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Cynosural fields are used to move capital ships as they can't use jump gates. It's basically a device that opens up a "wormhole" of sorts, that a capital ship can home into and use to transport itself from one system to the next.

Cynosural Field Generator Required Skills
  • High slot, 50 CPU, 20 grid


How It Works

  • You fit the Cyno Gen to the ship and put Liquid Ozone in the cargo hold. Each field costs 500 - but is reduced by 50 for each level of the "Cynosural Field Theory" skill. The skill should be trained to at least II or III to make efficient use of cargo space. Many frigates can't hold a single activation without expanders or good cyno skills.
  • When you need to make the field you activate the module.
  • The field lasts 10 minutes and you cannot move, dock or eject for the duration.
  • Once you put up the cyno you will sit vulnerable and helpless in space for 10 minutes.
  • You cannot create a cyno in 0.5 security space or above

Other stuff to be aware of:

  • It takes 71-95% of a capital ship's capacitor to jump to a cyno field, so once it jumps in it is relatively vulnerable.
  • Try to place cyno fields at least 5km from any large collidable object or the incoming cap ship may bounce.
  • Once you make a cyno it will appear for everyone to see and warp to in the system. It can also be set to show on the starmap. Cyno fields are giant beacons and everyone will notice so don't expect to keep it a secret somehow.
  • Force Recon ships use significantly less Liquid Ozone to fire a cyno, and the timer only lasts 5 minutes.

Liquid Ozone is 0.4m3 each and costs around 500isk/unit. It is typically provided by the Corp/Alliance if you're cynoing as part of a logistics effort.

So, with max skills (Cyno V):

  • Force Recons: 50 LO (20m3, 25,000isk), 5 minute timer.
  • Other ships: 250 LO (100m3, 125,000isk), 10 minute timer.

However, it is recommended to train cyno theory to 3, since it gets the job done and won't monopolize too much training time.

With Theory at 3:

  • Force Recons: 150 LO (60m3, 75,000isk), 5 minute timer.
  • Other ships: 350 LO (140m3, 175,000isk), 10 minute timer.

How to broadcast a cyno

try to find it
  • Open the Fleet List window.
  • Click on the arrow in the top left corner and select Broadcast Cynosural Field

Covert Cynosural Field Generator

This is a special version of the Cynosural Field Generator that can only be equipped on cloaking-bonused ships (Stealth Bombers, Covert Ops, Recon Ships, and Black Ops Battleships). It does not generate a system-wide beacon, has reduced ozone use and greatly reduced duration (which are further affected by Recon Ship bonuses), but can only function as a jump beacon for Black Ops Battleships and their Covert Jump Portal Generators.

Required Skills

High Slot, 50tf CPU, 10mw Grid


A Recon Ship activating a Covert Cynosural Field will only consume 5 Liquid Ozone, lasting for only 30 seconds.

Tips on doing it right

  • The most commonly used method (in lowsec) is to dock at a station and then undock. As soon as you're undocked, press CTRL+Space to stop moving. Once your ship has reached a full stop, you're generally in the perfect spot for a cyno. It should be far enough away to prevent any bouncing, but close enough to dock once the ship jumps in.
    • For some stations, and particularly certain Gallente stations that dump you out the bottom, you may be out of range. For those, you want to fly around to the top of them and try to make it roughly in the center.
  • When you pop the cyno you will be unable to move or dock and therefore vulnerable for 10 minutes. Use a cheap ship. Lowsec NPC stations offer sentry guns which will offer a small amount of protection. Don't count on them to protect you from a determined faggot.
  • In 0.0 and lowsec it is usually safer to cyno at a friendly POS. A POS should offer both you and the capital ship adequate protection during the cyno process. Remember that it's possible that you might cyno in up to 10KM from the force field.
  • The Kestrel, Probe, Tormentor, and Imicus frigates tend to be favored as cyno ships, for their low cost, and relatively large cargo bays. Permanent cyno alts based out of a POS, should opt to use an industrial ship loaded with Liquid Ozone.
  • Don't forget to turn it to manual if you're not going to be doing multiple cynos. The default behaviour for the Cynosural Field Generator is to repeat, and it will use another load of ozone, leaving you sitting around for 10 more minutes looking dumb.
    • To disable this behaviour, right click on the Cynosural Field Generator and click on the option to turn autorepeat off.
    • You can also "turn off" the cyno module and prevent it from renewing after 10 minutes by clicking on the module until it flashes red.
  • To keep yourself from accidentally setting off a cyno when you dont want to, keep the fuel unstacked in the cargo hold. i.e. instead of one stack of 450 fuel, make a stack of 200 and a stack of 250 out of it. The Cyno generator won't work like that and accidentally pressing on F-whatever will not cause you to stand around like an idiot in space for 10 minutes before having to fly back to a station to get another batch of fuel.
  • Trinity patch notes: "When creating a cynosural field, there is an new gang broadcast option. This option will allow members who join the gang after cynosural field activation to use the field. Note this option will not be given if [the player who created the cyno] logs out and back in while the beacon is active."
  • If you join a fleet that has an operating cyno, you cannot jump to the existing cyno unless the player who created the cyno broadcasts it.
    • To broadcast a Cyno, the cyno creater right clicks on the triangle next to the "Fleet" name in the Fleet window and option to broadcast cyno will be there. Provided you haven't deselected it in the gang broadcast options located by right clicking similar triangle next to "Broadcasts" in Broadcasts window. Member trying to jump to that cyno won't find it listed in the usual "Jump to" list but can right click the orb icon left of cyno broadcaster's name in the "Broadcasts" window.

Historical note: Before the Kali patch it was possible to dodge the 10 minute timer and create a perma-cyno by cynoing as your ship was docking. This is no longer possible. If you attempt to create a cyno as you dock, your cyno field will be destroyed and you will have wasted your fuel.

There was also a method of ejecting after popping a cyno and boarding a different ship to circumvent the whole "getting stuck" thing. This is no longer possible after the patch.

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