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The first rule of combat in Eve is that you should never fly a ship you can't afford to lose. This means that at first, you won't have pockets deep enough to fly the bigger ships, like cruisers or battleships, regularly in PvP. So you'll be limited to either frigates or destroyers. You're also going to be limited to one of three combat roles -- either "Tackling," Electronic Warfare, or (in a limited way) damage-dealing against other small craft in a destroyer.

These are extremely important jobs, and every single PvP op will want people who can fill these roles, so you'll be able to help out in a very meaningful way right from your first day in the game.

"Tackling" means pretty much what you think it does -- getting up close to combat targets and pinning them so they can't run away. This is extremely important, because without tackling, decisive victories are impossible and enemy harassment can continue for hours. It's also fairly easy to understand and a fairly simple combat role overall, good for new players. The role of tacklers is to limit the opponent's mobility.

Basic Newbie Tackling Frigate Setups

Electronic Warfare is a catch-all term for disabling your opponent's weapon systems and offensive capability in one fashion or another. If you like turning hundred-million-isk ships piloted by two-year vets into inert hunks of flying space junk, think about electronic warfare ships. Here are a few pages you should look at for good starting-out frigate setups to try in fleet PvP, and a few basic guides to the tactics involved. Keep in mind that some of the tactics and concepts involved may get a little complicated.

Electronic Warfare
Basic Newbie EW Frigate Setups

Not that these roles are exclusive, even for new players; there are other things you can do and other roles you can fill as well, even "right out of the box." Here are some more ship pages you might find worth looking at generally.


For new pilots, newbie frigates are available from the GF Frigates channel in-game.