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Making Tech 2

Manufacturing superior Tech 2 modules is one of the "end-games" of production, and also one of the most lucrative professions in the game. There are two major ways to manufacture Tech 2 items:

The first is to have a BPO (Blueprint Original) for a particular Tech 2 item. Unlike Tech 1 BPOs, these are not seeded by NPCs in Empire. Instead, they were originally obtained from Research Agents via special lottery system, but this system is now defunct and T2 BPOs are worth billions.

The second way to manufacture Tech 2 items is via Invention, which produces limited run BPCs (Blueprint Copies) with which you may manufacture the items in question. Invention was introduced to replace the lottery system, and is the optimal method for producing T2 goods, as it is likely only a matter of time before CCP removes Tech 2 BPOs from the game entirely.

By either method, manufacturing Tech 2 items requires advanced Industry skills, a Tech 1 version of the item in question, and certain Tech 2 components. Some of the skills needed may not be seeded by NPCs, but rather obtained from Missions. Most of components are not seeded by NPCs or obtained from ore, but rather manufactured by players at POS chains with minerals obtained from mining moons. A complicated and expensive process, but one with potentially great rewards.

An Example

If one were making Maledictions (a Tech 2 frigate), one would need an Executioner hull (it is the Tech 1 version of the Malediction), a small number of the usual minerals, and a large amount of exotic components like Antimatter Reactor Units, Construction Blocks, et ceteras.

Taking Antimatter Reactor Units as an example, it is manufactured with a Blueprint in a station, out of Fermionic Condensates, Ferrogel, and Tungsten Carbides. These components are also difficult to make, being the end result of reactions spanning a dozen POS using minerals mined from as many moons. Additionally, some of the components in those reactions are in extremely short supply because the kind of moon needed to make them is very rare --fighting over rare moons is one of the major motivations for war in 0.0.

One would also need certain specialized skills, like Amarrian Starship Engineering (NPC seeded), Frigate Construction (NPC seeded), Mechanical Engineering (used to be only obtainable from certain missions but is now NPC seeded).

In short, it is almost impossible for one individual to set up a vertical monopoly in Tech 2 Production. One can at best hope to manage a profitable portion of the process. Entire corporations have been built around producing just one Tech 2 item.

Some Caveats

  • If you aren't making the BPCs yourself you need to be careful, there are A LOT of scammers trying to sell Tech 1 Blueprints as Tech 2 and A LOT of overpriced BPCs too. You really need to know market prices for Tech 2 items and components to quickly do the math.
  • Never travel with Tech 2 BPOs or BPCs in anything less secure than a stabbed out Cov Ops or Blockade Runner.
  • Most BPOs never move more than a few jumps during their entire lifespan. Many people keep the BPOs and BPCs in a station, and use a little-known trick to manufacture the items in a POS located in the same system. This way, the Blueprints are never really at risk.
  • You can reduce the training time by only buying/training the skills you need for a particular item, but then you are a slave to what is available on the market for BPCs.