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What are "Contracts"?

Contracts are the replacement to the Escrow market, and serve as an alternative to the in-game market: but with many features which make it ideal for use when you have a specific person in mind or if you want to find the highest possible price people are willing to pay for your item. Contracts can be direct exchanges, where you can put up an assortment of items and ask for them to be exchanged for another assortment of items, auctions, where players can increase the payment price until the end of the contract, or even simply sales, where an item is placed in a contract and will be taken down once an individual has put out the purchase price.

How do I use Contracts?

New with Kali is the "contract" icon on the left menu. It appears as a piece of paper with a hand signing it, aka a contract! Click here and you'll have a window pop up with an assortment of text-entry boxes and buttons. I find that the new contracts system is much easier to navigate and to search, as it can be very precise in its filtering.

Note that all actions involving contracts can't be done on trial accounts.

How do I add a Contract?

Once in the "Contracts" menu, click the 'Create Contract' button. You will then be presented with a new window, which will allow you to setup a contract using four simple steps!

1- Select Contract Type
Here you can select the type of Contract you would like to make and who it will be available to.

  • Contract Type
    • Auction - Much like the EVE-O boards auction's where you set a minimum bid and a buyout. Players who you have allowed into the auction can place bids until the buyout. If no one claims buyout, the contract will expire and at the end the contract owner will select "get money". This will pull the isk from the highest bidder's account and exchange it with the items in the contract.
    • Item Exchange - This is exactly as it reads. You add in certain items and ask a certain price for them in return. Vice versa you can request certain items and be willing to pay a certain price. Think of this as buy/sell orders, except on a very restricted market.
    • Courier - Again, straightforward. Here a certain collateral is entered with the desired items. The courier must take the items to a designated location to have their collateral returned AND receive X amount of isk for doing the shipment. I believe there is also a time limit on this, will check soon.
    • Loan - Here you loan out so much isk or items to another group. You receive collateral for the items and, when the items are successfully returned: the collateral is refunded and a payment is made!
  • Availability
    • Public - Available to anyone who searches the location the contract is entered at. You are limited to one single contract with an additional 3 per level of the skill Contracting. Corporate contracts are regulated using the Corporation Contracting skill.
    • Private - Restricted to a specific individual. Again, you can only create a limited number of contracts to begin with and per level of Contracting.
    • My Corporation - Contract restricted to your corporation only. Here you can create 500 contracts to begin with and any Private Contracts created which are designated to Corporation members will default into this category, but will remain available only the individual/group you specified.
    • My Alliance - Straightforward, but limited by level of Contracting.

2- Pick Items
Here you select the items you would like to add to the contract. You can change the location using the drop down menu at the top. Clicking on the specific item (anywhere on the line) will select it. Clicking again will de-select it.

There is a limit of 100 items, and you cannot choose items that are illegal in any system (e.g. dogtags, boosters).

3- Select Options
There are different options for different types of contracts. Most overlap, but there are some unique ones. If you have a question/need assistance on one of them, search the following isk as the repeated ones are the same throughout all types.

  • Starting Bid - For auction contracts. This is the minimum bid that may be placed.
  • Buyout Price - For auction contracts. If a bid is made that matches this value, the bidder will automatically win the Auction Contract. Auctions do not need a buyout price. If set, the value must be higher than the Starting Bid.
  • Auction End/Expiration - Contracts of all types must have an ending period set, which will set the contract to either "Finished" or "Expired" status. In the case of an auction contract for which a valid bid was made, you will need to open the contract and click "Get Money" to receive payment. Expired contracts of all types, including auctions without any valid bids, will need to be canceled when they expire so your items will be replaced in the hangar.
  • I Will Receive/Money Lent - The isk that, at the end of the contract, the creator will receive once the contract is successfully completed.
  • Description - Optional details. Limited to 50 characters.
  • Collateral - This is the ISK set aside by the player who accepts the contract. In the event that they fail to complete the contract, the ISK set aside will be added to the contracting player's wallet. When the conditions of a contract have been met successfully, the collateral is returned to the player who accepted it.
  • I will pay - For some contracts, you can offer out so much isk to have the job completed. This will be how much you pay the worker/contract acceptor when the job is complete.

4- Confirm
This is a summary of the information entered on the previous pages. Review all the options and information and ensure that it's correct. Once satisfied, select Finish and the contract will be posted.

How do I receive/accept a Contract?

So you just got an evemail someone setup a contract for you: lucky you! Now lets show you how to find and accept that contract! The two simpliest ways to find a contract are:

  • 1 - Open the Contracts window and select Available Contracts. Then from the drop down menu under View select Me. Hit Get Contracts. Any and all contracts ANYWHERE IN EVE will appear. To accept a contract open it up by selecting "View Contract". Review it and, if you are ready to accept, hit the "Accept" button at the bottom of the Contract window. Once accepted, the contacts and isk exchange of the contract will happen and the contents will be emptied into your hangar at the Contract location.
  • 2 - So, you've been told you have a contract sent to you and you cannot see it? Well, ask the issuer to copy a link to the contract in an evemail or conversation. To bring a link, ask him/her to open their Contracts window and drag the contract assigned to you into the evemail/conversation window. Once there, it will ask to link or just report the text: select the link. Now you click on that link and the contract will appear in a new window.

Contracting Corporations

If you want to do a lot of business with contracts, you can spend a couple days to train up Corporation Contracting on an alt, found a one-man corp, and get to work. If you can't rent an office to sell items out of, you can sell items from the delivery hangar at a station where you have no office. To get them into the delivery hangar you can have a contract manager accept an item exchange on behalf of the corporation. To transfer items from your personal hangar into the delivery hangar, contract the items to yourself NOT on behalf of the corp, and then Accept (for corp).

How do I buy stuff off Contracts?

Say you want to buy a Domination Warp Disruptor or Caldari Navy Raven BPC or some other esoteric item that isn't sold through the market. The Contracts system has two new features that make your life much easier.

  • First, you can check the contracts for any region from anywhere else in the game. From the Available Contracts tab, select Other Region from the "View" dropdown box, and pick a region. That's it!
  • Second, you can filter the contracts by item. Turn on "Show More Options," and type your desired item in the "Item Type" field. Now when you hit the Get Contracts button you'll only see item exchanges and auctions that include the item you want. No more sifting through hundreds of scam escrows!

Limitations of Contracts

The Contract Cap

There is now a cap on the number of contracts a player can create. The default is one; the Contracting skill increases that cap by 4, to a maximum of 21, according to the skill description.

There are separate caps for public, private, and intra-corp contracts, so a person without the Contracting skill can create 1 private contract and 500 intra-corp contracts.

A corporation contract manager can create 10 contracts on behalf of the corporation, plus 10 for every level of the Corporation Contracting skill he has. This means that a character without the skill cannot create any contracts on behalf of the corporation if there are already at least 10 outstanding contracts.

Only 100 items at a time can be included in a single item exchange contract.

Date Completed display bug

The "finished contracts" log is a useful feature, but it doesn't quite work as advertised. There is a column marked "Date completed" which does not display the date completed, but rather the date (and time) that a contract was issued. Thus, it is impossible to sort the log by the date and time a contract was completed.