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Marauders are elite Tier 2 Battleships. They come with more firepower, bigger cargo/tractor beam bonuses for hoarding loot, and bigger shields. Although their hulls run around 1 billion ISK, they are excellent ratting and mission running ships and can be viable PVP platforms. They also have the highest damage output of all the sub-capitals.



Role Bonus
  • 100% bonus damage to default weapon (Golem = cruise missiles or torpedos, Kronos = large hybrid, etc)
  • 100% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams
Marauder Bonus
  • 7.5% bonus to shield or armor rep per level (Golem and Vargur = shield, Kronos and Paladin = armor)

Reasons to use Marauders

The above bonuses, as well as tracking/damage/target painting bonuses with the Marauder skill, make Marauders superior to their Battleship alternatives. With 4 weapon slots and a 100% damage bonus, the produce the damage equivalent of 8 turret mounts for half the CPU, power grid and ammunition. They have 3 remaining utility slots which can be filled with:

  • A cloak
  • Tractor Beam
  • Salvager
  • Smartbombs (shoot primary with 4 guns and kill drones and dumb tacklers with smartbombs)
  • Nosferatus
  • Energy Destabilizers
  • Energy Transfer Arrays
  • Remote Shield/Armor repairs

The saved CPU/power grid from only 4 weapons allows greater flexibility in building an amazing tank too. With the cost of Marauders, it is advised to have a hell of a tank, as Marauders will be primary in every fleet op, so do invest in faction tank modules. No faggot no. 1 you dont take an 800M isk ship into a fleet fight and 2 you certainly don't fit faction mods onto it jesus christ just send your isk to molle you faggot and never write on the wiki again. kill you are self.

Using Marauders

Marauders can be intimidating due to cost and skill requirements, but they do well at what they are meant to do.

Amarr -- Paladin

The Paladin has bonuses to Large Energy Turrets, making it a good damage dealer from a wide range of... ranges. With ECCM support, the Paladin can cause heavy wreckage in a medium or large gang, but has trouble dealing with ECM without ECCM modules or ECCM support.

Caldari -- Golem

The Golem is the missile-lover's dream. It does the damage of 8 launchers for the ammo of 4. The bonuses allow it to be a good mid-range damage dealer to large targets in fleet battles, an amazing ratter, or the highest damage subcapital POS shooter (It will cost as much as a capital though).

Gallente -- Kronos

The Kronos is a high-octane blaster boat. It deals huge, huge damage with blasters and maintains a rock-hard tank. This ship can, with other battleships, be warped right into a group of battleships and manage to be on top of nearly every killmail. It can also rat at a decent range to quickly regain the large ISK spent on faction and officer mods.

Minmatar -- Vargur

The Vargur will deafen an enemy fleet with the sound of its huge autocannons. Specifically fit to annihilate everything at close range, this ship is built to be anti-capital/anti-battleship at distances too close for enemies to hit. Like all marauders, bring ECCM in the form of support or modules and the Vargur will climb to the top of every killmail.

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