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Basic Production

Basic Production \xE2\x80\xA2 FAQ
Easy Production

T1 Manufacturing

T1 Production \xE2\x80\xA2 Refining
Beancounter Implants

T2 Manufacturing

T2 Production \xE2\x80\xA2 T2 FAQ
Invention \xE2\x80\xA2 Copying Blueprints
Amarr Invention Walkthrough
Caldari Invention Walkthrough
Inventable Modules By Race
Making T2 Ships

T3 Manufacturing

T3 Production
T3 Subsystem-Making Skills

Miscellaneous Production

Manufacturing Rigs
Optimal Rig ME Table
Manufacturing Boosters
Preparing To Manufacture Capitals
Capital Production

Industrial Alts

Production Alt
Lab Alt
Freighter Alt
Jump Freighter Alt

Other Guides

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Making Bank

These articles are for more advanced players and assume that you know the basics of production. If you are a newbie, take the tutorial and read the Basic Production article.

This guide is supposed to be an overview of various in-depth articles about production, industry, and how to improve your profit margins. More active money making methods (like ratting) are at Professions. See Production FAQ for the answers to many common questions about production. See our List of Refiners for people that can help you refine rat loot at a better rate.

Perhaps most importantly, see Trading and Markets for how to make a profit with your goods.

This sidebar contains the following categories:

  • Basic Production: Introductory information on production.
  • T1 Manufacturing: Making basic modules and ships. Accessible and, in Goonspace, often lucrative.
  • T2 Manufacturing: A complex yet lucrative cycle of production, T2 manufacturing requires money, expertise, and a solid profit model.
    • Walkthroughs: Paint by numbers approaches to invention.
    • Inventable Modules By Race - A handy list that I fucking wish I had when I started inventing. Look at this if you're trying to decide which race to invent shit for.
  • T3 Production: Although this has not quite settled enough for it to be a bustling market, it shows great promise of being lucrative in the future, especially if and when T3 modules are introduced.
  • Miscellaneous Production: The various sub-fields of manufacturing.
  • Alts: Helpful skill guides for making industry-specialized alts.

External tools

Still maintained

Dedaf's industrial tool T1/T2/T3/Ice/Mining/Capital/Rigs/JFs etc (MS Excel spreadsheet)
EVE-Central - Market Browser Market browser for any item, any region, as long as someone has taken the time to upload the data to their server.

No longer updated

Murtons Production Calculator Not updated since 2006. A T1 production calculator. (Last updated 2006)
A invention application (Standalone application) (Last updated Feb. 2009)

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