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Each system (each star on the map) has a specific security rating. This security rating identifies what kind of ore there is, what kind of rats there are, how much CONCORD and sentry guns there are. Ratings are on the range of 1.0 (high security rating) to -1.0* (low security rating).

* 0.05 and below show up as 0.0 in-game. Make sure you know what the true security rating ("truesec") of a system is. The true security identifies how good the bounties on rats are and how valuable the ore is.


On to ratings

Rating Rats Ore Concord Sentry Guns
1.0-0.9 No rats V, S, P Yes Yes
0.8-0.7 1-2 Frig V, S, P Yes Yes
0.6-0.5 3-4 Frig, 1-2 Dest V, S, P, K, O Yes Yes
0.4-0.3 2-5 Frig, 1-2 Dest, 1-2 Cru, 1 BC V, S, P, K, O No Yes
0.2-0.1 2-5 Frig, 2-3 Cru, 1-2 BC, 1 BS V, S, P, K, O No Yes
0.0 2-5 Frig, 3-5 Cru, 2-3 BC, 1-3 BS Based on location and true security No Stations*

*On NPC 0.0 stations only, and they only activate if you attack the station itself

V: Veldspar
S: Scordite
P: Plagioclase
K: Kernite
O: Omber

Systems with a security rating between 0.5 and 1.0 are referred to as "highsec", and those between 0.1 and 0.4 are "lowsec".

For determining the exact ore types that will be present in a system, see Security class.

What is CONCORD?

The "Police" of Eve, many types of ships that hang around jumpgates and respond to any unsanctioned hostile activity, ie. players shooting other random, non war, non aggression players. They WILL gank and kill you whatever you are in but it will take them some time to respond. A battleship *CAN still blow up your hauler in high security before concord ganks them and someone else could grab your can.

Avoiding CONCORD through any means is considered an exploit.

When will CONCORD not respond?

  • War targets firing on you (or you firing on them)
  • If someone takes stuff from your cans, you can shoot them for 15 minutes
  • If someone else shoots first at you
  • In any system with a security status of 0.4 or below. This considered Low Security space.

What are Sentry Guns?

The Eve Online website has this to say concerning the range on sentry guns as of Oct 2008, "In 0.5 space and below, sentries have a maximum range of 150 km from the protected target."

WARNING: UNRELIABLE. The following information predates the Kali patch and may be incorrect in any manner of ways.

Stationary guns around jumpgates and stations with a range of around 150km.

Anywhere besides 0.0, sentry guns will shoot you for hostile action (exceptions same as CONCORD) In 0.0, sentry guns are only at stations and will shoot you only if you do something bad to the station (first hand account).

Tanking Sentry Guns

Although the sentry guns appear to vary regionally (the Amarr sentries appear to fire lasers, Minmatar projectiles, etc), they all do the same type of damage. Their stats are: EM: 16, Explosive: 16, Kinetic: 28, Thermal: 28, Damage Mod: 3.5, Rate of Fire: 1.75.

This gives damage proportions of 18.18% EM, 18.18% Explosive, 31.82% Kinetic and 31.82% Thermal. At a stargate in low sec, there are 2 sentry guns that will fire at you. This totals to a combined DPS of 352. A tall order for a battleship but easilly obtainable by a HAC. When designing your tank, these proportions should be kept in mind. Most people will simply get all of their resistances over 80% and run two repairers but this will not let your ship last very long at all. For more on this, see Eve-Tanking and an old chart ripped from the game database.

If you have a ship fitting that is capable of tanking sentry guns and you recommend it, please link it here.

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