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Basic Professions

These professions represent the base level of ISK income in the game. These include methods of earning ISK from NPC rewards and harvesting raw materials for further production. For information on other topics, see Other Guides. This article category covers these three most common ways of making money in 0.0:

  • Ratting: Killing NPCs that randomly spawn in belts for their ISK bounties, modules, and salvage. The most common profession in 0.0 space, but also not very newbie-friendly.
  • Mining: Mining asteroids (or other materials) for the minerals that can be refined from them.
  • Exploration: Probing out diverse, hidden sites that variously contain valuable overseer effects, Invention ingredients, Booster ingredients, temporary asteroid belts, or even weirder shit.


There are a few smaller professions in 0.0:

  • Salvaging: By using Salvager modules, you can extract valuable Rig parts from the wrecks of NPC or player ships. This is the most newbie friendly profession, and in a good system you can often make more money than a more veteran player would ratting or mining.
  • Scavenging: Often done in conjunction with Salvaging, Scavenging is about flying around and looting wrecks that other players are ignoring. The art of effectively choosing what to loot is more complex than you might imagine.

Advanced Professions

Lastly, there are many advanced activities that may be thought of as professions. They complex enough to be covered in their own categories and guides. They are:

  • Missions: Although this is the main method of making cash in empire, it is less popular in 0.0 due to Mission Agents being restricted to NPC space and agent standings often being at odds with the standings one gets by ratting --the more one rats the less able to use agents one generally is.
  • Production: By taking minerals or other goods and building from a blueprint, you can supply markets and mad bank. Production encompasses everything from T1 ammunition to T2 ship and capital ship production. Production of T1 modules or ammunition is very easy as original blueprints (BPOs) are seeded in Empire. After some research, the blueprints can be used to produce their respective product for sale. Once established a new producer can begin to acquire more expensive T1 ship BPOs for production.
  • Invention: T2 production requires invention, which is a special form of research which results in T2 BPCs from copies of T1 BPOs. Invention has much higher skill requirements than basic production. Additionally, T2 products require many more special components beyond the standard minerals. Thus, being a successful inventor/producer requires a lot of capital and patience.
  • T3 Production: The latest iteration in advanced ships are T3 strategic cruisers, produced entirely from components found in Wormholes. Successful production requires a hardy team of highly skilled PVP players as well as specially trained industry specialists.
  • Trading - The true capitalist's profession, trading involves buying and selling on both the markets and public contracts in EVE. Everyone partakes in EVE's economy, but traders specialize in manipulating prices in return for margin profits. A trader need not be a producer, and one can earn a lot of money from smart decisions.
  • Importing - If you can't make it or buy it locally, you can probably bring it from empire. Many people have made their entire livelihood just by bringing in goods to keep Goonspace well-supplied.
  • Moon Mining: The ultimate form of passive income is mining moons, from which raw materials can be reacted to eventually create coveted advanced materials to be used in T2 components. No skills are required beyond Anchoring III, but large amounts of capital and availability of moons prohibits all but the more affluent or successful from competing. Moon mining requires significant logistics in order to import the fuel required, usually involving the usage of Capital Ships.


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