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A covert ops pilot is the eyes and ears of the fleet. The covert ops functions as a cloaked scout that provides intelligence regarding enemy fleet composition, names of pilots, and location. The role of the covert ops is important because with the proper information a fleet commander can make decisions about whether or not to engage and what fleet composition is required to destroy the enemy.

Review the guide on scouting for in-depth information on how to use a covert ops ship to scout and provide warp-ins for fleet operations.

Daveydweeb held a Covert Operations class on October 25th, 2008. This is the transcript (no PDF upload to wiki). While the actual scanning interface and probes have changed in Apocrypha, the fundemental concepts remain the same.


In order to fit the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II without the addition of a CPU module, you need to train the Covops skill to at least lvl 2. It is a good idea to train it to lvl 3--otherwise you may find yourself having to offline/online modules in the field because of your CPU constraints.

Ships quick reference

Each race has two covert operations ships. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but all are good enough to do their job of scouting, although the dedicated Covert Ops ships are preferred to the Stealthbombers. They are as follows:

Name High Slot Med Slot Low Slot CPU Power Grid Turret Hardpoint Launcher Hardpoint Max Velocity Cap Shield EM/Ex/K/T Armor EM/Ex/K/T Drone Bay/Drone Bandwidth Cargo Bay
Anathema 3 4 3 280 tf 20 MW 2 2 282 m/s 250 422 0/60/40/20 528 50/30/25/35 0 m3/0 Mbit/s 190 m3
Anathema Amarr Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to rocket damage and 5% reduction of capacitor recharge time per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: -98% to -100% reduced CPU need for cloaking device per level and 10% reduction to duration/activation time of modules requiring Astrometrics per level

Buzzard 3 5 2 300 tf 15 MW 1 2 270 m/s 218 528 0/50/40/30 316 50/10/25/55 0 m3/0 190 m3
Buzzard Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Missile Kinetic Damage and 5% bonus to Missile Launcher rate of fire per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: -98% to -100% reduction in Cloaking Device CPU use per level and 10% reduction to duration/activation time of modules requiring Astrometrics per level

Helios 2 5 3 290 tf 20 MW 2 0 285 m/s 218 281 0/50/50/20 528 50/10/45/35 5 m3/5 Mbit/s 175 m3
Helios Gallente Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage and 10% bonus to Scout Drone Thermal damage per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: -98% to -100% reduction in Cloaking Device CPU use per level and 10% reduction to duration/activation time of modules requiring Astrometrics per level

Cheetah 3 4 3 275 tf 15 MW 2 1 381 m/s 187 281 10/50/40/20 387 70/10/25/35 0 m3/0 Mbit/s 200 m3
Cheetah Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage and 10% bonus to Small Projectile Turret optimal range per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus: -98% to -100% reduction in Cloaking Device CPU use per level and 10% reduction to duration/activation time of modules requiring Astrometrics per level


Covert Ops Cloak II
Expanded Probe Launcher I
MWD is required to escape from bubble camps, cap rechargers/batteries to help with long warps and perhaps a scrambler if you dare to help tackle something you probe out
Nanofibers or Overdrive Injectors to make your ship fly as fast as possible at impulse and warp quickly. This allows you to set up warp-ins faster, move away from enemy ships that are getting too close, and get out of enemy bubbles quickly.

IMPORTANT: If you allow a ship or any collidable object (e.g. billboards, sentry guns) to get within 2000m of your cloaked ship, it will decloak you. Drones, missiles, cargo containers, corpses and wrecks will no longer decloak your ship but they will prevent you from cloaking if your ship is within 2000m of them. Stargates will decloak you at 2500m

For a general guide to scouting in a Covert Ops ship, see Scouting. For a specific guide to creating warp-ins, see Creating Warp-Ins). The dedicated Covert Ops pilot may also wish to progress towards Recon Ships.

Rigs: For scouting work do not use 2 Gravity Capacitor Upgrades. The second one usually chops down scan time by less than 2 seconds. Using a Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer rig will make you warp faster, thus getting you to your warpin location 20% faster. The 20% time you save here is often more than the 1.4sec bonus the second gravity capacitor upgrade gives you. If you're exploring then fit the 2 gravity cap upgrades.


With covops there are two big dangers:

  • warping into a bubble camp.
  • jumping into a bubble camp.

When warping into a bubblecamp, This isn't really a danger unless you wrap right on top of an enemy ship or are dumb enough to warp to zero when hostiles are in system.

When jumping into a system with a bubble camp, you start slowboating out of the bubble and immediately hit cloak. The camp has the entire time from when you appear to when you're outside 20km from the bubble and warp off to run over to you (using their tactical overlay) and try to get within 2km of you If they manage it you're probably screwed. This is a situation where you want to have your "covops" overview set and look out for things that can decloak you while tooting out of the bubble.* Covops move at 375-500m/s and you have about 5km to get out of an interdictor bubble depending on placement so it will only take you 10-15 seconds to get free.

Edit: A good way to get out of bubblecamps is using the MWD trick. You double click in a direction out of the bubble, hopefully not towards the obvious warp destination and out of the way out of my ships and drones. As soon as you double click, hit your cloak button, then as soon as it flashes green hit your mwd button. If you perform it right you get one full cycle of mwd under the cloak before it registers that you are cloaked and to lock out the MWD. Practice this in a safe system before you jump into a camp and need to do it perfectly! DO NOT hit MWD first and then hit the cloak, this causes your signature radius to shoot up and stealth bombers and interceptors are likely to target you before your cloak initiates in a good camp.

The third danger is if an interceptor locks you really fast and you lag out when activating your cloak or something. This is where you hope your ECM gets you free.

Credit: mykow

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