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Advanced Guides to EVE


Advanced Techniques

Implants · Cynosural Field · Alts
Test Server · Eve Misinformation
Spreadsheets · Cyno Alt · Grid-Fu

Linguistic Resources

Foreign Language EVE Forums
Chinese · Danish · Finnish
French · German · Icelandic
Italian · Japanese · Norwegian
Polish · Portuguese · Russian
Spanish · Swedish · Yiddish

Nerd Information

Ship Size Comparison · Unix and You · Prefs.ini
Creating EVE Movies · Mechanics of Skill Training
Playing Music Over Teamspeak
Precise Navigation · Downtime
EVE Data Files · Software Development
Phonetic Alphabet · Prowords
API Key · Etymology of Ship Names

Other Guides

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These are specialized guides, like specific strategies for flying individual ships, or specific long-term training advice for those choosing specific career directions. Anything to do with POS should go here. Anything obscure or difficult should go here, as well.

For less esoteric information, see Other Guides.

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