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Basic Guides to EVE


Starting Eve

Downloading the Free Trial
Choosing Your Character
Timecards · Buying/Selling Timecards
Teamspeak · Jabber
Eve Time Conversion
The Galaxy · Glossary

The Eve Client

User Interface · Keyboard Shortcuts
Security (Systems) · Sec Status (Characters)
The Overview · Window Mode
EVE-Mail Etiquette

Newbie Guides
Basic Combat
Skills and Fitting
Other Guides

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This is a collection of articles that are useful to newer players that are still fumbling around with EVE basics. Before any of this will be useful, you must do the EVE tutorial.

These guides are of immediate interest to newbies. For other basics, see Newbie Guides. For anything more complicated than making a character, understanding your surroundings, or getting to goon space, see Other Guides.


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