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When activated, cloaking devices render a ship invisible in space by removing its bracket, its entry on overviews and scan results. However, ships using cloaking devices suffer from several severe penalties:

  • Permanent scan resolution penalty even if the cloak is offline (except for covert ops cloaks)
  • Severe base speed penalty while cloaked (-90% for T1, -75% for T2, excluding covert ops cloaks)
  • Inability to initiate warp while cloaked (except for covert ops cloaks)
  • Inability to activate modules while cloaked
  • Inability to cloak or remain cloaked within 2000m of any object
  • Inability to target while cloaked and within the 'sensor recalibration' time after uncloaking
  • Inability to cloak if anything has a lock on your ship

A cloak can also not be activated if two cloaks are on the same ship. Cloaking devices do not cycle, so cloaks can remain active as long as character does not log off or get disconnected.

Types of cloaking devices

There are two subcategories of cloaking devices:

Standard cloaking devices

Despite the penalties associated with fitting a cloaking device, most classes of ships can find them useful for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Going AFK in a safespot with practically no fear of hostiles
    • Waiting for an agression timer to expire
    • Annoying the locals with your presence
  • Assistance in running gatecamps
  • Camping and scouting locations of interest

Covert Ops cloaking devices

These are advanced modules that only Covert Ops frigates, Force Recon cruisers, Blockade Runners and Strategic Cruisers (with the correct subsystem) can mount. Covert Ops cloaking devices lack the scan resolution, speed and warp penalties of normal cloaks and have a diminished sensor recalibration time. The Covert Ops cloak provides the defining role of these ships by allowing for increased maneuverability and survivability deep in enemy territory. Covert Ops cloaking ships are especially useful for:

  • Providing standard fleet warpins off hostile towers or enemy fleets
  • Providing a safe cyno for capitals on a station undock or at a friendly POS, as well as cynos at siege optimals off hostile POS
  • Allowing more discreet probing of hostile targets

Skill Requirements

Prototype Cloaking Device I Improved Cloaking Device II Covert Ops Cloaking Device II


Name PowerGrid CPU Velocity Penalty Sensor Recalibration Time Reactivation Delay Scan Resolution
Tech I
Prototype Cloaking Device I 1 MW 30 tf 90% 30 s 30 s -50%
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device 1 MW 60 tf 72.5% 25 s 30 s -35%
Dread Guristas Cloaking Device 1 MW 60 tf 72.5% 25 s 30 s -35%
Concord Modified Cloaking Device 1 MW 84 tf 69.75% 22.5 s 30 s -28.5%
Thon's Modified Cloaking Device 1 MW 84 tf 69.75% 22.5 s 30 s -28.5%
Vepa's Modified Cloaking Device 1 MW 96 tf 68.375% 21.25 s 30 s -25.25%
Tech II
Improved Cloaking Device II 1 MW 60 tf 75% 20 s 30 s -40%
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II 1 MW 10000 tf* 0% 10 s 3 s 0%
'Smokescreen' Covert Ops Cloaking Device II 1 MW 5000 tf* 0% 9 s 3 s 0%

*Ships designed to use the covops cloak have bonuses to reduce CPU usage to something more reasonable.

Notes on columns:

  • Velocity Penalty: The percentage your velocity is reduced by while the cloaking device is active. 75% means you can only go 25% of your max speed.
  • Sensor Recalibration Time: The length of time after uncloaking when you can't lock anything, activate smartbombs, etc. This is reduced by 10% per level of Cloaking. Stealth Bombers have no Sensor Recalibration delay.
  • Scan Resolution Bonus: The percent decrease of your ship's scan resolution while you have the cloaking device mounted. Even if the cloaking device is offline, this penalty is still active.
  • Reactivation Delay: How many seconds you will have to wait after uncloaking before you can cloak again. Some ships, such as Stealth Bombers, receive a bonus that negates this drawback (not any more, changed in Apocrypha).
    • Note that this does not apply to the cloak you receive from jumping through a gate. You can activate your cloaking device immediately after breaking the jump cloak.
    • This does NOT mean that the reactivation timer is reset when jumping through a gate. Using the cloak to approach the gate, jumping then attempting to cloak again may result in the cloak failing to activate. See Widow for an example.

Running gatecamps

See: How to escape gatecamps

Things that will de-cloak you

  • Getting closer than 2000m to most celestial objects (gates, LCOs, etc), wrecks, corpses or player ships, including other cloaked ships. Tested June 22, 2009
  • Drones Tested November 22, 2009
  • Logging off
  • Deactivating the cloaking module

Things that will prevent you from cloaking

  • Being closer than 2000m to basically anything
  • Cloaking device reactivation delay
  • Anything that has your ship locked
  • Having more than one cloak of any kind fitted

Things that will NOT de-cloak you

  • Getting hit by a smartbomb source
  • Being inside a POS shield is not enough to decloak you. You can in fact be closer than 2000m to the POS structure itself and still remain cloaked. The trick to this is to be cloaked when you warp into the POS (so covops, blockade runner etc), and not to go closer than 2000m to any mods or other ships within the POS. If you are decloaked within a POS shield you will not be able to cloak again until you leave the shields. You also cannot cloak within 2000m of outside the shields.
  • (antiquated) Getting hit by a Doomsday Weapon Tested June 22, 2009 (unless you explode)

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