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An often asked question is "How do I figure out my mining yield?"

The easiest way is to fit a mining laser on your ship, right click and show info.

If you want to calculate your yield or figure out the best way to increase your yield, keep reading.

While this page has a lot of numbers on it, they is easily manageable using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Open Office. A simple Javascript calculator app is in the works.

Bonuses are multiplied, but within each skill it's added. That may not make much sense, but let's look at an example of Mining level IV.

If you could have a Mining level of 0, a Miner II mining laser would pull in 60 m3/min. Miner II mining lasers have a minimum requirement of Mining level IV, and since the Mining skill gives a bonus of 5% (or a multiplier bonus of .05), or a total bonus of 20% (multiplier bonus of .2), giving your base Miner II a m3 per minute of 72 m3/min.

There are currently 3 skills that DIRECTLY affect the amount you can mine:

Skill Mining yield bonus per level Prerequisite
Mining 5% None
Astrogeology 5% Science IV and Mining IV
Mining Foreman 2% Leadership I and you must be in a gang

Then there are modules you can use to increase your mining yield:

Module Mining yield bonus per module Prerequisite
Mining Laser Upgrade I 5% yield on each laser Mining IV and Mining Upgrades I
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization 2% bonus per Mining Director level Leadership V and Mining Director I
HX-2 Highwall (Implant Slot 10) 5% to yield Cybernetics V
Michi Excavation (Implant Slot 7) 5% to yield Cybernetics V
Mining Foreman Mindlink (Slot 10) 50% to Foreman Skill, 50% to Foreman Link Effectiveness Cybernetics V

The last way to get a bonus to your yield is to use a ship that has a mining bonus. An example of this is the Caldari Osprey, which gives a 20% bonus per Caldari Cruiser level, and this will be the ship I use in my examples. The mining bonus ships include:

Skill Racial ship type Bonus per racial ship level
Tormentor Amarr Frigate 20% to mining laser yield
Osprey Caldari Cruiser 20% to mining laser yield
Bantam Caldari Frigate 20% to mining laser yield
Scythe Minmatar Cruiser 20% to mining laser yield
Burst Minmatar Frigate 20% to mining laser yield
Navitas Gallente Frigate 20% to mining laser yield
Vexor Gallente Cruiser 10% to drone mining yield
Arbitrator Amarr Cruiser 10% to drone mining yield
Mining Barges Mining Barges 3% to strip miner yield
Exhumers Exhumers 3% to strip miner yield

The formula to figure out the bonus is this: Base level*(1+(skill level * bonus) In our case, for a Miner II, its: 60* (1+(Mining level*.05)) * (1+(Astrogeology level*.05)) * (1+(Mining Foreman level*.02)) * (1+(Mining Director level*.02)) * (1+(number of Mining Laser Upgrade modules*.05)) * (1+(Cruiser level*.2))

If we take a new player that just has Mining IV, the bonus works out to 60*(1+(4*.05)), or 72 m3 per minute.

To figure out the skills for Mining IV and Astrogeology IV: 60*(1+(4*.05))*(1+(4*.05)) = 86.4 m3/min

By this point, you may asking how this relates to what's important: More Crokite. Since a Miner II at Mining IV gets 72m3/min, and Crokite is 16m3 each, the end result is 4.5 Crokite a minute, and rounded down, that's 4 Crokite per minute.

The quickest way to get that additional unit of Crokite out of the lasers is to train Astrogeology to III, to get 82.8 m3/min, or 5.175 Crokite/min. (Mining V and Astrogeology II have roughly the same results).