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EVEMAIL etiquette

The art of sending mail in EVE is a difficult one to master. Why, you ask? Because EVE allows anyone to send mail to the corporation or alliance as a whole, meaning that if you click the wrong button, 5000+ goons get your message(spam), leading to ridicule and/or repeated poddings delivered via our glorious leadership. Nowadays, you will probably have to pay 100m isk or sing on TS, or get kicked out or something. So, read this handy guide, and don't do it.

So, I've taken the time to take a few screen captures to illustrate the minute differences between sending a regular EVEMAIL and blasting the corp with your inane whining and begging.

Sending new mail

If you were to send a mail to a pilot, you are presented with the interface below. Please note that the Inbox tab is highlighted and that there are two input fields, one for recipient and one for subject.

Now, if you were sending a mail to the corp on the other hand, you would immediately notice that the Corp tab is active and that there is only one input field for subject.


Note: You can evemail up to 10 people the same message by placing commas between names in the "To:" field.

Replying to mail

Similarly, when replying to a message you can easily spot these two gotchas, as below you can see a reply to a pilot, which has the same attributes as when sending a new mail.


Contrast the previous to replying to a corp mail, as illustrated here;


One would think the word "Mass" would give it away, but hey, that is a pretty long word.

Now that you've read this, please take more care when authoring mail in the game. It's really fucking annoying to see shit in corp mail that doesn't belong there.