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A freighter class vessel is a very large transport ship. Freighters are very expensive (From the production alliances, usually being just under a billion isk) and very slow, but are capable of hauling immense amounts of cargo, as much as 150 times that of a regular industrial ship. Freighters are as large and slow as capital ships, but they are not capital ships, and require comparatively modest skills to fly, chiefly racial Industrial V and Advanced Spaceship Command I.

Amarr: Providence (735,000 m3)

Caldari: Charon (785,000 m3)

Gallente: Obelisk (750,000 m3)

Minmatar: Fenrir (720,000 m3)

Due to their cost and vulnerability, not to mention the potentially staggering value of their cargo, freighters are much more frequently seen in empire. Their T2 variant, Jump Freighters, are an essential 0.0 logistical tool.

Like shuttles, Freighters lack any slots whatsoever. Contrary to early belief, Freighters CAN be jump bridged by a Titan.

Getting Cargo in and out of a Freighter in 0.0 space

  • Can scoop and launch POS modules at an online Control Tower. However, you can only launch for corp, not jettison. So if the tower belongs to another friendly corp, one of that corp's members will have to scoop and launch for corp before anchoring the module.
  • Can scoop cargo from a jettisoned container at an online Control Tower.
  • Can place cargo in a pre-existing jettisoned container at an online Control Tower ONLY if the can was created by a fellow Corporation member. (Same Alliance is not sufficient, neither is being in the same fleet, this has been tested.)
  • Can scoop and dump cargo in a Corporate Hangar Array at an online Control Tower.
  • Can scoop and dump ozone in a Jump Bridge at an online Control Tower, so long as the freighter is within 48km of the Control Tower.
  • Can scoop and dump fuel and strontium in an online Control Tower. Note that a freighter cannot fuel an offline Control Tower.
  • Cannot jettison anything, even at an online Control Tower, that requires the creation of a jetcan.

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