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Stealth Bombers are frigates that are capable of fitting siege launchers, bomb launchers, and covert ops cloaks. Prior to Apocrypha 1.1 they were cruise missile and bomb platforms, and they were unable to use a Covert-ops cloak.

Bombs cost around 1.5m ISK a piece but can can do a massive amount of damage in limited situations. In Revelations 3, the BP was changed to produce 2 per run instead of 1, effectively halving the production cost. This was then changed to 20 bombs per run in Apocrypha 1.1. Bombs are now hilarious.

Bombers are gimmick ships and goons love gimmicks. Bombing runs are fun, but if you think that you're going to be useful, think again (update: bombing runs by groups of stealth bombers can be hilariously effective against hostile battleship fleets that are shooting POSes, see this thread for example). They do have a certain utility as a newbie fleet ship, as they can fire torpedoes at a much longer range than ravens.

It is highly recommended you train your covert ops skills up and train towards recons because they are generally more useful. That said, the stealth bomber is the natural enemy of the mining op, as its preferred prey are jetcans, barges, and industrials.



All stealthbomber hulls now have the following set of bonuses:

  • Frigate Skill Bonus
    • 10% bonus to torpedo explosing velocity and flight time per level
    • 20% bonus to torpedo missile velocity per level
  • Covert Ops Skill Bonus
    • 5% bonus to racial bomb damage per level
    • 15% bonus to racial torpedo damage per level
  • Role Bonus
    • -99.65% reduction in Siege Missile Launcher powergrid needs
    • -100% targeting delay after decloaking

Bombers can fit the cynosural field generators (not the covert field generators), covert operations cloaks and bomb launchers.

Damage and Bombs

Racial damages are kinetic (Concussion bomb, Juggernaut torpedo) for Caldari, thermal (Scorch bomb, Inferno torpedo) for Gallente, explosive (Shrapnel bomb, Bane torpedo) for Minmatar and electromagnetic (Electron bomb, Mjolnir torpedo) for Amarr. Any bomb type or torpedo type can be loaded on any bomber, but the damage will be lower than the racially boosted damage type (ie, your bomb will do a base of 6400 damage, not 8000 damage). Additionally, any bomber can use the Void and Lockbreaker bombs when the Bomb skill (under Missiles) has been trained sufficiently high. Lockbreaker bombs act as 15km area-of-effect ECM bursts, while Void bombs act as 15km area-of-effect Energy Neutralizers.

Most bombers can only fit 2 bombs in the launcher, and 1 - 3 bombs in the hold, depending on ammo loadout (ie, avoid carrying torpedos and you might carry one more bomb).

For bombers that engage targets at close range

  • You are more likely to lock and hit your target before they warp off.
  • Being able to fit a tackle can get you more kills, just keep in mind that people may be undocking or warping to save your target if it takes more than 1 volley to blow them up. And you're in a bomber that can't really tank - might want to remember that.
  • You are more likely to get tackled and shot by your target.
  • If you are doing anything fancy, don't do it from a wireless internet connection. Latency is your worst enemy.

A List of Mean Things You Can Do in a Stealth Bomber

  • Shoot hauler spawn wrecks.
  • Camp an enemy station undock for weeks.
  • Camp an enemy jump bridge POS for weeks, ignoring POS guns and defense gangs.
  • Shoot unguarded bubbles and recloak at a moment's notice when someone shows up.
  • Two-volley many Industrial ships, Mining Barges, and perhaps untanked Cruisers.
  • Shoot a Freighter or other capital to give it an aggression timer. I have camped an enemy freighter in a station for hours, just by shooting it once each time it undocked. Freighters don't like any form of aggression, as it enables them to log off and disappear if trouble appears.
  • Significantly add to the DPS of a gang while retaining the ability to vanish into the mist—ideal for blackops-style living in enemy systems.
  • Uncloak and tackle a single juicy target instantaneously—faster and better than a covops being used for the same trick.
  • Fire and recloak dozens of times in a moderately-sized fleet battle without significant risk. You also tend to survive even when your own gang gets wiped out.
  • Spend hours harassing every ship that undocks from a station, even though you can't kill or often even noticeably hurt them. It's a lot of fun.
  • Watch the guy whose Covops you just killed undock a sensor-boosted command ship and keep it on the undock for hours, as though it were a tempting target for a Stealth Bomber. (Conversely, don't fall for this. You probably won't harm it much anyway).
  • Watch your enemies form a twenty man gang to try and catch you, and waste everybody's time grasping at straws as you go jerk off or something.
  • Some alliances require all ratters and miners to be in a gang and to warp to each other if they see an enemy. All you need to do is warp to an occupied belt at a distance, decloak, and move off at a weird angle. Giggle as all the carebears stop what they are doing and run to try and find you at that belt.
  • Actually look for people to engage and kill even in a highly populated enemy system, even during their primetime.
  • Break the chains of ratters that you can't otherwise damage.
  • Do bombing strafing runs at gatecamps while acting as scout.

Bomb Basics

A bomb does not require a lock to be fired, you merely need to be uncloaked and out of warp to activate your bomb launcher. Once the launcher is activated, a bomb travels in a straight line from the front of your ship at 3km/sec independent of your velocity. 10 seconds later, the bomb detonates, dealing damage to everything within 15km.

Bombs do not have an explosion velocity attribute; only the target ship's sig radius counts for damage reduction.

The idea is to warp to your target at a range of 30 to 50 KM. Given that these little buggers can now fit a Cov Ops cloak, your target should not be aware of your location on grid. Keep in mind that bombs have a 15km Explosion radius, and a 10 second detonation timer. Recloaking is only possible after 15 seconds. Since you will be unable to recloak immediately after launching your bomb, it is recommended you warp out immediately.

If you cloak while reloading, the material you were reloading will be lost.

Finally, if you're on the receiving end of a bomb, do not activate your Microwarp Drive. Microwarp Drives increase your sig radius, and with that, the damage you will take from missile weapons. This includes bombs. If your MWD is already running, you can try deactivating it or warping out.

Bombing Rats for Fun

Tested out rat-bombing for shits and giggles. Tossed an Electon Bomb (EM) at some Blood BSes (Apostles) and Cruisers from my Hound (so no bonus damage). The bomb did roughly 3,100 damage, which brought the BSes to half shield and killed the cruisers outright. Not worth the 1 million, obviously, but entertaining. The only concievable use for this would be to clear a complex of small rats in a hurry, and make for a pretty screenshot. Obviously, a Purifier would be better suited for the task, to give a bonus to the EM damage bomb.

Don't do this unless you like watching explosions and wasting isk.

Tactics and Uses

With the ability to use Covert Operations Cloaks now granted to the Stealthbomber, it is possible to use one as a dedicated scout ship that also has the ability to piss off an enemy (and die very quickly, it must be said). Note that there is a 15 second timer on cloak activation in a stealth bomber, so if you decloak on a gate, then immediately jump through and warp, you may not be able to cloak in time.

The number one rule of using a stealthbomber to drop bombs is to always be aligned on your warp-out spot, or be able to duck back inside of a POS shield. You cannot re-cloak in time to avoid being popped by any alert anti-support ships (CCP impose a 15 second penalty on re-cloaking), so your aim is to drop your bomb and warp out or duck inside the shield. Your bomb will do damage, you just won't have any logs to show this (if you warp out). At least, that's what Papa Digger says.

Since bombers cannot carry a large number of bombs, you may wish to find a friendly Black Ops pilot, and a transport pilot to bring bombs in for you. Friendly hint - don't bump the blackops ship, it closes the portal.

Combination Damage

You cannot have multiple types of bomb within the explosion radius of a single bomb and expect them to all explode properly. That is, all bombs have 240 HP, and 99.5% resists against their own damage type, and no resists against any other damage type. An unbonused bomb deals 32 damage to any other bomb within its radius, meaning that you can have up to 8 unbonused bombs per wave. A fully bonused bomb deals 40 damage to the other bombs, meaning that you can have up to 6 bombs per wave. However, if any one bomber does not have Covops V, you can have 7 bonused bombs per wave, as long as the Covops IV pilot does not launch last.

The math behind this is not difficult, but it is important to remember that when bombing, a bomb does not deal damage to itself. So that if you launch 6 bombs in a wave, the last bomb takes only the damage of 5 bombs.

Drone and Fighter Destroyer

For this, the Manticore is optimal, though any bomber with Concussion loaded will be sufficient due to the kinetic hole in the defenses of drones and fighters. Hostile capital fleets will normally assign fighters and drones to attack POS modules that are anchored outside of the POS shield. The general tactic is to be cloaked outside of the POS, get within 28 - 29 km of the module cluster, de-cloak, drop your bomb and GTFO or GTFITS (Get The Fuck Inside The Shield). For the former option, you want to be coming in on a path that lets you warp out immediately, while for the latter you want to be skimming the shield so that you can double-click to enter shield and pulse your MWD. If you are too far from the shield, you will die, as the signature bloom from the MWD is rather nasty.

While you won't normally destroy fighters, you will pop T1 and T2 drones, and give fighters a sufficient whack that their owners have to pull them back in for repair. This causes tears, and Goons love tears. This tactic also works against repair drones; they explode quite nicely, which can be combined with remote market manipulation to make repair drones a very expensive loss. This tactic has been tested in 49-U, and found to be mildly successful, and rather hilarious.

See for the math behind the kinetic hole.

Really and truly, any repping drones, and most (if not all) T1 drones will explode when any standard damage bomb goes off within 15km. Damage types only become more relevant when there are fighters to be shot. (see Fighters#Types_of_Fighters for effective hitpoints)

Cap Sapper

The Void bomb saps 1800 cap from all ships within the 15km area-of-effect, and generates 7 points of each damage type. Like the damage-causing bombs, the Void bomb has 240 HP. As all 4 damage types count, you are only able to fire a volley of 9 void bombs at once, dealing 16200 points of cap damage.

This is approximately 1/4th of the Capacitor on a dreadnaught, and if used wisely, this can knock an enemy capfleet below its peak recharge.

Ships quick reference

Each race has one stealth bomber ship. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but the Hound is currently the favored stealth bomber of Goonwaffe. They are as follows:

Name High Slot Med Slot Low Slot CPU Power Grid Turret Hardpoint Launcher Hardpoint Max Velocity Cap Shield EM/Ex/K/T Armor EM/Ex/K/T Drone Bay/Drone Bandwidth Cargo Bay
Purifier 5 3 3 298 tf 45 MW 2 3 262 m/s 312.5 212 0/62.5/47.5/20 387 50/40/34.375/35 0 m3/0 260 m3
Purifier Amarr Frigate Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to torpedo explosion velocity and flight time and 20% bonus to torpedo velocity per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to bomb EM damage and 15% bonus to torpedo EM damage per level.

Role Bonus: 99.65% reduction in Siege Missile Launcher powergrid needs & 99% reduction in Bomb Launcher CPU use & -100% targeting delay after decloaking.

Manticore 5 4 2 328 tf 38 MW 2 3 256 m/s 268.75 316 0/50/47.5/40 288 50/10/34.375/58.75 0 m3/0 185 m3
Manticore Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to torpedo explosion velocity and flight time and 20% bonus to torpedo velocity per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to bomb Kinetic damage and 15% bonus to torpedo Kinetic damage per level.

Role Bonus: 99.65% reduction in Siege Missile Launcher powergrid needs & 99% reduction in Bomb Launcher CPU use & -100% targeting delay after decloaking.

Nemesis 5 4 2 307 tf 38 MW 2 3 264 m/s 293.75 275 0/50/55/30 316 50/10/51.25/43.125 0 m3/0 215 m3
Nemesis Gallente Frigate Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to torpedo explosion velocity and flight time and 20% bonus to torpedo velocity per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to bomb Thermal damage and 15% bonus to torpedo Thermal damage per level.

Role Bonus: 99.65% reduction in Siege Missile Launcher powergrid needs & 99% reduction in Bomb Launcher CPU use & -100% targeting delay after decloaking.

Hound 5 3 3 303 tf 40 MW 2 3 284 m/s 250 246 25/50/40/30 338 70/10/25/43.125 0 m3/0 195 m3
Hound Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to torpedo explosion velocity and flight time and 20% bonus to torpedo velocity per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to bomb Explosive damage and 15% bonus to torpedo Explosive damage per level.

Role Bonus: 99.65% reduction in Siege Missile Launcher powergrid needs & 99% reduction in Bomb Launcher CPU use & -100% targeting delay after decloaking.

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