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What should I train?
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Pick a training path

Even though it's easy to get a feel for what you like to do by flying T1 versions of all the different ships, and even though T1 battleships are easy to get to, you'll eventually want to decide and focus your skill training on a particular training path. It can often take months or even a year to get enough skill points to fly an advanced ship such as a Claymore or a Moros.

Once you've had a feel for how combat works in eve you're going want to do some little future planning. Here's an image of the different T2 ships, their general role in combat, and their hull type:


To fly a particular T2 ship, you will have to train the base spaceship command skill of the hull class to V (Caldari Cruiser V, for example, to fly Caldari HACs.) You will also have to train many auxiliary skills to IV, and often some "Role-Specific" skills to V as well. Training Cruiser V takes about a month, and battleship V takes about 2 months. As you can see, it pays to plan ahead!

To streamline your training, and so that you can fly different ships on your way to the top, there are several ships that are logical upgrade paths for others. They either share similar training dependencies or one depends on the other. The arrows on the picture above indicate some possible upgrade paths for your EVE pilot's career.

You'll want to play around in EVEMon, add the chosen ship and then the appropriate Skill Packs for your chosen ship. This should give you an idea of the amount of training time required to fly that particular one. You'll notice that ships on the right side of the list have a lot more training requirements than those on the left side.

Train your learning skills. Now. Do it now.

Finish training your learning skills. I know it sucks, but the time savings are great. For every extra point of a skill's primary stat, you gain an effective 1 hour per day worth of extra training points. For every extra point in a skill's secondary stat, you gain an extra 30 minutes a day. That means if it takes you 6 hours to train clarity III, It will take you only 6 days worth of training a perception based skill (such as spaceship command) to "pay back" the time investment. By the time your character is 6 months old, you will have paid back all the time you spent training those learning skills.

Get Clarity, Eidetic Memory, Focus and Logic to IV, ASAP.

Going away on vacation? Get an implant clone and train a long skill.

Just what it says. Train Infomorph Psychology, Cybernetics I, and get +3 implants if you can afford them. The math on implants is the same, and if you have a full set (you can generally ignore charisma, however), you'll end up getting 5 hours per day of extra time. It quickly adds up!

Even if you think you're going to quit the game, set a long skill training anyway. Battleship or Drone Interfacing V are both good ones. You'll be back. They always come back. However, skills no longer train on inactive accounts.

Thinking it's time for T2 ships? Pick a race and stick to it!

Once you decide to go T2, you should pick a race and stick to it. You can bounce around all you like with T1 skills, as training all the way up to fly a battleship of a different race takes under two weeks; Once you decide to go T2, however, even racial frigate V takes more than a week's worth of training.

There are 4 subsets of skills that you will need to train and, if you decide to switch races, you will need to cross train into them. They are:

Weapon skills are the big one, as in general, every race uses a different weapon. If you decide you're tired of flying Amarr battleships that use lasers, and you want to switch to Minmitar, only a small portion of your gunnery skills will transfer over - Laser and Projectile have separate training paths. It's a long road to T2 guns (1-2 months long) and mastery can take 4 months, so the decision to switch should not be made lightly.

You should eventually get both T2 Armor AND Shield Tanking skills - They take about a month each, but having both does help.

There's no way around hull skills - at least Battlecruiser and Destroyer are separate, cross-race skills. You only have to train them up once. T2 Hull skills take a LONG time to train (Racial Cruiser = 1 month, Racial Battleship = 2 months) so again, the decision to switch should not be made lightly.

Support skills are what you should train when you're unsure. Skills that affect every ship you fly will always be a better choice than specialized skills you'll only use while in one particular ship.

If you're going for a capital ship, the training times are onerous and they require special training for weapons and modules. You should either create a new character with the intent of putting him in a capital ship or decide early in your career and focus on it.

I want to fly a HAC, tell me which race to fly!

  • Minmatar Cruiser V: the Vagabond, Muninn, Huginn, Scimitar, Sleipnir, and Claymore are all excellent. Of course, if you have no projectile, shield tanking or leadership skills you'll have to do a lot of additional training. Hands down the best all around racial V to train for.
  • Gallente Cruiser V: the Deimos and Ishtar are solid, the recons (the Arazu and Lachesis) are good, and so are the Eos and Astarte. (To make up for sub-par HACs, you'll be able to rock out Gallente's supremely excellent tier 1 cruisers as well when you're in between being able to afford the other t2 cruisers.)
  • Caldari Cruiser V: You're getting the Eagle, Rook, Falcon, Nighthawk, and Vulture. The Cerberus is unpopular due to its price, but still a fun ship to fly.
  • Amarr Cruiser V: The Zealot is decent, the Curse is a strong support ship, and the Sacrilege is absolutely amazing. At present, the Pilgrim has serious issues, to the point where the it is almost never used anymore, but strong sources indicate that the developers are unsatisfied with this state of affairs and will help them out within a few months.

I want to fly a Logistics Ship, tell me which race to fly!

  • Minmatar Cruiser V: The Scimitar is regarded by many as the best heavy tackler in the game and is still extremely useful with shield transporters.
  • Gallente Cruiser V: The Oneiros is the other good tackler, and the ability to repair armor is always appreciated.
  • Caldari Cruiser V: The Basilisk is all around good. Its shield transfer bonuses let gangs get away with some amazing stunts, not to mention are amazingly helpful when repairing POSs.
  • Amarr Cruiser V: The Guardian is an excellent all-around ship, and enjoys mild popularity with our black ops pilots.

Actually I think I'll do Frigate V first which one should I get?

  • Minmatar Frigate V: The Stiletto is the best pure tackling interceptor and the Cheetah is arguably the best covops. The Hyena is regarded by many as the best electronic attack ship. This is also along the path to Sabres, which are the most expensive interdictors --with good reason.
  • Gallente Frigate V: The Taranis is one of the best combat interceptors but is slow as a tackler, and the Ares is awesome for tackling. Eris is the cheapest interdictor --again for good reason. Like most Assault Frigates, the Ishkur is more or less useless in PVP but can be interesting to play with as a droneship. The Keres is a wonderful support ship.
  • Caldari Frigate V: The Harpy can snipe support from obscene ranges with good skills. The Crow is basically unkillable except when jumping through a stargate and is extremely annoying as it lobs missiles at you while going 15km/s.
  • Amarr Frigate V: The Malediction is an excellent tackler that goes fast as shit. The Crusader is a very solid combat interceptor but can only fit one tackling mod. The recent changes to the Heretic bump it into competition with the Flycatcher for the title of second-best interdictor.

I need a hauling ship, but I might want a transport or freighter later, what's best for me?

  • Minmatar: If you're willing to train racial industrial to IV (2-3 days of training), Minmatar is best. If you want to get transport ships, Minmatar is best.
  • Gallente: If you want the Iteron V, which requires Gallente Industrial V (25 days of training), then naturally Gallente is best.
  • Caldari: Caldari industrial is good only for battle Badgers, however if you are going for freighters, the Charon holds the most stuff.
  • Amarr: If you only want to train the racial industrial skill to I-III, Amarr is best for both the Sigil and Bestower. The Sigil is the most maneuverable and versatile t1 industrial in the game. If you want to get transport ships, Amarr is second best.

I want to help out with the big fleet battles!

  • Training Leadership to V will enable you to pass gang bonuses while in a fleet.
  • Training for interdictors lets you hold the enemy in place while we slaughter them. There are never enough interdictor pilots. Note that interdictors are the only ships able to prevent motherships and titans from jumping to safety while under attack.
  • Training for Covops ships puts you in the position of the eyes and ears of the fleet commander. If you're a killmail whore or don't want to use Teamspeak, don't bother with this one. If you want to participate in fleet battles but your computer can't handle it, on the other hand, this could be the way to go.
  • Training Anchoring V lets you train Starbase Defense Management and shoot POS guns. If you have Propulsion Jamming V (on the way to interdictors) as well, you can anchor T2 bubbles.
  • T2 sniping puts you in the backbone of the fleet. (See below)

I want to T2 snipe

The Rokh, Megathron, Apocalypse, and Tempest all make good fleet snipers. You're going to get 300 posts with theorycrafted reasons as to why one is better than the other. Pick what you're close to, unless...

I want to get a dread

In terms of most desirable to least, it's the Revelation, then the Moros, with the Phoenix and Naglfar tied for last place. But if you already have BS V and/or Large Weapon V, there's no need to prolong everything another month.

I want to get a carrier

Nearly the same tune as above: Thanatos, then Archon, then Chimera and Nidhoggur, but there's no need to prolong everything.

I want to get a titan

I hope you give good head.

I want to Train Other Helpful Things

  • Starbase Defense Management has a rather unpleasant prerequisite (Anchoring V) but puts the destructive might of POS at your disposal, and basically is the number one thing you can train to help the swarm defend its space.
  • Thermodynamics is the 1v1 or small gang skill of choice that basically makes everything else better. It's a capstone pvp skill.
  • Training the various rigging skills (for example, Energy Weapon Rigging to IV or V can make a big difference with fitting ships, especially fleet snipers.

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