, but ended up getting his corps kicked instead. These ex-RA corps founded Red.Overlord, and began conducting operations out of 0OYZ and ZS- along with Stain Empire (who GoonSwarm were already engaged in minor conflicts with at the time).

GoonSwarm immediately set to work on dismantling ROL towers. Nync managed to convince Against All Authorities to join the war on his side for the sake of "motherland Russia". It became a timezone war, with AAA reinforcing during the day with us and our allies repairing at night and destroying and stealing fleets of ships. Within about a week, GoonSwarm had overtaken the infamous 0Oyz system, purging all ROL towers and leaving 100 billion isk worth of their stuff trapped in station in a single night. It was the next day that Band Of Brothers re-re-declared war on GoonSwarm, abandoning their campaign in the north which was proving to be a horrendous series of humiliating and expensive defeats for them. These acts essentially caused the beginning of the second Great War.

Over the course of the campaign, AAA had been slowly but surely placing towers in VNG to try to break GS sovereignty in that constellation. Things came to a head on Thanksgiving, when AAA tied our towers in that system. The Horn of Goondor was blown and Goons and friends of Goons took control of the system, knocked down a bunch of towers, and maintained sov, all the while inflicting hilarious numbers of casualties on enemy forces.

War was on, and it was time to see how the post-GW GoonSwarm would hold up to it with only a few smaller (but able) alliances by their side.

December 2008: Escalation

Abandoning VNG and their attempts at disrupting AZN sov, AAA left ROL hanging in Feythabolis to attack C9N in Esoteria. In the meanwhile, Cloricus (a GS FC) started leading ops to deny ROL their complex and effectively cut off their only source of funding. TCF remained in the north to bring down one last failed alliance, with the intention of freeing up our northern allies (mostly RAZOR) to bolster numbers in the south.

The majority of the month was spent killing fleet after fleet in C9N, with things coming to a head on the 13th when a battle totalling in nearly 1200 participants caused the node to shit itself, leaving ghost ships and towers all over the system. Despite the fact that we won nearly every fleet engagement, we lost sovereignty the system due to bad stront timing on our part, and weird "ghost towers" claiming sov everywhere. As a last "fuck you", however, every goon allied corp opened offices in C9N station, preventing them from podjumping down.

Shortly after the loss of C9N, BoB lost close to 50 capitals in 0-W, a station in a Detorid Sov 4 constellation, in a hotdrop by GoonSwarm capitals. 0-W was purged of towers afterwards, although BoB went right back at it in DG-, the station next door. The last decent corps of Red Alliance took over Scalding Pass, removing it from BoB's hands.

In addition to this, Darius JOHNSON (the GS CEO at the time) followed up on his promises to be able to deliver a consistent supply of Titans, enabling three new GoonSwarm Titans to be revealed in the space of two weeks.

Random hotdrops were performed on AAA, with three or four capitals lost and killed here or there throughout the southern regions.

January 2009: More Money Than Skill (Both Ways)

In the days leading up to the new year, a jump bridge system called R2TJ was spammed by ROL and AAA, in an attempt to break the jump bridge network. After a week of fighting and staring each other down, all towers were destroyed and sov was preserved... only it wasn't. Either a bug or a spy had disabled the sov claim and it reset to neutral and then Sov 1 in the following days. It remained to be seen how this would affect participation.

Botched GHZ engagement

Band of Brothers continued to prove their inability to pilot Titans like competent people, and lost another Titan on January 4th to a Pandemic Legion HAC/HIC fleet, and GoonSwarm/IRC/ED battleship fleet. He had apparently gotten baited off of a station by the PL HAC fleet with no support except a few HACs and Battlecruisers to back him up, and died within two minutes after doomsdaying. The pilot was Hurley of Black Nova Corp in Band of Brothers, and Band of Brothers had effectively lost three Titans in a row within the span of two months. A week later, the pilot of the Titan was kicked out of BoB - in addition, a lot of internal BoB drama began surfacing on their forums, the loss of their Titans with the humiliation of the "Operation Max Damage" campaign in the North in addition to all of their regular capital losses essentially torpedoing morale. Band of Brothers began to realize what they had become; an over-propagandized alliance with almost no substance left behind it, with almost a dozen and a half Titan pilots who had gone AWOL or burned out. It also became apparent why BoB's campaign, despite their vast resources, had almost literally hit a brick wall in 0-W with the loss of what should have been only a medium-sized portion of their capital fleet - it had in fact been almost all of their active capital pilots, and almost none of them had managed to get into new ships.

Throughout the month, Goonswarm Task Force Team Ebay continue to engage ROL+AAA forces at the complex in BTDJ-4 nearly every night after downtime. Both sides lost small groups of capital ships in the process. Half way through the month Goonswarm gained Sov level 3 and placed a Cyno Jammer and Jump Bridge in system.

Sensing "the Alliance" on a morale decline, the Southern Group, now joined by TCF in the second week of January, decided to shift to the offensive to boost their own morale by AAA's deep-south stronghold of the infamous RIT Triangle in Feythabolis. On the D-Day weekend, all cyno jammers were brought down, and Titans were in full use, from bridges to doomsdays. Two days into the offensive, a combined BoB/AAA/SE fleet consisting of about 150 battleships annihilated the GoonSwarm support fleet and managed to take out a dozen and a half dreadnoughts and a carrier in GHZ, one of the three station systems in the RIT Triangle. Despite the massive loss of twenty dreadnoughts, many capitals including all but one of the carriers present in the fleet managed to survive due to a timely CTRL-Q when things went south. The capital FC was quoted as saying before the fight, "I hope you're all insured." Despite the losses, the objective (destruction of an enemy POS) was achieved, thus the op was considered successful.

Meanwhile in Wicked Creek, previously owned by TCF, BoB was helping Executive Outcomes capture old derelict TCF stations. EXE had captured most of the stations by the time TCF and RAZOR started to make their way down back to the South. In one weekend in Wicked Creek, a fight consisting of over 600 people occurred - and with BoB forced to bounce between Feythabolis and Wicked Creek, EXE began to lose the majority of their towers in the region.

The Mittani posts the following war update on on January 13th:

Everything from Wicked Creek to Curse to Catch to Feythabolis is a clusterfuck and/or on fire. It's a typical campaign start, which is to say a lot of stuff happening with a welp tossed into the mix for variety's sake.

TCF and 'the North' - which really amounts to RZR, since MM hasn't fully moved in with us yet - have been working on purging Wicked Creek of EXE towers. This has been broadly successful thus far. EXE spammed WC with Bob holding their hand while TCF was taking Deklein. This could be called the primary euro tz war front at the moment.

KIA and MM have been making salacious commentary about HED-GP. This makes AAA freak out. On the first day of the campaign, 14 titans spent 6+ hours in HED, guarding it against KIA/MM. As this is a 7 moon system with 7 deathstars, it is an excellent distraction. MM will be fully moved into Curse this weekend; these moves are a lengthy process, but we expect more activity from them shortly.

Feythabolis is a mess. But for engaging a euro tz dread fleet without allied support and losing 19 capitals in the process, we would provisionally declare it a success; in the afterglow of that welp, we can only state that the situation is 'in flux' while WC is pushing forward. We have 10 towers in GHZ, they have 20, and we intend to blow them up rather than try to spam to take the system.

Elsewhere in Feyth, we hold sov3 in BJD, Nync's plex system (more like cloricus' plex system) and this makes AAA/ROL very angry. They've been trying to nuke our smalls to replace them with classic ROL-spam. We continue to maintain a number of towers in DB1R and ZS-, ROL's home systems, but that is not our present focus strategically.

Hostile strategy has amounted to having AAA and BoB group up with all their associated mongrels (EXE and Atlas primarily), further diluting AAA's identity.

Meanwhile, random worthless alliances such as ROL and Sys-K and ANZAC have tried to mess with our shit usually by pos spam. ANZAC wants GQ2, but a cross look sends them fleeing away and they've failed to commit significantly. SE is attempting to spam QOOH. ROL put up a couple of towers in ZID today but our glorious anzacs blew them up before they even onlined. ROL had a bunch of towers in k0cn at the beginning of the invasion but we blew them up, too.


The Mittani remains usefully homosexual.

February 2009: Disband of Brothers, and the Second Great Invasion of Delve

"It looks like we are being fucked royally" -cflux, BoB director

As January faded into February goon morale was worsening. SE and other denizens of Stain, C0VEN and Systematic-Chaos, were chipping away at our Esoteria claims. The Newper, a "secret" jump bridge network running along -A- space, had collapsed after weeks of being camped. The AZN to 77S connection, the thin jump bridge lifeline holding the two major GoonSwarm capitals, was severed, crippling alliance logistics. GoonSwarm was bleeding on several fronts, and with no clear future goons began to despair.

During this quieter period in the war Suas, a long-time director and hero of GoonSwarm, came back suddenly and began disrupting operations. The GS directorate told him to take some time off, but Suas was apparently so enraged by their response to his actions, that he decided to go fuck goons; using his status in GoonSwarm, he convinced a goon to give him his Titan. Suas then ripped him off, and later wrote a song called "I Robbed A Goon" (a take on "I Kissed A Girl")[2].

Although Suas bathed in the spotlight of his treason, it would in no way compare to the nuclear holocaust that was about to unfold in the south.

Over the course of January, Tamir Lenk of Igneus Auctorita had spoken to and recruited a random pubbie from EVE's public recruitment channel; initially intending to recruitment scam him, he had a change of heart and instead accepted him into the alliance genuinely. After some background checks on the new recruit's corp history, however, it was decided that there was the possibility of this character being a spy and that he should be purged from the alliance before he could do harm.

When the new IGNE character was informed of this, he made a full and unexpected confession: the pubbie was actually an alt of Band of Brothers director Haargoth Agamar. A full director, with full directorate access in Tin Foil, the executor corporation of Band of Brothers. The director told a person in IGNE who they were, that they had had enough of BoB, and that the brief time in GoonSwarm had reminded them that EVE could be fun again. Tamir and IGNE's CEO Aaron Static proceeded to go to The Mittani with the info, who was sceptical at first, but then began to plan a quick smash-and-grab of any assets the director could get his hands on.

It then struck Mittani, upon looking at the measly grabbings of a dozen dreads and a few billion ISK. "The director has full access in Tin Foil. The director can disband BoB." Upon this realization, he set it in motion. And finally, on February 5th, a full director in the Tin Foil executor corporation of Band of Brothers, disbanded and closed the alliance, resetting all BoB sov claims to 0, destroying constellation sovereignty in all Delve constellations, and putting every capital ship assembly array into a vulnerable position. The call was made to GoonSwarm a few hours later: "We're moving. Get your ass to Delve. All other regions are forefeit."

Thus began the Second Great Invason of Delve, and the mass evacuation of Tenerifis, Feythabolis, Esoteria and Detorid - the regions GoonSwarm had worked so hard to claim in The Great EVE War and lived in for over two years. With the initial help of RAZOR Alliance, KIA, and Pandemic Legion, Morsus Mihi and TCF on their way, and the total lack of any BoB jump bridges or cynosural jammers, GoonSwarm saw that to crack Fortress Delve, this would be the only chance they'd ever get.

The former Band of Brothers reformed a day later using the placeholder alliance KenZoku (affectionately called "KenGoku" and "Kenny"). Their sov remained at Sov 1.

Within a day, dozens of Dickstars were erected in station systems, including the infamous QY6 system which had been the main thunderdome in the first war as well. GoonSwarm and its allies were well on the way to claiming sovereignity in many of Delve's hardest station systems.

Thursday the 12th

SirMolle's fourth titan loss

On February 12, 2009, the largest series of fights would take place in Delve, resulting in the deaths of over 1800 ships. It began in the morning with the destruction of a Capital Ship Assembly Array, that was housing a baby Titan. Shortly after, Kenzoku and AAA launched a massive siege op in J-L (a station system next door to QY6). A huge four-hour battle ensued which resulted in a coalition victory and a wreckage cloud that stretched 1000km. A Kenzoku carrier group, including an Aeon mothership, warped to the QY6 gate to try to salvage the situation. Within a few seconds it was bubbled and the combined firepower of a hundred coalition capitals annihilated it. The two engagements in the system had seen the deaths of almost 1000 ships in the course of two or three hours.

Later that night, another CSAA was to be sieged in 8WA, in a different constellation of Delve. Shortly before the tower was to come out, something unexpected happened: SirMolle, using his Titan alt Shrike, cynoed into a control tower... except the control tower had GoonSwarm forces at it. Within seconds heavy interdictors had points on him, and seconds later, SirMolle's fourth Titan met its end. TeamSpeak went wild crashed like a John McCain piloted airplane. The tower the engagement was at was sieged, and then GoonSwarm rushed to the CSAA tower, and finished off the CSAA there successfully. A third and final CSAA was finished off later that night.

The total for the day had been one Titan, two baby Titans, one Mothership, and ten or eleven regular capital ships against KenZoku. The next day, another CSAA housing a Titan was destroyed, bringing the total to three.

In all three engagements, GoonSwarm had lost only one capital ship.

On February 16, 2009, Darious JOHNSON makes the following post on CAOD:

[Header Graphic - unavailable]

I believe it's pretty clear to you by now that we are pretty systemically destroying you. Within a very short period of time Delve will belong to Goonswarm and camped into stations or not, there is nothing at all you can do about it. Were I Remedial this would be about the time I'd offer you terms of surrender. I am not Remedial however. I do not want nor care for your surrender. I want every single second of this to hurt. I want it to be as painful for you as possible and I have the people behind me to make this happen.

PL, the NC, UNL, ZAF, ALL of those you have been so ****y with in your "supremacy" of the game, while hilariously losing to them repeatedly, they are all here and they are all in your house destroying your work. No amount of spin or damage control you do here can save your stations. No amount of bull[shit] can save your alliance. You are finished. You have no clothes anymore and are found wanting. Nobody is fooled any longer and we are destroying you while you hide and look for hacks that can save you. There is no bat phone. There is no savior. There is only me and my friends.

So Kenny, look back with fondness on your days as a "force" in eve. Remember kindly your "contributions" and your "place in Eve history". I own all of that now and I will remove every last piece of it. You are splayed on the table before me and my allies and I will give you no quarter. No more convos from your pets asking for standings. No more convos from your corps asking for standings. Save it. This will be painful. You will not like it and I will be there the entire time twisting the knife every inch of the way. I don't want this to end easily for you or yours. I do not want a safe evacuation for anyone.

You are finished and this pleases me.

Send a few more sms's to people's phones if you want release. Call a few more people's RL jobs or intrude more on people's RL lives. Squirm and squiggle and try as you may to escape the noose. You cannot. I and mine own you now and it is right and delicious. Die slowly please. Me and mine are savoring this.

Your time is over. This is as it should be.

[Ed. note: Censors preserved from the CAOD post.]

Tower list on February the 16th

The Turning Point

In the days following the 12th, KenZoku and what was left of the "Greater BoB/KenZoku Community" had seemingly lost the will to fight. The 12th had been their "Call to Arms", and they had not only been defeated, but disgraced so thoroughly as well. The remaining Kenny capfleet retreated to their staging area, PR-8. Importantly, Kenny's GBC allies were asked to log out in PR- as well. PR-8, an NPC controlled station and therefore unconquerable, is also an ideal location for form-ups as its in the middle of NPC Delve and only a few jumps from Western Delve and the W-4 Constellation. It's position as a 0.0 system was revealed as a double edged sword a day later, when GoonSwarm and her allies followed the KenZoku capfleet into PR-8 launching the 30 day camp, which became the turning point of the war. While Goonswarm-allied capital ships purged every KenZoku-alligned control tower, subcaps remained in system to manage interdiction bubbles and keep eyes on the station. During this month-long occupation, breakout attempts by KenZoku's allies were countered on a moments notice.

KenZoku was a prisoner in its own space.

Purge and Conquering of Delve

The Great Purge had begun; the first group of destroyed towers numbered 20. As the inertia built the daily tower total climbed to 30. Then 40. By Monday the 16th, 50. The Coalition was purging towers faster than they could keep track of them. Half of the W-4 constellation and many other places all around Delve began to fall like dominoes, with no resistance from KenZoku. The one decisive victory on the 12th had shattered their will, and the Coalition wasn't wasting any time to make it stick, dominating the entire region of Delve 23 hours a day non-stop.

More and more towers died over the following days - five of the six stations in the W-4 constellation on the way to being secured, NOL entirely reinforced and KenZoku still without any response or ability to fight back. Soon, all of their holdings in Period Basis, Querious and the other lone stations they held were being passively taken over.

For Goonswarm, participation shot through the roof. With the opportunity came a vow that GoonSwarm and the Coalition weren't going to make the same mistake of getting complacent like they did during the first war. For a week, towers fell at a rate of over 30 daily, when finally the entire W-4 constellation was taken, NOL was taken, and only three or four BoB stations remained in Delve, with the satellite stations in Querious and Period Basis being taken.

At 6:30PM Eastern Time (23:30 EVE Time) on February 23rd, all conquerable stations in Delve had a tower majority and sov tend towards GoonSwarm and the Coalition. While much cleanup remained, impossible task of taking Delve had been completed in two and a half weeks. On February 26th, Pandemic Legion transferred sovereignty of NOL-M9 to GoonSwarm. NOL had finally been taken.

Executive Outcomes realized that without Fortress Delve under BoB/KenZoku control, they were essentially dead and just didn't know it yet, and their directorate made the following post on their forums:

Though this thread looks like most members have a fairly positive outlook for the upcoming, and inevitable, siege on PB, I'd just like to state a few things you should not depend on or expect:

a) AAA involvement. b) bob involvement (I would not expect an alliance like bob to come to live in PB and defend our home space tbh) c) that "fortress PB" with its jammers and bridges will enable us to keep our space with a full coalition assault.

The only thing that breaks alliances is morale and that often comes with members being surprised and frustrated when shit hits the fan and home systems start being attacked.

So PREPARE for losing PB. PREPARE to be camped into a station for days on end, PREPARE to lose ships. If these are things you are not willing to accept, the time for you to get out is now. Home space is currently secure, evac-ing assets is easy.

Having said all that, if you want to fight, then get ready for it because there will be one and it will be the best time to see what EXE is fully capable of on its own.

/fakedit: I am certainly not encouraging people to leave, I just want to hear it said that the numbers involved against us are extreme so don't expect its gonna be easy, or even possible, regardless of the sov 4 we hold. But if you have your mind right, and are in it for fights, then this is where you should stay.

Delve and Querious (and soon Period Basis) were firmly in the grasp of GoonSwarm. The success of the Delve Invasion was a direct result of the 23/7 PR- system camp, incredible participation on the part of goons and allies in PR-, and cap pilots doing pos shot after pos shot for weeks without any kind of stopping to rest. Things were at a highpoint but as legendary as the PR- camp was, it could never last forever.

March 2009: The End of the PR- Camp and the 49- Slog

The constant 23/7 camp of PR- ended a month after it began with AAA and Kenny finally popping all the bubbles and getting many of their capitals out. While this strategic victory was significant, many dreads and other ships had already been sold at fire sale prices to allied buyers. Many goons lamented but the directorship roused everyone back to the tune of "the PR- camp is dead, long live the 49- fleet."

Sovereignty, while established over nearly all of Delve and Querious, had yet to tick to the valuable Sov3 stage. As such, AAA took the initiative and began seiging 49-, a station system valuable for being a direct link to AAA space from Querious and a perfect staging area for attacks into Delve if held by the enemy. For a week, AAA/Kenny forces battled allied forces in a good ol' fashioned time-zone POS war. That is to say, it was pretty boring. The system local would routinely bounce to 1300 between Euro and US Primes but ~good fights~ were seldom. Regulated to mostly drive-bys and the rare fleet fight, 49- turned into a quagmire with goons tired out from the PR- camp and attendance sagged. Meanwhile, Sov3 began to tick around Delve and the construction of the Webway and cynojammers began which allowed some to start superjewing it up in our new home. This further depressed numbers and attendance on 49- ops.

The slog was broken with two serious welps for the allies. One being a complete stront timing fuckup allowing AAA/KenZoku to take sovereignty of 49- away (our two directors in covops ran into each other and got blown up). The second being a logistical error leaving some Kenny towers alive but offline around Delve. Kenny refueled and onlined them which generally freaked a number of goons out. Burnout had set in and there was a lack of direction from the leadership due to RL issues. Sov went neutral in 49- on 4/3 and it seemed like Kenny had a glimmer of hope. It was not to be.

April 2009: The Battle of 9CG6

Rumors of a supposed 4/4 CTA op by Kenny began to circulate around the eveo forums. With the fuck-ups in 49-, usual speculation centered on a renewed push by Kenny to retake their old space. On 4/4, SirMolle posted this eveo thread to rally KenZoku to a triumphant return, [3]. The finale of said post was the following challenge/warning to the goons:

Today, the first fought over station fell back into our hands, 49-u6u where there has been a constant blob and constant fighting for the last weeks, is ours.

No POS-spam, strontmanaging nor hostile blobs could stop us. It could only delay us, and make us work for it. Thats all you can do now, delay us. No sov levels, no POS-spam, no strontmanaging, no blobs can stop us. We are after your blood.

We *will* kill you.

Three hours after posting that, a GIA spy got a cyno popped in optimal range of an assembled Kenny cap fleet which goons promptly jumped through and the entire hostile dread fleet was bubbled. A massive fight ensued in 9CG6. Many couldn't load grid but enough did to destroy 45 Kenny dreads, including SirMolle's Revelation, to only 15 allied losses. Goons erupted in joy at the utter destruction of the Kenny capfleet and SirMolle's eveo thread went completely KenZoku-less from that point onward. The tremendous victory, compounded with Molle's shitty timing, rejunvenated goons from their 49- malaise. While rumors abound that the dreads had been replaced by high rollers, it was an embarrassing defeat on the eve of a renewed campaign to take back Delve and KenZoku would be loathe to deploy their caps in such numbers again.

The Leadership Returns and The Second Front Buys Time

With real life relenting to EVE life, the directorship returned to focus the campaign after the destruction of the Kenny capfleet. Acknowledging the burnout and logistical errors of 49-, the fleet was refocused onto two main goals: 1) severing the connection between Period Basis and empire and 2) capturing the remaining KenZoku R64 moons scattered around Delve, Querious, and Period Basis. Following up on the increased goon morale, The Mittani began daily war updates to ensure clarity of purpose. The result was a scouring of the GoonSwarm territory. Moons were perma-reinforced if they couldn't be captured outright, depriving KenZoku of billions of isk a month at the alliance level (as reinforced POS can't mine moon minerals).

Meanwhile, most of the remaining Kenny pets were based out of Period Basis, sending roaming gangs up into Delve to harass goons and logistics while also keeping alive a source of income KenZoku. Goons and allies rolled in to a flood of pet tears and severed several jump bridges and isolated PB. Just as had been predicted by EXE a month before, the swarm moved down to start picking apart the region. The overall invasion of PB would be slow but this was a significant first step.

While these two operations were set into action, the underlying root of most fleet engagements remained unchecked: AAA support propping up KenZoku. The capfleet loss had soured -A- support for capital engagements on behalf of Kenny but their backing was keeping the alliance on life support. To yank the cord, Legion of xXDeathXx invaded Tenerifis which was abandoned by GoonSwarm in the initial goonrush to Delve and the system was tentatively claimed by -A-. On 4/18, XIX attempted to Doomsday a roaming Atlas gang in 46DP. Reinforcements were called in from both sides, including multiple XIX Titans, resulting in a huge fight in which an Atlas Nyx was destroyed and several XIX supercapitals were put into structure but were able to escape. Numerous carriers and dreads were lost and the battle further cemented the serious threat the XIX invasion of Tenerifis represented. Overall, 275 ships were destroyed in what was considered a XIX victory. Due directly to XIX's invasion of the region, -A- attendance dropped dramatically but not completely in Querious.

To additionally bolster the eastern front, TCF returned from a well deserved vacation and their renewed presence was palpable. However, they lost a Titan shortly after arriving in the southeast which took much of the wind out of the Eastern Front's sails. Over the next few days -A- and its allies, brimming with confidence, stormed back into the area and destroyed the XIX towers in 46DP, flipping its sov to neutral. This event allowed -A- to return focus to 49- which would soon be reaching Sov3 for KenZoku. While the eastern front was collapsing, the allied forces in the west were mopping up PB and collecting the last of the Kenny r64s. A number of former BoB pets, including EXE who uncannily predicted this move, were forcibly evacuated from Period Basis. The fight would again focus on 49- and Querious.

May 2009: 49 Towers and GoonSwarm Ain't Got One

AAA, Red.Overlord and KenZoku continued to hammer on 49-. With Period Basis pacified and the majority of Delve hitting Sov 4, all they could do was focus on 49- with everything they had. On the May 8th weekend, the GKC and allies finished off every GoonSwarm tower in 49-, and spammed the remaining moons, meaning 49- was in total lockdown under a jammer with 49 moons under their control. Random proxy conflicts over valuable R64 moons continued on, although both sides appeared to be exhausted, both were attempting to make their current holdings concrete. It would actually be KenZoku which would take the initiative and begin to move beyond 49- and into the heart of Querious.

May 22-25 2009: Memorial Day Smackdown

With 49- secured, the ASSCAKES invaded I1Y and ED-, two station systems in Querious which also functioned as part of the jump bridge network to empire. KenZoKu, now based out of lowsec, had hoped to sever this link and establish one of their own. They would also use these systems as staging areas for further conquest in the region. Goons, suffering from a lull in morale since the loss of 49- and general burn out after three months of continuous warfare, only logged on the stem the bleeding, not save the region. It was also finals season which further decreased participation. It all came to a head with the Memorial Day weekend approaching and I1Y system sovereignty threatening to go neutral.

Massive capfleets raped hostile towers throughout Querious

The Mittani announced the Goons would be going back on the offensive and the future of Querious was at stake. He also announced that our allies would be returning (the NC had just defeated a resurgent Triumvirate in the North), and the NC would be helping in Querious, filling the much needed Euro Time Zone. Together, the coalition formed a massive counter attack and DESTROYED KenZoku, AAA, and their pets all through out the weekend. A hellpurge was called and the coalition maintained system control in I1Y and ED- throughout the weekend. Also, due to a CCP patch bug which forced players to log out when jumping through stargates, KenZoku was unable to get in or out of the system without risking the utter destruction of their ships to gatecamps. DBRB also led ops (some real, some completely fake) to reinforce AAA's R64 moons in lowsec, forcing -A- to chose between aiding Kenny in Querious or repping their moon gold towers. They chose the latter. Throughout the weekend, three full fleets operated around the clock: Capitals, BS only, and sub-BS support. The weekend prevented I1Y from losing Sov, saved ED-, restored the jump bridge network and left Kenny with no towers in either station system.

Other hilarious events from the weekend included a 14 Titan conga line out side an enemy POS in I1Y which caused massive tears and rage quits. SirMolle also personally called multiple ops to attempt to regain the upper hand but disbanded each every time due to massive Goon and allied participation (at one point our BS only fleet had more players than their total combined fleet).

The return of the NC, increased Goon morale, and the holiday weekend spurred the turnout and saved the region. Not content with resting on our laurels and capitalizing on the momentum, the leadership would focus completely on totally clearing Querious, 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, of any KenZoku or otherwise hostile towers.

June 2009: The Twenty-Seven Pack Titan Stack, and the End of the Great Wars

With the Memorial Day weekend turnaround, the allied fleets began to move across Querious. Towers fell in such numbers that it was reminiscent of the great Delve Purge months before. Since Kenny had most of their own towers only in 49- and 5v (where their lone non-49- R64 resided), this purge mainly affected KenZoku pets. In typical BoB fashion, they did nothing to help them. Molle's only action was to organize a new "two week offensive" with which to begin taking back Querious.

KenZoku got every pet alliance they could find and spammed H74 (again). TCF, NC, PL, and Goons assembled within two hours, proceeded to jump coordinated assaults into the system and completely broke the Kenny "offensive" mid-spam on its first day. AJ Regard, KenZoku PR failure, said H74 was a success as it proved Kenny could still operate at will in the region. Completely sperging out, The Mittani posted this rant for a War Update on 6/5:

This? This is what you've got? Two whole hours of system control before your 'mighty forces' are routed and your spam ruined, your towers not fitted or stronted or fueled, your mouthpieces mewling on shitheap about how you 'accomplished your objectives' while your capitals are rapecaged, your regroups abandoned in the face of our fleets, your towers burning and your allies impotent?

This is your offensive, Molle?

This is what you've got?

Or perhaps I'm not being 'patient' enough to appreciate the myriad subtleties of your latest plan. To my untrained eye - and indeed we t1 goonie nubs are not known for having much to do with alliance warfare or the arcane arts of conquest in 0.0 - it seems that you've opted to invade H74 in the exact same way you did in I1Y - or the first time you invaded H74 - just with more towers, as if that would somehow make up for the stuctural issues which have crippled your warmaking ability.


Line by line. Molle rallied his ragtag group and handed out 5 towers to 9 different alliances. His plan, which he gloatingly announced on teamspeak, was that each of these 9 little groups would crap out their towers in H74, leaving us with 45 hostile towers to contend with in one day, blocking out every moon. He laid the blame for his failure in I1Y on 'not enough towers', rather than, say, an inability to control the field in his own primetime in the face of our coalition.

17:00. Hostiles move to H74 and down the bridges into the system, then the jammer. They take a while at this. Rage increases as the spam mails start flowing. When the jammer is down, we have 400 people on TS and more than 130 capitals online. The caps in particular are furious, having watched Imperian lead the subcaps into H74; they want action. KIA and TCF bridge subcapital fleets in to join up with Imperian's mob of Goons/RZR/RAWR. A hotdrop is to be had against the RKZ/A/ROL capitals on the field sieging the jammer tower - but the enemy gets wind of the size of our capital group and aborts their sieging. This only enrages the capitals more; they want blood. Fuck it, we engage and begin using our capitals against the hostile subcapital group. The enemy is ground to paste and routed. They vow to regroup at 9:00 and log off. While logging off, two of their carriers are caught outside of shields and destroyed.

Spam takes time. You need fuel, stront, and hours to online the mods. The enemy had capitals inside H74 for little more than an hour before they were routed. 28 towers were dropped out of their 45 intended - AJ Regard proceeded to loudly bleat that this had amounted to an 'accomplishment'. Three of the five KenZoku towers had no strontium; we killed them. Not one of the five ROL towers were even onlined; we killed them. Our capitals ravaged the unfit towers; they didn't have enough stront, so they began coming out of reinforced in US primetime. We killed them. DBRB led the US tz group and reinforced every single hostile tower. By 10pm Eastern, all had been sieged.

They regrouped at 9:00 into a rapecage. Their regroup was abandoned. We destroyed still more towers, not just in H74 but around Querious; after downtime the pace has only increased. More than 30 of their towers come out within the next 23 hours, including a R64 in 5V. This is a killfrenzy; we may now luxuriate in the humiliation and tears of those who dared declare that there 'are no goons'.

Next time, don't invade S-U8A4.

On June 6th, the last KenZoku R64 moon outside the 49- system was taken by GoonSwarm, compounding Kenzoku's financial woes. It was discovered that Kenny had de-towered several systems in order to assemble the resources necessary for their abortive assault on H74. This suggested that Kenny had reached the end of their stockpiled resources.

The failed H74 assault resulted in another week of domination by Goonswarm and allies. Kenny and pet sovereignty continued to be removed across Delve and Querious, and the station system 3BK was recaptured with no resistance. 3BK turned out to be a supply depot of sorts for KenZoku and massive amounts of fuel and ammo were discovered throughout the system. It was also a link of a small bridge network Kenny was attempting to build to continue their war efforts. Taking 3BK cut off their pipeline to Empire and would ultimately collapse any hope they had of fighting on in Querious.

June 15th: The End

Capfleets burned 49- to the ground
The collapse of hostile resistance in Querious continued after 3BK with more tower purging and regular cockfagging gangs rolling into 49-. On June 14th, DBRB led a BS gang into 49- and downed the jammer with only 3 losses. Putting our toes into the waters of 49-, Imperian led Euro Prime kiting gangs in the next day to see if Kenny would defend their locked down system. They did not. On 6/15, following his SotG address, Zapawork proclaimed a renewed offensive to purge 49-. The next day, Dianabolic sent an IRC message out officially telling GBC forces to withdraw from 49-, Delve, and Querious. This was later reiterated by SirMolle on the KenZoku private forums.

On June 19th, 2009, all KenZoku towers had been purged from 49-U, setting the sov neutral that downtime. All other KenZoku towers and R64's were purged.

To celebrate the final victory over KenZoku, tired of being the "sacrificial lamb" for AAA and ROL, the Coalition gathered their Titan pilots together over the 49-U station, and fired their doomsdays in order. Twenty-seven Titans gathered for the event; two "sacrificial capships" were near the Titans during the test firing, to test just how many doomsdays it took to kill a capital ship. It took 16 to kill the Thanatos, and after all 27 doomsdays, the Moros that was present was at half structure. It was the single largest show of force in the history of the game, marking the complete purge of a 49-moon system in a single day, and the end of the Great Wars, that had been triggered by SirMolle's infamous "there are no goons" post on EVE-O in the summer of 2006.

GoonSwarm, and the Coalition, consisting of RAZOR, Pandemic Legion, TCF, Morsus Mihi, KIA Alliance, Zenith Affinity and so on, had destroyed and disgraced the GBC/GKC with a single button push of "disband alliance."

GoonSwarm had actualized its manifest destiny, to overtake NOL, to control Delve and the entire southwest, and to completely disturb the balance of the game forever. It took a little longer than had been expected, but the job was finished regardless.


The Fall of Kenzoku

"The Goons 0.0 dream is over." - db preacher, August 8th 2006

The Second Great War was shorter than the Great EVE War by a long shot, but turned out to be more of an extension of the initial Great War than its own thing. Once BoB got involved in the south, and upon their disbandment, it quickly became focused around the destruction of BoB (and AAA) yet again. Once BoB had been disbanded, it was as if GS had never left there in the first place.

The future for GoonSwarm looked bright. Unlimited cash supplies, the best region in the game, and high off the utter defeat of BoB at the hands of the Coalition, who had all finely tuned themselves in order to destroy BoB. After years of work and collaboration, they had achieved their goal. Still, the question remained: how long could a horde of supercapital-capable alliances, all having invested ludicrous amounts of money into their capital fleets and capital production lines, remain friendly to each other or find something to do after the destruction of BoB? Would they turn on themselves? Would BoB return, becoming the pest that never goes away? Time would tell.

Time, true to form, returned with an answer. January 14, 2010, the second week of a new decade, and six weeks following the launch of Dominion. With new sovereignty mechanics in the game and the type of propulsion that comes from taking out five Titans, the first cry of Molle's return was heard.

The Defense of Delve had begun.