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GoonSwarm Offensive Logistics. They do towers and logistics on the frontline. For logistical reasons, almost everyone in GSOL tends to fly a variety of Industrial ships, including Blockade Runner transports. Rorquals are very popular, as are Jump Freighters, carriers and covops.

GSOL tasks include:

Dropping towers in just conquered systems - getting a Rorqual in with a starting setup of tower, mods, fuel and stront. A tower takes 30 minutes to anchor, then 30 minutes to online. Only then do you get to name it some variation of 'Ride the snake'.

Push Buttan - Once the tower is there, some lucky GSOL person often gets to spend 2-8 hours setting the tower up (for those taking notes, hardeners go on the INSIDE, and guns on the outside, and guns are much more effective if you fucking put the ammo in!)

Stealing mods - When fleet takes out a reinforced hostile pos, if stupid goons have not incapacitated mods, GSOL can go in and steal the floating mods that remain. Fun fact - a Jump Bridge is 100,000 m3, and only fits in a Rorqual or freighter. The mods are taken back to our center of distribution, and used to make other pos (or sold to keep directors in hookers and blow).

Fueling - Using blackmagic (an external application using the corporate API) GSOL can tell which systems in goonspace need fuel, and then the race is on to get it taken care of. This can be a source of good comedy where the punchline is "I thought you were going to fuel it?".

Import - The fuel generally does not come from goonspace. Empire macroiceminers take one for the team, so goons do not go crazy staring at glowing space crack for hours on end.

Cynobitches - we use alot of cynos. Having a variety of cynoalts around makes you the popular kid.

Contact Joe Richter about joining, but don't take offense if you don't get accepted. The selection process of who gets in is deliberately hard to figure out *(due to potential Fuck Goons effect). I suspect a Dartboard, Ouiji board, or CIA background check is involved. You need to both apply to the group, and generally give a head's up so we know who you are, and why you applied. You MUST be willing to use Jabber frequently. You can also PM Arkhamina (Subdirector) with any questions.

With Dominion, GSOL handle system upgrades. If you have some privately purchased jew or ratting upgrades you want put up, please contact Joe Richter, Arkhamina or Bring Stabity about getting them put on your system's infrastructure hub. For reasons of roles/fuckgoons only a very limited amount of people can actually do this (plus, the mods are fucking huge, you likely need a freighter or a rorq).

GSOL characters

What sort of things are useful? Well, first off - if you're not in Goonfleet itself, it's going to be pretty hard to put you to work. We're moving to a system where the various swarm corps tower their own systems, so you may want to talk to your own logistics people. The non Goonfleet people tend to end up doing tower take down, or fueling bridges, or if you have a rorq, scooping mods after a tower has been killed. Hardly steady work.

In general (GSOL or for your own alt corp) here is how the racial ships break down for logisitics work.

Amarr have the best super low sp hauler. 1 mil sp, and you can have a character that flies a bestower and pops a cyno. This is many cases, all you need. Make an alt in a system you do regular work in, and leave them there.

Gallente have the best ships T1 haulers. The Itty V is a great work horse, it holds more than some other races t2 ships when expanded out.

Minmatar make the best combat logistics - the Prowler is the hands down, best ship for sneaking in somewhere to do stront timing or whatnot. Unlike all the other races of blockade runners, it can fit both a cov ops cloak (getting through camps) and a cyno (bringing in back up, or perhaps a rorq). Their t1 ships are not horrible, just not great.

Caldari are the best ships to train up if you intend to go to capital - the Charon is biggest Freighter, the Rhea is the biggest jump freighter. The Crane is quite agil, but not quite as large as the other races' Blockade runners.