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Completing Missions will get you ISK, but the real reason to run them are for Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for valuable items.


Choosing the right corp - LP rewards, what other considerations?

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Choosing the right agent - Level, Quality, Type, Location, Location Security

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  • Level indicates difficulty
  • Quality indicates reward (ISK, standing, LP) - effective quality rises with standing for that agent, so if you've done 20 missions for a quality 0 agent, you might get better rewards than for a quality 10 agent you haven't used yet.
  • Effective QL is worked out thus: Effective Quality = Base Quality + (5 * Level of Negotiation) + Effective Standing
  • Type indicates what you'll be asked to do - kill, courier, science, mining, etc.
  • Location - you don't want to make 20 jumps to get to a an agent if there's one in your system with the right level/quality/type
  • Location security - I've heard reward size is inversely proportional to security rating, so you'll get better rewards in a .5 system than a 1.0 system, all other things being equal. Has this been confirmed?

Grinding for Standing

You'll need Standing with that Agent, Corporation or the Corporation's parent Alliance to do high level missions. The minimum standing required is: [2 x (agent level - 1)] + (quality / 20)

  • 2.70 for L2 Q14
  • 3.10 for L3 Q-18
  • 4.85 for L3 Q17
  • 5.20 for L4 Q-16
  • 6.95 for L4 Q19
  • 8.60 for L5 Q12

The harder missions give two or three times more standing than the easy missions. Also storyline missions (which are automatically assigned after every 16 normal missions) give a huge bonus to standing. For example when I was grinding to 8.60, I would do normal missions that gave .01 for a very easy courier or kill mission, .02 for a slightly harder kill mission, and .04 for the hardest missions (e.g. The Blockade) but I'd get .2 standing for an easy storyline courier mission, or .55 for a storyline 4-mission set. Also storyline missions generate extra-valuable LP-store items like implants that are worth millions of ISK. Always try to complete storyline missions.

The level of missions does not affect Standing reward; it does dramatically affect the rewards though. This means you should balance how fast you can do missions with how important the reward is.

For example, if i can solo a Level 1 mission in 5 minutes, and a level 2 mission in 6 minutes, and a Level 3 mission in 30 minutes, after a day of grinding I'll be looking at:

  • Level 1 missions: +2 standing, 500k ISK
  • Level 2 missions: +1.8 standing, 10m ISK
  • Level 3 missions: +1 standing, 75m ISK

I just made these numbers up but you get the point: if you need standing and the money isn't important, get in a ship that will allow you to complete Level 1 missions as fast as possible. If you would rather spend a little more time doing missions in return for a lot of money, then do missions from a higher level agent.

Note : Those numbers are way off. For kill missions, expect the average faction rewards to be around 0.01%-0.02% for level 1 and 0.4%-1.2% for level 3. It general with high combat skills it is better to grind L3 kill for faction, but with low combat skills it is better to grind L4 courier for faction. Also, the faction rewards for storylines are all over the map. As an example, the L3 storyline missions seem to range from 1.5% for "Materials for War Preparation" to 15% for "The Final Battle"


All of these skills are Rank 1, and have one pre-req in addition to Social 3:

  • Bureaucratic: Corporation Management 3
  • Financial: Negotiation 3
  • High Tech: Science 3
  • Labor: Industry 3
  • Military: Leadership 3
  • Political: Diplomacy 3
  • Trade: Trade 3

There are also Social skills that boost the LP reward by 5% per level. Since your LP rewards scale up dramatically (from 10 at level 1 to thousands at level 5) learning these skills is not profitable until you start doing level 3 missions:

  bureaucratic (6) financial (6) high tech (5) labor (5) military (6) political (6) trade (6)
accounting   x         x
administration x         x  
advisory     x     x  
archives x   x        
astrosurveying       x x    
command         x x  
distribution   x         x
financial x x          
intelligence     x   x    
internal security x       x    
legal   x       x  
manufacturing     x x      
marketing   x         x
mining       x     x
personnel x     x      
production       x     x
public relations   x       x  
security         x x  
storage x           x
surveillance     x   x    
  • Train Connections to III/IV and Social to III/IV. Connections increases your effective standing, meaning less boring grind to get to the next level and Social increases the standings gain per completed mission.

Once you have the necessary standing for your desired level of mission, and you've picked the best agent, you can get started doing missions.


You might want to try doing missions for a corporation in one of these Factions, since they increase standing with all four factions:

  • Sansha's Nation
  • The InterBus
  • The Servant Sisters of EVE
  • Angel Cartel