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GFFL Recruitment Poster for the Summer 2009 Deployment

It's not unusual for Goonswarm to be fighting in several places at once. During the Great EVE Wars, BlackOps and SpecOps (when it was still active) were often deployed away from the bulk of the fleet, either to aid an ally of ours or to fight an enemy while the rest of the fleet was busy fighting another. Occasionally, though, these distant commitments required a more sizable force. When this was the case, volunteers would be formed into the Foreign Legion and sent to live someplace far away while the rest of the fleet continues with its campaign.

With the end of The Second Great EVE War and the acquisition of Delve and its riches, the Foreign Legion has now been formally consecrated as a fully funded arm of GoonSwarm. Entirely volunteer, the GFFL sends dedicated groups of bees out into the galaxy to help our closest allies. We had quite a bit of help with BoB/KenZoku during the Great EVE Wars and now it is our turn to pay it back.


GFFL Ancient History

(this section needs a lot more work from someone who was around back then)

First Deployment

(sometime early 2006?) deployed to help The Five and F-E against NBSI and Phoenix Alliance

Second Deployment

(mid 2006? May?) G becomes Dusk and Dawn, kills The Five, GFFL deployed to Branch to help E.R.A. against Dusk and Dawn - ended in disaster?

Third(?) Deployment

GFFL goes up north while the rest of the fleet's in Delve to help RAZOR fight Triumvirate

Recent Deployments

The Etherium Reach Operation

The first GFFL operation was out in the Drone Regions with RA and Legion of xXDEATHXx. While we and our allies were delivering the final blow to Band of Brothers, our brosefs in the east had been fighting tooth and nail over the space we vacated. The allies forces were GoonSwarm, Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, Legion of xXDEATHXx, and RA. The faggots aligned against us were Ethereal Dawn/Intrepid Crossing, Atlas Alliance, Stain Empire Aggression., Red Overlord and occasionally AAA. xDeathx and RA helped to distract AAA at a time during the second Delve invasion when the whole war stood at a crossroads. It bought us time to consolidate our holdings in the southwest and push on into Querious. Meanwhile, xDeathx and RA began to lose space to some rising powers in the southeast (Atlas and Aggression). An attempted coup left RA without sov in a number of its systems and Atlas/Aggression began rolling through. GFFL operations began in earnest in late June 2009 and we moved in with xDeathx in the Drone Regions to begin stemming the tide.

Operations began shortly thereafter with GFFL doing mostly cockfagging work. Camping jump bridges, bubbling gates, and camping stations were all the order of the day. Severing IRC/ED jump bridge networks, they began to collapse quickly. The main thrust was to expose IRC's Sov4 system, D-IZ in Etherium Reach, and expose a couple of CSAAs cooking baby Titans. xDeathx would bring capitals and do the actual seigework while GFFL ships provided support and more cockfagging. By early July 2009, IRC was in full on evacuation mode and got camped into the D-IZ station. An IRC pilot in a CovOps attempted to get the entire IRC BPO Collection out but got bubbled mid-warp. Check it out here. Estimated losses were somewhere in the 100-200 billion isk range and the gang who got him scooped all the BPOs for the Swarm. After this, IRC completely fell apart. D-IZ lost Sov4 and both towers holding the baby Titans were destroyed. With IRC cascading and ED evacing to xDeathx, the GFFL mission in Etherium Reach had been completed.

The Scalding Pass Operation

On July 17th, GFFL moved out Etherium Reach and attacked JLO-Z3 in Scalding Pass. In a repeat of our first battles in the southeast during The Great EVE War, GFFL was deployed to fight Veritas Immortalis and Minor Threat who had taken our old space. JLO fell in only three days, having had only two enemy towers holding sov. A battle over a CoW R64 moon led to a squabble between CoW/Minor Threat and Atlas. They reset each other, massively reducing the enemy manpower that GFFL would face in Scalding Pass.

Minor Threat and RA signed a NAP, officially pulling MT away from Atlas. Meanwhile, Foreign Legion and RA invaded the Veritas constellation.