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Insurance cost and payout is calculated based on the hull's base price. Note, the base price has nothing to do with how much you paid for the ship. It's a number that's hardcoded into the database. Base prices can be found in the item database (

NOTE: Tech 2 ships (such as Interdictors, Assault Frigates, and Heavy Assault Cruisers) tend to insure very poorly compared to their market value. This is because although the base mineral prices are not that much more, T2 blueprints are seeded in only small quantities and Invention is an expensive practice. Additionally, non-mineral components that are required in T2 production are not factored into the insurance figure, only the base mineral cost. Blueprint cartels, scarcity, and large alliance production corporations tend to exacerbate this problem and drive the prices up. That said, it is still worth it to insure these ships, as the meager payout is still better than nothing.

NOTE #2: Self destruction of a ship will result in an insurance pay out. (Tested)

NOTE #3: Ejecting from an insured ship will not affect the insurance on that ship. (Tested)

NOTE #4: Trading assembled ships will not void the insurance on the ship despite what CCP say. (Tested)

NOTE #5: Repackaging a ship will render any insurance on that ship void. (Tested)

NOTE #6: There is a default 40% payout with no premium paid.

Cost/Payout values

Level  % Cost  % Payout
Included 0 40
Basic 5 50
Standard 10 60
Bronze 15 70
Silver 20 80
Gold 25 90
Platinum 30 100

For example, according to the items database, an Executioner has a base value of 30,000 isk. The cost of platinum insurance is found by multiplying 30,000 by 0.30 = 9,000 isk. The payout is the full 30,000 isk in this case.