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These ships are the shiny shiny riced-out rarities of Eve. There are several types of faction ships in EVE, and they vary from the totally useless to the trophy ships to the extremely powerful variants:

  • Variants of existing ships, which have the same model as the normal version but with extra bonuses and/or better stats (i.e. a Caracal Navy Issue, Tempest Fleet Issue, Gallente Navy Megathron). Generally the top-tier of cruisers and battleships have a factional variants. Frigates however have a 'faction frigate' instead of a variant, which is a frigate not displayed on the market tab and only available through agent loyalty point offers.
  • Pirate ships. These are the ships piloted by the various NPC pirate corporations in the game. They have very good stats and need two sets of skills to fly and come as either variations of existing racial ships (i.e. the Vindicator is a Megathron, the Rattlesnake is a Scorpion) or entirely new models (i.e. Nightmare, Machariel). Pirate ships also have a three bonuses, one baked-in (such as a 25% bonus to damage) and then one bonus for each of the racial skills required.
  • Event ships. They are either variations of existing ships (Megathron Federate Issue, Apocalypse Imperial Issue) or new models (Opux Luxury Yacht, Silver Magnate (edit: Not anymore)). They are only given out in special events by CCP and are very rare.

Dominion Changes

CCP has announced that Racial and Pirate faction ships will recieve major changes in the next expansion, Dominion. Most ships are getting across the board buffs, which has drastically increased prices.

Pirate ship changes:

Racial (Navy) ship changes:

General Pricing

(Out of date)

Pirate ships (Succubus, Dramiel): 16-20 million.
Racial Faction Frigates (Slicer, Hookbill): 40-60 million.
Pirates (Vigilant, Ashimmu): 70-100 million.
Variants (Navy Caracal, Vexor Navy Issue): 70-100 million
Pirates (Rattlesnake, Nightmare, Bhaalgorn): 900 million to over a billion.
Variants (Navy Raven, Tempest Fleet Issue): around 500million.
Event ships.
Tournament (Mimir, Freki)

This list is in no way comprehensive, but based on prices from ships seen on escrow. [Note most of these prices are from before the LP store came out, prices have dropped a lot since then]

How to Get Them

Where you find these faction ships depends on which ones you want.

Racial Variants/Faction Frigates

These are only available as agent offers of the race you are running missions with (i.e. Amarr ships from Amarr agents).

Offers start at 10k LP and double thereafter (i.e. 20k LP for a 2-run BPC and so on up the way).
Start at 50k LP (100k for a 2-run BPC etc).
200k LP (however it is more common to wait until you have an extremely high amount of LP (over 4 million for a Navy Raven BPC that would be worth it) before accepting an offer for a battleship, as the offers that start at 200k are bad value for money)). You will never receive an offer for a 2-run BPC, ever.

Pirate Variants

The BPCs have a chance to drop as the loot from the overseer end-boss. The Battleship BPCs can only be found in the highest-level complexes however.
This is harder since in the course of the game all the hundreds of NPCs you kill of them will butcher your standing, and because all of the agents themselves are in true (not NPC-ruled) 0.0. It is not impossible however by training certain skills and running the lowest-level agents if the alliance that controls their space allows you access.
Faction Spawns
Pirate BPCs of all sizes also have a slim chance to drop from faction spawns. Shadow Serpentis, Dread Guristas, and the like.

Event Ships

These ships such as the Imperial-issue Amarr battleships and the Gold/Silver Magnates are only available from CCP events, and even then there are an extremely small number of them, or even only a single ship. For example, only four Imperial Issue Apocalypses were given out during the Amarr Championships, and only a single Federate Issue Megathron was ever given out. And it's a good thing, considering both of those ships are extremely powerful.

Guardian-Vexor is an example of a ship that was given out in a limited event. The blueprint for it still shows up on the market for some reason.

Others include:

These two were given out during an event but every player received them, so they only kind of count:

Ingame List of Faction Ships

This list is also accessible via the in-game browser through this link (copy-and-paste the address into the IGB).


Frigate Cruiser Battleship
Angel (Minmatar + Gallente) Dramiel Cynabal Machariel
Blood Raider (Amarr + Minmatar) Cruor Ashimmu Bhaalgorn
Gurista (Caldari + Gallente) Worm Gila Rattlesnake
Sansha (Amarr + Caldari) Succubus Phantasm Nightmare
Serpentis (Gallente + Minmatar) Daredevil Vigilant Vindicator

Racial Faction

Amarr Slicer
Caldari Hookbill
Gallente Comet
Minmatar Firetail
Cruiser, tier 1 combat Cruiser tier 2 combat
Amarr Augoror Navy Issue Omen Navy Issue
Caldari Osprey Navy Issue Caracal Navy Issue
Gallente Exequror Navy Issue Vexor Navy Issue
Minmatar Scythe Fleet Issue Stabber Fleet Issue
Faction Battleship Event Battleship
Amarr Apocalypse Navy Issue Apocalypse Imperial Issue
Caldari Raven Navy Issue Raven State Issue
Gallente Megathron Navy Issue Megathron Federate Issue
Minmatar Tempest Fleet Issue Tempest Tribal Issue