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The Rules

General Rules

These are listed in descending order of severity. Breaking the ones at the top will probably get you kicked from the corporation on the first offense. Lower down, the penalties will be less severe, but successive offenses will result in increasing penalties. Don’t act like an idiot.


  1. Don't fuck goons. Killing, griefing, stealing from goons or the corp. This applies even if another goon harasses you first. Do not escalate the situation.
  2. Helping the enemy.
  3. Refusing to stop doing something when confronted by a director.
  4. Lying about losing a ship or otherwise misrepresenting yourself in order to get money from our reimbursement programs.
  5. If you are caught shooting blues with POS guns, we pull all your roles and boot you out of the corp then ban you off the forums forever.
  6. Scamming allies; even on a non-Goonswarm alt.
  7. Endangering or otherwise fucking around with our capital ships, especially titans.
    • This includes bumping. Do not fucking bump these ships ever.

You Might Get Kicked Out Or Fined

  1. Harassing or hindering directors when they are doing director work.
  2. Giving away tactical information in local or public channels.
  3. Dropping loot from Fleet Commander-run PvP ops into anywhere but the taxes hangar. If it is capital loot, definitely expect to be kicked. If an FC tells you not to go near a wreck and you disregard his order, you may be ejected from the corp.
  4. Warping to gang members unless specifically told to. Warping to a cloaked ship at 0 will decloak it, likely causing both of you to die. Cloaking ships are vital to a fleet.
  5. Talking in local when ordered not to by a Redswarm FC.
  6. Shitting up GSIntel or another designated intel channel. If someone is shitting it up then convo them and tell them to stop rather than further shitting up the channel.

We Won't Be Happy

  1. Not being on teamspeak if you are in a gang.
  2. Filing a petition against another Goon. Under certain circumstances, this may get you kicked out of Goonfleet.
  3. Sending corp or alliance mails when you are not a director.
  4. If you accidentally post an Alliance or Corp mail, we reserve the right to fine you or force you to sing a song of our choice over teamspeak.
  5. Shitting up Gang Chat during big ops. Questions and chatter go in the faggotgbs channel.

Forum Rules

  1. See the forum rules page. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines for the moderators and that they may interpret or bend them.

Mining/Ratting Rules

  • See Jewing for up-to-date information about where you may rat, mine, or explore.
    • Whoever gets to the belt first gets the right to kill the rats. This includes miners. If there is a miner in the belt, ask him before destroying the rats. Some miners tank the rats to make mining easier, and the miners have full claim to the rats if they want them. Similarly, the miner owns all the ore in his belt, as long as he is there.
    • When you leave a belt, you forfeit ownership of any unnamed cans or remaining rats in the belt. Named cans are NOT to be looted by anyone except the person who named it. A named can cannot "claim" a belt when the owner is away --only the can itself is protected.
    • There is no protection for 'chained' rats - any rats in the belt when you leave are up for grabs.
    • You may mine ice anywhere since ice never runs out.
    • You may run missions anywhere.