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What is Insta-Undocking?

Instaundocking is warping from the undock point to a place 1200+km away from the station, if done correctly you will be able to escape from a station without your enemies waiting outside having time to lock you. This is especially useful when stations are being camped by enemy gangs that do not have Warp Bubbles or Interdictors.
Many GoonSwarm stations have POSes placed on specific moons to be used as insta-undocks.

Entering Warp

There are two requirements for entering warp:

  1. Your ship must be "at speed" --this is 3/4ths the maximum speed of your ship, and is indicated by the third line on your speed dial at the bottom of your screen
  2. Your ship is aimed towards your destination --this is known as "aligning"

You must undock and be able to warp with both of these things being true. I am going to go and explain how you can maximise both of these requirements for instantaneous departure.

Undocking at Warp Speed

When you undock you are initially at warp speed, but you are decelerating to 0, so to be able to instaundock easily you must maximise the window where you go from max speed to warpable speed. This can be done by the following methods:

The third part is especially important, as Nanofibers increase your acceleration speed, but also increase your deceleration speed; if you can offline it before undocking, do so. Otherwise, replace it with an Overdrive and switch out at a POS.

Update: As of the Trinity patch, your ship exits from the undock point at full speed and continues unless you do anything otherwise. As long as you have a bookmark that is in the same direction as you are heading, you will warp instantly.

Ensuring Proper Alignment

The best way to do this is to have a bookmark that you made yourself, at that station, where you undocked in a small frigate and zoomed forward at least 1000km away from the station. If done correctly, this means that you have a bookmark perfectly aligned with undocking ship directions. In some systems, this may not prove necessary because astronomical bodies (such as the sun or a planet) are immediately in front of the station undock as well. If you do not have a bookmark and there are no astronomical bodies conveniently in front of the station undock, you are probably out of luck and cannot effectively insta-undock. I always make an insta-undock for a station I expect might be camped at any point in the future; if it is off-grid it may also be used as a safespot from which to scan the station for hostiles.

Another factor which may influence your ability to undock is that some stations have difficult undocking conditions. Some stations have protruding bits that get in your way. Others cause your ship to spin or rotate sideways as it undocks; in such cases you must not attempt to warp until your ship is front and center towards your warp destination.

What do I do if I am bumped?

If you are bumped out of alignment from your by a ship, calmly stop doing anything, select the station, and click the dock button above the overview until you are docked. You will want to do this over and over again as quickly as possible, until your ship is safely in-station.