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  • Power - Ship powergrid required for fitting.
  • CPU - Ship CPU required for fitting.
  • Damage - Base damage multiplier. Higher is better.
  • Rate of Fire (RoF)- Time delay between each shot, in seconds. Lower is better.
  • Cycle Rate - Time delay between each load of ore, in seconds. Lower is better.
  • Optimum Range(Optimal) - Maximum range at which the weapon does 100% damage.
  • Falloff Range - At (Optimum range + Falloff range), the weapon does 50% damage. At (Optimum range + 2x Falloff range), the weapon does almost no damage.
  • Tracking - The tracking speed of the turret, in radians per second. Faster tracking means you can hit targets moving quickly tangentially to you (see My turrets don’t hit anything). Higher is better.
  • Energy - Ammount of capacitor energy used to fire the weapon.
  • Mining Amount - Amount of ore units dumped into cargo bay each Cycle
  • With Mining Crystal - Amount of extra mined ore when a mining crystal is fitted
  • Skill Requirements - Minimal skill level requires to use turret

Hybrid Turrets

Hybrid turrets include blasters and railguns and are used mainly by Gallente craft and to a lesser extent Caldari. Blasters are very short range, high damage hybrids while rails are long range, lower damage hybrids. Both blasters and railguns use hybrid ammo. Different ammo types will improve damage at the cost of lowered range, but all do Thermal/Kinetic damage.

Each turret class comes includes a low, medium, and high powered subclass. High powered weapons do more damage, but usually you have to trade your tank to fit them.


Blasters are short range (10km or less), high damage hybrid turrets.


Large blasters are battleship class weapons that can do pretty ridiculous damage. All 3 Gallente battleship offerings, the Megathron, Dominix, and Hyperion can make superb blaster boats. Caldari battleships do not work so well as close range blaster gank platforms. Large blasters have a 400m signature resolution so they are most effectively employed against large targets such as other battleships.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Electron Blaster Cannon I 1250 MW43 tf1.75x 4.5 s 4000 m 6000 m 0.050 rad/s 8.4
Regulated Mega Electron Phase Cannon I 1250 MW34 tf1.8375x4200 m7.98
Limited Electron Blaster Cannon I 1250 MW38 tf1.925x4400 m7.56
Anode Mega Electron Particle Cannon I 1250 MW40 tf2.0125x4600 m7.14
Modal Mega Electron Particle Accelerator I 1250 MW36 tf2.1x4800 m6.72
Electron Blaster Cannon II 1313 MW47 tf2.1x4800 m8.4
Ion Blaster Cannon I 1750 MW47 tf2.8125x 6.75 s 5000 m 8000 m 0.046 rad/s 14
Regulated Mega Ion Phase Cannon I 1750 MW41 tf2.953125x5250 m13.3
Limited Mega Ion Blaster Cannon I 1750 MW46 tf3.09375x5500 m12.6
Anode Mega Ion Particle Cannon I 1750 MW48 tf3.234375x5750 m11.9
Modal Mega Ion Particle Accelerator I 1750 MW43 tf3.375x6000 m11.2
Ion Blaster Cannon II 1838 MW56 tf3.375x6000 m14
Neutron Blaster Cannon I 2250 MW55 tf3.5x 7.88 s 6000 m 10000 m 0.0433 rad/s 18.2
Regulated Mega Neutron Phase Cannon I 2250 MW44 tf3.6x6300 m17.29
Limited Mega Neutron Blaster Cannon I 2250 MW49 tf3.85x6600 m16.38
Anode Mega Neutron Particle Cannon I 2250 MW52 tf4.025x6900 m15.47
Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I 2250 MW47 tf4.2x7200 m14.56
NeutronBlaster Cannon II 2363 MW61 tf4.2x7200 m18.2


Medium Blasters are cruiser class weapons. The king of T1 cruiser blasterships is the Gallente Thorax. Other potential medium blaster platforms include the Gallente Vexor and the Caldari Moa. Medium blasters offer a 125m sig so they'll have a hard time hitting frigates.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Heavy Electron Blaster I 100 MW26 tf1.75x 3.0 s 2000 m 3000 m 0.12 rad/s 2.8
Regulated Electron Phase Cannon I 100 MW20 tf1.8375x2100 m2.66
Limited Electron Blaster I 100 MW23 tf1.925x2200 m2.52
Anode Electron Particle Cannon I 100 MW24 tf2.0125x2300 m2.38
Modal Electron Particle Accelerator I 100 MW21 tf2.1x2400 m2.24
Heavy Electron Blaster II 105 MW28 tf2.1x2400 m2.80
Heavy Ion Blaster I 150 MW30 tf2.8125x 4.50 s 2500 m 4000 m 0.11 rad/s 4.669
Regulated Mega Ion Phase Cannon I 150 MW24 tf2.953125x2625 m4.438
Limited Ion Blaster Cannon I 150 MW26 tf3.09375x2750 m4.2
Anode Ion Particle Cannon I 150 MW28 tf3.234375x2875 m3.969
Modal Ion Particle Accelerator I 150 MW25 tf3.375x3000 m3.738
Heavy Ion Blaster Cannon II 158 MW33 tf3.375x3000 m4.669
Heavy Neutron Blaster I 203 MW55 tf3.5x 5.25 s 3000 m 5000 m 0.10 rad/s 6.069
Regulated Neutron Phase Cannon I 203 MW25 tf3.6x3150 m5.761
Limited Neutron Blaster I 203 MW28 tf3.85x3300 m5.46
Anode Neutron Particle Cannon I 203 MW30 tf4.025x3450 m5.159
Modal Neutron Particle Accelerator I 203 MW26 tf4.2x3600 m4.851
Heavy Neutron Blaster II 212 MW35 tf4.2x3600 m6.069


Small Blasters are frigate class weapons. Goonfleet fleet setups recommend avoiding blasters on frigates because their short range puts you within smartbomb range. Most T1 frigates don't bother to use blasters because generally T1 don't have a primary role of dealing damage. A common setup for small blasters is actually a cruiser, the under-gunned Thorax. Some T2 frigate setups will employ small blasters.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Light Electron Blaster I 4 MW9 tf1.75x 2.0 s 1000 m 1500 m 0.365 rad/s .938
Regulated Light Electron Phase Cannon I 4 MW7 tf1.8375x1050 m.889
Limited Electron Blaster I 4 MW8 tf1.925x1100 m.840
Anode Light Electron Particle Cannon I 4 MW7 tf2.0125x1150 m.798
Modal Light Electron Particle Accelerator I 4 MW7 tf2.1x1200 m.749
Light Electron Blaster II 4 MW9 tf2.1x1200 m.968
Light Ion Blaster I 7 MW13 tf2.8125x 3.00 s 1250 m 2000 m 0.336 rad/s 1.561
Regulated Light Ion Phase Cannon I 7 MW10 tf2.953125x1312 m1.477
Limited Light Ion Blaster Cannon I 7 MW11 tf3.09375x1375 m1.4
Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I 7 MW12 tf3.234375x1437 m1.323
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I 7 MW10 tf3.375x1500 m1.246
Light Ion Blaster II 7 MW13 tf3.375x1500 m1.33
Light Neutron Blaster I 9 MW17 tf3.5x 3.50 s 1500 m 2500 m 0.3165 rad/s 2.023
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I 9 MW14 tf3.675x1575 m1.918
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I 9 MW15 tf3.85x1650 m1.82
Anode Light Neutron Particle Cannon I 9 MW16 tf4.025x1725 m1.715
Modal Light Neutron Particle Accelerator I 9 MW14 tf4.2x1800 m1.617
Light Neutron Blaster II 10 MW19 tf4.2x1800 m2.023


The CPU is based on the Faction that modded the Weapons. Listed in order of Damage

Modulated, Regulated, Carbine (Amarr) 
Lowest CPU
Limited, Afocal, Scout (Minmatar) 
Second highest CPU
Anode, Gallium, Compressed (Gallente) 
Highest CPU, like the standard guns.
Modal, Prototype (Caldari) 
Second lowest CPU

The lowest named version has the lowest CPU, but then the highest named version has the second lowest CPU. The second best named version has the highest CPU, while the third best named version has the second highest CPU. Example with light neutron blasters.

Regulated 16 CPU
Limited 18 CPU
Anode 19 CPU
Modal 17 CPU



Large railguns are battleship modules. The Gallente Megathron and Caldari Rokh are both effective large railgun platforms. Large rails have a 400m signature resolution and pretty slow tracking; they are most effective at hitting big, slow moving targets like other battleships.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Dual 250mm Railgun I 1250 MW55 tf1.5x 5.85 s 24 km 12 km 0.0175 rad/s 15
Dual 250mm Carbide Railgun I 1250 MW44 tf1.575x25 km14.25
Dual 250mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 1250 MW49 tf1.65x26 km13.5
Dual 250mm Compressed Coil Gun I 1250 MW52 tf1.725x27 km12.75
Dual 250mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 1250 MW46 tf1.8x28 km12
Dual 250mm Railgun II 1313 MW61 tf1.8x28 km15
350mm Railgun I 1875 MW60 tf2.0x 7.31 s 36 km 20 km 0.01167 rad/s 22
350mm Carbide Railgun I 1875 MW48 tf2.1x37 km20.9
350mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 1875 MW54 tf2.2x39 km19.8
350mm Compressed Coil Gun I 1875 MW57 tf2.3x41 km18.7
350mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 1875 MW51 tf2.4x43 km17.6
350mm Railgun II 1969 MW66 tf2.4x43 km22
425mm Railgun I 2500 MW70 tf2.75x 9.56 s 48 km 24 km 0.009625 rad/s 30
425mm Carbide Railgun I 2500 MW56 tf2.8875x50 km28.5
425mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 2500 MW63 tf3.025x52 km27
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I 2500 MW66 tf3.1625x55 km25.5
425mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 2500 MW59 tf3.3x57 km24
425mm Railgun II 2625 MW77 tf3.3x57 km30


Medium Railguns are cruiser sized weapons. They have a 125m signature resolution, so these weapons will have trouble hitting frigate sized craft. The Caldari Moa (and its T2 variant, the Eagle) are specialized medium rail ships, as is the Ferox. Most Gallente cruisers, as well as the Brutix, have a bonus geared towards medium hybrids, which includes medium rails.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Dual 150mm Railgun I 80 MW32 tf1.5x 3.9 s 12 km 6km 0.042 rad/s 5
Dual 150mm Carbide Railgun I 80 MW25 tf1.575x12 km4.75
Dual 150mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 80 MW28 tf1.65x13 km4.5
Dual 150mm Compressed Coil Gun I 80 MW30 tf1.725x13 km4.25
Dual 150mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 80 MW27 tf1.8x14 km4
Dual 150mm Railgun II 84 MW35 tf1.8x14 km4
200mm Railgun I 180 MW35 tf2.0x 4.88 s 18 km 10 km 0.028 rad/s 6.45
200mm Carbide Railgun I 180 MW28 tf2.1x18 km6.13
200mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 180 MW31 tf2.2x19 km5.81
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I 180 MW33 tf2.3x20 km5.48
200mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 180 MW30 tf2.4x21 km5.16
200mm Railgun II 189 MW39 tf2.4x21 km6.45
250mm Railgun I 225 MW40 tf2.75x 6.38 s 24 km 12 km 0.023 rad/s 10
250mm Carbide Railgun I 225 MW32 tf2.8875x25 km9.5
250mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 225 MW36 tf3.025x26 km9
250mm Compressed Coil Gun I 225 MW38 tf3.1625x27 km8.5
250mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 225 MW34 tf3.3x28 km8
250mm Railgun II 236 MW44 tf3.3x28 km10


Small Rails are frigate sized modules. They have a 40m signature resolution and good tracking so they can effectively hit small fast moving craft like other frigates, shuttles, and drones. But as the name implies, small rails are small so their damage is weak.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
75mm Gatling Rail I 2 MW5 tf1.5x 2.6 s 6000 m 3000 m 0.13 rad/s 1.67
75mm Carbide Railgun I 2 MW4 tf1.575x6300 m1.59
75mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 2 MW4 tf1.65x6600 m1.5
75mm Compressed Coil Gun I 2 MW4 tf1.725x6900 m1.42
75mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 2 MW4 tf1.8x7200 m1.34
75mm Gatling Rail II 2 MW6 tf1.8x7200 m1.67
125mm Railgun I 7 MW15 tf2.0x 3.25 s 9000 m 5000 m 0.085 rad/s 2.15
125mm Carbide Railgun I 7 MW12 tf2.1x9450 m2.04
125mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 7 MW13 tf2.2x9900 m1.93
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I 7 MW14 tf2.3x10000 m1.83
125mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 7 MW12 tf2.4x10000 m1.72
125mm Gatling Rail II 8 MW17 tf2.4x10000 m2.15
150mm Railgun I 10 MW25tf2.75x 4.25 s 12 km 6 km 0.07 rad/s 3.34
150mm Carbide Railgun I 10 MW20 tf2.8875x12 km3.17
150mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon 10 MW22 tf3.025x13 km3.0
150mm Compressed Coil Gun I 10 MW23 tf3.1625x13 km2.84
150mm Prototype I Gauss Gun 10 MW21 tf3.3x14 km2.67
150mm Railgun II 11 MW28 tf3.3x14 km3.34


The Civilian Gatling rail (not listed) does not need charges to fire. It's also a piece of shit and you should never use it.


Lasers are slightly different than their projectile and hybrid counterparts. They do not use ammunition, instead you load them with frequency crystals to vary damage/range. Frequency crystals never* run out and you can swap them out in space in 2 seconds. As a tradeoff, lasers consume a shitload of capacitor. Lasers can only do EM/Thermal damage which is generally the highest armor resist. Finally, rats in the south (Angels) are most resistant to laser damage so ratting with lasers sucks. On the plus side, lasers don't use ammo.

The naming convention for lasers can be tricky if you're unfamiliar with lasers so be especially careful that you're getting the right module when making purchases.

'* Tech 1 crystals will never wear out but Tech 2 and faction crystals can wear out. see: Ammo_Types#Crystal_Damage

Pulse lasers

Pulse lasers are the short range, high damage laser weapon.


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser I 1500 MW40 tf2.0x 6.08 s 18 km 6 km 0.03 rad/s 25
Dual Heavy Afocal Pulse Maser I 1500 MW36 tf2.1x18 km23.75
Dual Heavy Modal Pulse Laser I 1500 MW34 tf2.2x19 km22.5
Dual Heavy Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 1500 MW38 tf2.3x20 km21.25
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I 1500 MW32 tf2.4x21 km20
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II 1650 MW42 tf2.4x21 km25
Mega Pulse Laser I 2500 MW50 tf3.0x 7.88 s 20 km 8 km 0.027 rad/s 40
Mega Afocal Pulse Maser I 2500 MW45 tf3.15x21 km38
Mega Modal Pulse Laser I 2500 MW42 tf3.3x22 km36
Mega Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 2500 MW47 tf3.45x23 km34
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I 2500 MW40 tf3.6x24 km32
Mega Pulse Laser II 2750 MW53 tf3.6x24 km40


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Focused Medium Pulse Laser I 120 MW28 tf2.0x 4.05 s 9000 m 3000m 0.072 rad/s 8
Focused Afocal Pulse Maser I 120 MW25 tf2.1x9450m7.6
Focused Modal Pulse Laser I 120 MW23 tf2.2x9900 m7.2
Focused Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 120 MW26 tf2.3x10000 m6.8
Focused Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I 120 MW22 tf2.4x10000 m6.4
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II 132 MW33 tf2.4x10000 m8
Heavy Pulse Laser I 210 MW33 tf3.0x 5.25 s 10 km 4000 m 0.065 rad/s 13.33
Heavy Afocal Pulse Maser I 210 MW29 tf3.15x10 km12.6635
Heavy Modal Pulse Laser I 210 MW28 tf3.3x11 km11.997
Heavy Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 210 MW31 tf3.45x11 km11.3305
Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I 210 MW26 tf3.6x12 km10.664
Heavy Pulse Laser II 231 MW35 tf3.6x12 km13.33


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Gatling Pulse Laser I 5 MW4 tf1.5x 2.10 s 4000 m 500 m 0.2465 rad/s 1.82
Gatling Afocal Maser I 5 MW3 tf1.575x4200 m1.729
Gatling Modal Laser I 5 MW3 tf1.65x4400 m1.638
Gatling Anode Particle Stream I 5 MW3 tf1.725x4600 m1.547
Gatling Modulated Energy Beam I 5 MW3 tf1.8x4800 m1.456
Gatling Pulse Laser II 6 MW4 tf1.8x4800 m1.82
Dual Light Pulse Laser I 6 MW8 tf2.0x 2.7 s 4500 m 1500 m 0.219 rad/s 2.67
Dual Afocal Pulse Maser I 6 MW7 tf2.1x4725 m2.5365
Dual Modal Pulse Laser I 6 MW6 tf2.2x4950m2.403
Dual Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 6 MW7 tf2.3x5175 m2.2695
Dual Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I 6 MW6 tf2.4x5400 m2.136
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 7 MW8 tf2.4x5400 m2.67
Medium Pulse Laser I 11 MW16 tf3.0x 3.50 s 5000 m 2000 m 0.197 rad/s 4.44
Medium Afocal Pulse Maser I 11 MW14 tf3.15x5250 m4.218
Medium Modal Pulse Laser I 11 MW13 tf3.3x5500 m3.996
Medium Anode Pulse Particle Stream I 11 MW15 tf3.45x5750 m3.774
Medium Modulated Pulse Energy Beam 11 MW12 tf3.6x6000 m3.4552
Medium Pulse Laser II 12 MW17 tf3.6x6000 m4.44

Beam Lasers

Long range.


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Dual Heavy Beam Laser I 1750 MW45 tf2.0x 7.2 s 35 km 12 km 0.0175 rad/s 35
Dual Heavy Afocal Maser I 1750 MW40 tf2.1x36.750 km33.25
Dual Modal Heavy Laser I 1750 MW38 tf2.2x38.5 km31.5
Dual Anode Heavy Particle Stream I 1750 MW42 tf2.3x40.250 km29.75
Dual Modulated Heavy Energy Beam I 1750 MW36 tf2.4x42 km28
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II 1925 MW47 tf2.4x42 km35
Mega Beam Laser I 3250 MW55 tf3.0x 9.0 s 40 km 16 km 0.0151325 rad/s 65
Mega Afocal Maser I 3250 MW49 tf3.15x42 km61.75
Mega Modal Laser I 3250 MW46 tf3.3x44 km58.5
Mega Anode Particle Stream I 3250 MW52 tf3.45x46 km55.25
Mega Modulated Energy Beam I 3250 MW44 tf3.6x48 km52
Mega Beam Laser II 3575 MW58 tf3.6x48 km65
Tachyon Beam Laser I 3750 MW60 tf4.5x 12.5 s 44 km 20 km 0.0139205 rad/s 95
Tachyon Afocal Maser I 3750 MW54 tf4.725x46.2 km90.25
Tachyon Modal Laser I 3750 MW51 tf4.95x48.4 km85.5
Tachyon Anode Particle Stream I 3750 MW57 tf5.175x50.6 km80.75
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I 3750 MW48 tf5.4x52.8 km76
Tachyon Beam Laser II 4125 MW63 tf5.4x52.8km95


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Quad Light Beam Laser I 90 MW25tf1.5x 3.15 s 8 km 1 km 0.081 rad/s 5.45
Quad Afocal Light Maser I 90 MW22 tf1.575x8.4 km5.1775
Quad Modal Light Laser I 90 MW21 tf1.65x8.8 km4.905
Quad Anode Light Particle Stream I 90 MW23 tf1.725x9.2 km4.6325
Quad Modulated Light Energy Beam I 90 MW20 tf1.8x9.6 km4.36
Quad Light Beam Laser II 99 MW26 tf1.8x9.6 km5.45
Focused Medium Beam Laser I 150 MW30 tf2.0x 4.8 s 17 km 6 km 0.042 rad/s 11.67
Focused Afocal Medium Maser I 150 MW27 tf2.1x18 km11.0865
Focused Modal Medium Laser I 150 MW25 tf2.2x19 km10.503
Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I 150 MW28 tf2.3x20 km9.9195
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I 150 MW24 tf2.4x21 km9.336
Focused Medium Beam Laser II 165 MW32 tf2.4x21 km11.67
Heavy Beam Laser I 250 MW35 tf3.0x 6.0 s 20 km 8 km 0.033 rad/s 21.67
Heavy Afocal Maser I 250 MW31 tf3.15x21 km20.5865
Heavy Modal Laser I 250 MW29 tf3.3x22 km19.503
Heavy Anode Particle Stream I 250 MW33 tf3.45x23 km18.4195
Heavy Modulated Energy Beam I 250 MW28 tf3.6x24 km17.336
Heavy Beam Laser II 275 MW37 tf3.6x24 km21.67


Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking Energy
Dual Light Beam Laser I 7 MW12 tf2.0x 3.2 s 8750 m 3000 m 0.13 rad/s 3.89
Dual Afocal Light Maser I 7 MW10 tf2.1x9188 m3.6955
Dual Modal Light Laser I 7 MW10 tf2.2x9625 m3.501
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I 7 MW11 tf2.3x10063 m3.3065
Dual Modulated Light Energy Beam I 7 MW9 tf2.4x10500 m3.112
Dual Light Beam Laser II 8 MW13 tf2.4x10500 m3.89
Medium Beam Laser I 16 MW20 tf3.0 4.0 s 10000 m 4000 m 0.1 rad/s 7.22
Medium Afocal Maser I 16 MW18 tf3.15x10500 m6.859
Medium Modal Laser I 16 MW17 tf3.3x11000m6.498
Medium Anode Particle Stream I 16 MW16 tf3.45x11500 m6.137
Medium Modulated Energy Beam I 16 MW16 tf3.6x12000 m5.7776
Medium Beam Laser II 18 MW17 tf3.6x12000 m7.22

Projectile Turrets

Note: this section has not yet been updated to reflect changes due to Kali or Dominion. Good luck with that.


Short-range, fast tracking, fast rate of fire.


Signature resolution = 40 m. This section has been updated for Kali. RoF and Damage are correct.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking
125mm Gatling Autocannon I 1 MW3 tf2.06250x 3.0 s 800 m 4000 m 0.395 rad/s
125mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon 1 MW2 tf2.16645x840 m
125mm Light Gallium Machine Gun 1 MW2 tf2.26875x880 m
125mm Light Prototype Automatic Cannon 1 MW2 tf2.37270x920 m
125mm Light "Scout" Autocannon 1 MW2 tf2.47500x960 m
125mm Gatling Autocannon II 1 MW3 tf2.47500x960 m
150mm Light Autocannon I 2 MW6 tf2.47500x 3.38 s 900 m 4000 m 0.35 rad/s
150mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon 2 MW4 tf2.59875x945 m
150mm Light Gallium Machine Gun 2 MW5 tf2.72250x990 m
150mm Light Prototype Automatic Cannon 2 MW5 tf2.84625x1035 m
150mm Light "Scout" Autocannon 2 MW5 tf2.97000x1080 m
150mm Light Autocannon II 2 MW6 tf2.97000x1080 m
200mm Autocannon I 4 MW9 tf2.88750x 3.75 s 1000 m 4000 m 0.315 rad/s
200mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon 4 MW7 tf3.03270x1050 m
200mm Light Gallium Machine Gun 4 MW8 tf3.17625x1100 m
200mm Light Prototype Automatic Cannon 4 MW7 tf3.32145x1150 m
200mm Light "Scout" Autocannon 4 MW8 tf3.46500x1200 m
200mm Autocannon II 4 MW9 tf3.46500x1200 m
Civilian Gatling Comedy Autocannon 6 MW4 tf0.5x2.0 s750 m4000 m0.5 rad/s


Signature resolution = 125 m.

This section updated for kali. RoF and damage mod changed for all medium autocannons

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking
Dual 180mm Autocannon I 80 MW18 tf2.06250x 4.5 s 1600 m 8000 m 0.132 rad/s
Dual 180mm Carbine Repeating Cannon 80 MW14 tf2.16645x1680 m
Dual 180mm Gallium Machine Gun 80 MW17 tf2.26875x1760 m
Dual 180mm Prototype Automatic Cannon 80 MW15 tf2.37270x1840 m
Dual 180mm "Scout" Autocannon 80 MW16 tf2.47500x1920 m
Dual 180mm Autocannon II 88 MW19 tf2.47500x1920 m
220mm Vulcan Autocannon I 100 MW21 tf2.3100x 4.72 s 1800 m 8000 m 0.1175 rad/s
220mm Medium Carbine Repeating Cannon 100 MW16 tf2.4255x1890 m
220mm Medium Gallium Machine Gun 100 MW19 tf2.5410x1980 m
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon 100 MW17 tf2.6565x2070 m
220mm Medium "Scout" Autocannon 100 MW18 tf2.7720x2160 m
220mm Vulcan Autocannon II 110 MW22 tf2.7720x2160 m
425mm Autocannon I 140 MW24 tf2.88750x 5.63 s 2000 m 8000 m 0.1056 rad/s
425mm Medium Carbine Repeating Cannon 140 MW19 tf3.03270x2100 m
425mm Medium Gallium Machine Gun 140 MW22 tf3.17625x2200 m
425mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon 140 MW20 tf3.32145x2300 m
425mm Medium "Scout" Autocannon 140 MW21 tf3.46500x2400 m
425mm Autocannon II 154 MW25 tf3.46500x2400 m


This section is updated for kali.

Name Power CPU Damage RoF Optimal Falloff Tracking
Dual 425mm AutoCannon I1250 MW33tf2.06250x6.75 s3200m16 km.054 rad/s
Dual 425mm Carbine Repeating Cannon I1250 MW26tf2.16645x3360m
Dual 425mm Gallium I Machine Gun 1250 MW31tf2.26875x3520m
Dual 425mm Prototype I Automatic Cannon1250 MW28tf2.37270x3680m
Dual 425mm 'Scout' Autocannon I1250 MW29tf2.47500x3840m
Dual 425mm Autocannon II1375 MW36tf2.47500x3840m
Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery I1250 MW36tf2.444203042x7.50 s3600m16km.048 rad/s
Dual 650mm Carbine Repeating Howitzer I1500 MW28tf2.566413194x3780m
Dual 650mm Gallium I Repeating Cannon 1500 MW34tf2.6886233463960m
Dual 650mm Prototype I Repeating Siege Cannon1500 MW30tf2.810833498x4140m
Dual 650mm 'Scout' Repeating Artillery I1500 MW32tf 2.93304365x4320m
Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery II1650 MW38tf2.93304365x4320m
800mm Repeating Artillery I2000 MW39tf2.69500x7.88 s4000m16km.0432 rad/s
800mm Heavy Carbine Repeating Howitzer I 2000 MW31tf2.83052x4200m
800mm Heavy Gallium I Repeating Cannon 2000 MW37tf2.9645x4400m
800mm Heavy Prototype I Repeating Siege Cannon2000 MW33tf3.10002x4600m
800mm Heavy 'Scout' Repeating Artillery I2000 MW35tf3.23400x4800m
800mm Repeating Artillery II2200 MW41tf3.2400x4800m

Artillery Cannons

Long-range, slow tracking, slow rate of fire.


Signature resolution = 40 m.

Name Power CPU Damage Rate of Fire Optimal Range Falloff Range Tracking
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I 8 MW12 tf4.62x 8.5 s 8050 m 8750 m 0.082 rad/s
250mm Light Carbine Howitzer 8 MW9 tf4.85x8453 m
250mm Light Gallium Cannon 8 MW11 tf5.08x8855 m
250mm Light Prototype Siege Cannon 8 MW10 tf5.31x9258 m
250mm Light "Scout" Artillery 8 MW10 tf5.54x9660 m
250mm Light Artillery Cannon II 9 MW13 tf5.54x9660 m
280mm Howitzer Artillery I 12 MW15 tf6.04x 10.5 s 10 km 8750 m 0.066 rad/s
280mm Carbine Howitzer 12 MW12 tf6.34x10.5 km
280mm Gallium Cannon 12 MW14 tf6.64x11 km
280mm Prototype Siege Cannon 12 MW12 tf6.94x11.5 km
280mm "Scout" Artillery 12 MW13 tf7.24x12 km
280mm Howitzer Artillery II 13 MW16 tf7.24x12 km


Signature resolution = 125 m

Name Power CPU Damage Rate of Fire Optimal Range Falloff Range Tracking
650mm Artillery Cannon I 200 MW27 tf4.0x 12.75 s 16.1 km 17.5 km 0.027 rad/s
650mm Medium Carbine Howitzer 200 MW21 tf4.2x16.9 km
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon 200 MW25 tf4.4x17.7 km
650mm Medium Prototype Siege Cannon 200 MW22 tf4.6x18.5 km
650mm Medium "Scout" Artillery 200 MW24 tf4.8x19.3 km
650mm Artillery Cannon II 220 MW28 tf4.8x19.3 km
720mm Howitzer Artillery I 250 MW30 tf5.75x 15.75 s 20 km 17.5 km 0.022 rad/s
720mm Carbine Howitzer 250 MW24 tf6.038x21 km
720mm Gallium Cannon 250 MW28 tf6.325x22 km
720mm Prototype Siege Cannon 250 MW25 tf6.613x23 km
720mm "Scout" Artillery 250 MW27 tf6.9x24 km
720mm Howitzer Artillery II 275 MW32 tf6.9x24 km


Signature resolution = 400 m

Name Power CPU Damage Rate of Fire Optimal Range Falloff Range Tracking
1200mm Artillery Cannon I 2750 MW42 tf4.0x 19.13 s 32.2 km 35 km 0.01125 rad/s
1200mm Heavy Carbine Howitzer 2750 MW33 tf4.2x33.8 km
1200mm Heavy Gallium Cannon 2750 MW39 tf4.4x35.4 km
1200mm Heavy Prototype Artillery 2750 MW35 tf4.6x37 km
1200mm Heavy Prototype Siege Cannon 2750 MW35 tf4.6x37 km
1200mm Heavy "Scout" Artillery 2750 MW37 tf4.8x38.6 km
1200mm Artillery Cannon II 3025 MW44 tf4.8x38.6 km
1400mm Howitzer Artillery I 3250 MW45 tf5.75x 23.63 s 40 km 37 km 0.009 rad/s
1400mm Carbine Howitzer 3250 MW36 tf6.038x42 km
1400mm Gallium Cannon 3250 MW44 tf6.325x44 km
1400mm Prototype Siege Cannon 3250 MW38 tf6.613x46 km
1400mm "Scout" Artillery 3250 MW40 tf6.9x48 km
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II 3575 MW47 tf6.9x48 km

Extra Large

Signature resolution = 1000 m

Name Power CPU Damage Rate of Fire Optimal Range Falloff Range Tracking
Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery I 13700 MW70 tf8.0x28.6 s64.4 km70 km0.005625 rad/s


As of patch 3910, all projectile turrets use zero capacitor energy for firing.

For projectile turrets, the weapon range and damage types depend on the type of ammo loaded (see Ammo Types for more info):

Ammo Range bonus Damage
EM Exp Kin Therm
Carbonized Lead60%0330
Depleted Uranium0%0332
Phased Plasma-37.5%0028
Titanium Sabot-12.5%0360

These damage values are for small ammo. Multiply by 2 for medium ammo, by 4 for large ammo, and by 6 for XL ammo.

Tech II turrets may fire advanced tech II ammo types specific to autocannons or artillery. They have various penalties: THIS TABLE IS OUT OF DATE, CHECK IN-GAME FOR CURRENT PENALTIES (they were reduced at some point)

Ammo Range bonus Damage Notes
EM Exp Kin Therm
Barrage0%0650(Autocannon) -1% cap recharge, -1% RoF, -1% track speed, +50% falloff
Hail-50%01230(Autocannon) -1.1% cap recharge, -1% RoF, -0.5% track speed, -20% ship speed
Quake-50%0960(Artillery) -1.25% cap recharge, -1% RoF, -0.75% track speed, -20% ship speed
Tremor100%0540(Artillery) -1% cap recharge, -1% RoF, -0.25% track speed

Mining Lasers

Standard Miners

Name Power Usage CPU Usage Capacitor Usage Cycle Rate Max Range Mining Amount With Mining Crystal Skill Requirements
EP-R Argon Ion Basic Excavation Pulse 2 MW59 tf10 60 s 10.6 km21 not available Mining lvl I
Single Diode Basic Mining Laser 2 MW63 tf1011.2 km22
Xenon Basic Drilling Beam 2 MW56 tf1011.8 km23
Rubin Basic Particle Bore Stream 2 MW66 tf1012.4 km24
Basic Miner 2 MW70 tf1010 km30
Miner I 2 MW60 tf1210 km40
EP-S Gaussian I Excavation Pulse 2 MW51 tf1010.6 km42
Dual Diode Mining Laser I 2 MW54 tf1011.2 km44
XeCl Drilling Beam I 2 MW48 tf1011.8 km47
Cu Vapor Particle Bore Stream I 2 MW57 tf1012.4 km49
Miner II 4 MW80 tf9012 km60Mining lvl IV

Deep Core Miners

Name Power Usage CPU Usage Capacitor Usage Cycle Rate Max Range Mining Amount With Mining Crystal Skill Requirements
Deep Core Mining Laser I 2 MW150 tf240 60 s 5 km 40 not available Deep Core Mining lvl I
Deep Core Mining Laser II 2 MW50 tf4005 km120not availableDeep Core Mining lvl I
Modulated Deep Core Miner II 3 MW80 tf9010 km120120 (Mercoxit Only)Deep Core Mining lvl II

Barge Miners

Name Power Usage CPU Usage Capacitor Usage Cycle Rate Max Range Mining Amount With Mining Crystal Skill Requirements
Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II 12 MW 12,000 tf 90 180 s 15 km 250 250 (Mercoxit Only) Deep Core Mining lvl II
Modulated Strip Miner II 12 MW120360360Mining lvl V
Strip Miner I 10 MW90540not availableMining lvl IV

Ice Harvesters

Name Power Usage CPU Usage Capacitor Usage Cycle Rate Max Range Mining Amount With Mining Crystal Skill Requirements
Ice Harvester I 10 MW12000 tf10600 s10 km1000Not AvailableIce Harvesting lvl I
Ice Harvester II 10 MW13200 tf15500 s10 km1000Not AvailableIce Harvesting lvl V