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Eve Urban Legends Reference Page. Update this with things that you can confirm, through testing, are true or false. Include a source, which can be a forum/dev post, an eve manual page, or something like that.

PLEASE CHANGE THIS. These are just examples. I forget the sources. They may or may not actually be true.


Skill Training

If I let my game account lapse while training a long skill, will it keep training?

Yes, it will keep training for 3 days. Previously it continued training until the skill finished. Also, your queue will continue skilling during those 3 days.


Can I smartbomb someone while they're undocking?

NO. It's possible that by having a giant ship model this is doable, but has never been confirmed. I have personally tested it with my carrier and 7.5km faction smartbombs and it does not work. Source: Ford Cruller.

Do smartbombs work while decloaking?

No, smartbombs and ECM burst are both subject to the 15-20 second weapon lockdown while decloaking. Confirmed by Blitter

Interdictor Bubbles

If I drop an interdictor bubble on top of an existing one, will they negate each other?


Warp Disruption Bubble + Interdictor Bubble

If an Interdictor bubble is dropped while a warp disruption bubble is already active near a gate will the disruption bubble be canceled out?


Secure Containers

Can secure containers be probed out?

As of Apocrypha, no. Secure containers CANNOT be probed down.

Hiding Cargo

Can I hide an item from a cargo scanner?

No. Cargo scanners can currently see everything in your cargo hold, including items placed in containers (including secure containers), and items inside plastic wrap (from contracts/courier missions).

It's often said that filling your hold with bookmarks will lag-out the scanner; this does not seem to work either, for reasonable numbers of bookmarks (<1000). Bobcats mentions that to an experienced pirate, this is also a sure sign you're hauling something worth taking.

Source: forum thread.

Passive Targeters

Can you attack ships with passive targeters while they undock ?

No. Until the undock timer runs out or the target takes any action it cannot be attacked, even with passive targeters. This story was probably created by vicitms who did not want to admit messing up their dock-undock game. Source: tested by Tea Spoon / BobVII & Vorelle


Can I use a Cloak and Cyno on a ship if I deactivate one of the two modules?

Yes. This bug was fixed in Revelations.

Can I deactivate a Cloak on my ratting ship and not suffer the Scanning Resolution penalty?

No. If you install a cloak on your ratting ship for emergency getaway's when hostiles enter local, you will suffer the -50% to Scan Res, regardless of whether the cloak is on-line or not. If you want to negate the penalty, stick a sensor booster on too. Source: tested by Havoc Gunstar

Not quite. You'll only boost your res back up to 75% normal. 100% (400mm) - 50% (200mm) = 50% (200mm). This 50% (200mm) + 50% (100mm) = 75% (300mm). You'd need at least two and ideally named to avoid or compensate for stacking nerf. --Arcalane Celso

Can I activate a cloak inside a complex/deadspace mission?

Yes and no. Nothing prevents you from actually activating the cloak itself in deadspace. The problem, and why the whole myth got started, is that deadspace missions and complexes have gigantic clouds of gasses and dust inside them. These act like any other object to a cloak field, and brushing past one at 2500m is the same as brushing up against a ship, can, or anything else for that matter. Since entire stages can be engulfed in such clouds, it is effectively "not possible" to actively cloak inside some of them. One can actually find these invisible "objects" with an active Auto Targeting System mod, which makes it just as useless. Source: tested by TWAIN

Can I decloak another cloaked ship with my cloaked ship?

As of Apocrypha, cloaked ships can decloak each other.


Due to complexity, this topic has an entire page of its own. See Ctrl Q.

Drones & Fighters

Will any of the Racial Drone Specialization skills boost T1 drone damage?

No. Nobody's really sure where this rumor started, but it is absolutely 100% false. The damage bonus only applies when you are using a T2 drone of the same racial type. Since it's the only real prerequisite for T2 drones anyway, there's really no reason to have the skills and NOT be using T2 drones whenever possible. Source: tested by TWAIN and many, many people The EW drone range bonus does however seem to apply to every drone and not just EW drones Source: Forum

Do my drone skills have any bearing on fighters that are assigned to me?

No. The only skill that applies is the Drones skill itself, since it dictates how many fighters you can use at once. This is why carrier pilots always ask the gang "Who has Drones V?", so they can assign five at once to a single person. Other than that, however, your personal skills have no bearing on the speed/damage/tracking of fighters whatsoever. Source: tested by TWAIN and many, many people

Can Fighters be Warp Scrambled?

No. Source: goze

A good way to kill fighters if the hostile carrier is on grid with you is to put webs on the fighters, preventing the fighters from being recalled easily by the carrier - hammyhamm