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Black Ops battleships are the Tech 2 counterparts to regular battleships. They are over sized stealth bombers which can jump bridge certain ships through a Cynosural field. They are expensive and rarely travel alone because of this.

While not that useful, CCP admitted that they were prenerfed and may be given a better role in the future.

Black Ops Battleships by Race

Amarr Redeemer
Caldari Widow
Gallente Sin
Minmatar Panther

Jump Bridging

Black Ops Battleships have a niche role involving jump bridging - It can jump bridge in Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, Blockade Runners and Force Recons up to 4 ly with JDC 4.

Note it CAN jump/bridge to both normal and covert cyno fields which gives an advantage - it allows you ambush people through a cyno without committing capitals.

If you are thinking about getting a black ops battleship and also are in or going to join Black Ops (the squad) you can ask pringlescan to clarify some of the mechanics and questions.

Black ops ships now have a 1k m3 fuel bay allowing them to be semi useful without the use of cargo expanders.


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