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This is distinct from Scavenging, which is about looting abandoned wrecks.



Salvaging involves using the high slot 'Salvager I' module on a wreck. In order to salvage, you must be within 5000m of the wreck. Activate the module and wait; you will get a success or failure message. If your attempt fails, you can try again until the wreck disappears. Failure rates are high, but training up the Salvaging skill improves the odds significantly. A successful attempt takes 10 seconds to complete, any loot left inside the wreck will be jettisoned into a cargo container after salvaging. Some wrecks will not yield any salvage, while others will produce several items, which are all 0.1m3 in volume. Activating multiple Salvagers on the same wreck is possible and, while it does not speed up a successful salvage, it does make the average wait for a success shorter.

To use the Salvager I module, you need to have the Salvaging skill, which requires: Electronics I, Survey III, Mechanic III. To use the Salvager II module, you'll need to have the Salvaging skill trained to V. Successful salvages yield any of the myriad parts used in rig manufacturing. Rats from different regions yield different parts. For example, the parts dropped by Angels are essential for speed and cargo rigs. This website shows which rats drop which rig parts:

The Basic Process

  • Check Local and GSIntel/GSDef channels. Don't be a moron and undock with your cruiser if there are active hostiles reported in system.
  • Find an asteroid belt with wrecks
  • Please, for the love of God, check that it's empty
    • If not, ask the person ratting if they agree to you hoovering their wrecks up.
  • Target the nearest wreck and burn towards it with your MWD on. Turn your MWD off at ~10k off the wreck. This gives it time to deactivate and gives your ship the chance to decelerate so you can orbit it at a nice cosy 5000. If you turn your MWD off too late your ship will overshoot the wreck by as much as 6K or so and you'll have to slowboat to the wreck again
  • Target another wreck within 20k of you and tractor that one in
  • Empty the wreck. This is where the cargobay comes in handy. While salvage components take up 0.1m3 space, mods take much more, especially if you hoover battleship wrecks.

[Edit: Salvage Parts are now .01m3, making destroyers a more viable option when salvaging, but only a little.

  • Turn on your salvagers.
    • If your Salvaging skill is low, it'll take a few tries, which is why you fit as many as you can. More salvagers = more tries.
  • While that's going on, the second wreck should have flown in range, so empty that.
  • Target another wreck once your salvagers finish with the first and burn towards it.
    • Turn your salvagers on the one your tractor beam is holding.
  • Repeat
  • Profit.

Drive by Salvaging

Chainers will often leave smaller ships behind that cannot be speed tanked. This technique will allow you to salvage wrecks when you're alone and do not have the privilege of a designated tank.

  • Only viable for frigate/interceptor salvagers, preferably those that are cap stable when using their MWD. Do not try this in a destroyer.
  • Double click near, but not on the nearest wreck you want to salvage and hit your MWD. Lock it as soon as you can.
  • Activate your salvagers as you fly by the wreck. With slight lag and while moving at 3-4km/s you'll want to fire them as early as 10km away from the target.
  • DO NOT STOP. As long as you fired the salvagers while in range of the wreck, they can complete their cycle normally. If they succeed great, if they fail then oh well.
  • Keep going until you're 150km away from the next wreck you want to salvage, then warp to it.
  • The on-grid warp will break the lock of every rat that was targeting you. In fact, most of the time the rats will bug out and will not even lock back on to you after this step.
  • Watch the brackets of the rats. If they start flashing yellow, repeat the process. If not, just salvage normally while the rats ignore you.

Last tested in the Solo Salvaging Vigil on 03/27/09, everything works as described above.

Squad Salvaging

  • Open your squad chat and ask if anyone is ratting your system
  • Ask if you can tag along and hoover their wrecks. Most older players are looking for named mods so they won't care if you steal the 100MN Afterburner I's.
  • Repeat the Basic Process.
  • It helps to be in a gang with the person(s), but be polite and don't sit in the same belt as them and steal their bounty as well.

Other Tips

  • The most efficient way of salvaging is to use a cruiser or destroyer. Destroyers generally have no tank but can fit a full rack of 8 salvagers/tractor beams, cruisers can fit a small tank and some have 6 highslots to jam full of jew mods.
  • Train your Science up to IV and fit a Small Tractor Beam (a.k.a. Jewclaw) to your ship to speed things up.
  • Some people believe 'Fresh' wrecks generate more salvage. So try and get em while they're freshly deceased. (This may not be true, but why not follow it?)
  • Don't just jump into a belt and start hoovering. If someone is ratting they'll be pissed off at you.
    • Empty belts, however, are fair game as leaving a belt signifies you're lifting any claims to it and the rats/loot in it.
    • Obviously if there are named cans, don't be a dick and empty them.
    • Oftentimes, a dual-boxing miner will often not particularly care about looting or salvaging, and can accumulate quite a few of them over time, so don't be afraid to ask.
  • If you start a salvage cycle and you suddenly stuff your cargo so that the salvage cannot fit, the salvage will be DESTROYED.
  • Trying to salvage from a wreck filled with a lot of stuff (i.e. hauler wrecks) will need to be emptied to 27500m3 before you can attempt to salvage.
  • You must have Salvaging 3 to salvage Tech2 wrecks, including wrecks from faction NPCs. The salvage yielded from those is exceptionally valuable, with one unit sometimes selling for millions of isk.
  • Wrecks can be scanned out using the Directional Scanner. This is often faster than warping to every single belt.

Salvaging Ships

These are ship builds that Salvage better than most (and usually also Scavenging); please don't add every ship with a salvager module fitted.

Kestrel (Caldari)
Probe (Minmatar)
Vigil (Minmatar)
Catalyst (Gallente)
Cormorant (Caldari)
Thrasher (Minmatar)
Exequror (Gallente - the Exequror is the best salvaging cruiser with its huge base cargohold)
Omen (Amarr)
Caracal (Caldari)
Stabber (Minmatar)
Hurricane (Minmatar - The Hurricane is the best looter/salvager around if you have the money to invest in it)


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