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NPC Resistances and Vulnerabilities

Different NPCs are resistant to different damage types and deal different sorts of damage. You'll need to know this when you start doing level III's and IV's, and it helps with I's and II's. Here's a chart:

Faction Damage They Deal Damage You Do to Them
Amarr EM/Thermal EM
Angel/Domination/Gisti All, primarily Explosive/Kinetic Explosive
Blood Raiders/Corpum EM/Thermal EM
Caldari Kinetic/Thermal Kinetic/Thermal
DED/Concord (Mission) All Any
EoM Kinetic/Thermal Kinetic
Gallente Kinetic/Thermal Kinetic/Thermal
Guristas/Pith Thermal/Kinetic Kinetic
Khanid EM/Thermal Kinetic/Explosive
Mercenaries All Thermal/Explosive
Minmatar Kinetic/Explosive Explosive
Mordus Kinetic/Thermal Kinetic
Odamian Kinetic/thermal Mostly Thermal/Kinetic
Rogue Drones All, primarily Explosive/Kinetic EM
Rogue Pirate EM/Explosive/Kinetic Thermal/Kinetic
Sanshas/Centi EM/Thermal EM
Serpentis/Core Kinetic/Thermal Kinetic
Thukker All (primary explosive) Kinetic/Explosive
Zazzamataz/The Seven All Thermal

Check the NPC Database for specific NPC statistics at and/or