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This article is about the Goonswarm Black Ops squadron. For the disambiguation page for other meanings of Black ops.

Black Ops is a specialized team of individuals who spend their time living in enemy regions, preventing them from making money and generally harassing them in their home systems. Targets are chosen by the directorate and the squad deploys for weeks or months, disrupting ratting, mining, hauling, and all forms of economic activity in a region.

As of this writing, Black Ops is run by SavageBastard and is not actively recruiting. Should you wish to join during a recruiting drive, you should have a solid grasp of solo and group PvP, the ability to fly one of the ships discussed below and (gasp) a decent kill:death ratio. Advanced tactics, strategies, and methods of the Black Ops teams will not be discussed here, this page is designed to give you a rough idea of what Black Ops is about and how to get into it.


Before You Fly With Black Ops

You should be familiar with the skills used in ganking (especially Scanning down targets) and know the ins and outs of your ship. You don't need to be a PvP superstar but you should be able to hold your own in battle. If you are the type of person who goes on a fleet op and just clicks the primary and does nothing else, you should probably practice in Lowsec or otherwise hone your skills before you lose something expensive on a Black Ops deployment.

The most important thing is to know the limitations of your ship. What your warp scrambling range is, what orbit will you be running with an MWD on, what your enemy's range will be if you put three Remote Sensor Dampeners on him, et ceteras. All these questions should be pretty obvious and surprises shouldn't be common when in battle. Know your engagement range, know what ships you can take and what you can't.

Learn how to travel solo. Having a scout is highly recommended. Nothing is more frustrating than dying to a gatecamp before you get to kill anything. If you are in a smaller, faster ship know what to do when you encounter gate camps, and how to get out of them. See the Travel category for more about this.

Learn to think for yourself. Black Ops is pro. Asking questions is fine but just about everyone in black ops is self sufficient when combat starts. We don't have time to watch your ass and ourselves in a fight, so if you don't feel comfortable in a situation just announce you're warping out and take off.

Optionally, some members of Black Ops enjoy engaging in heavy Relisting to annoy our enemies even while they are camped in stations.

The whole point of Black Ops is to get a maximum kills with minimum deaths. If you persist in getting yourselves and others killed, you will find yourself being mocked and eventually might even find yourself kicked out of Black Ops.

General Procedures

Always be in the Black Ops in-game channel, it is used for intel, gang invites, and socializing. Always be in the Black Ops teamspeak channel, but do not idle there. As the teamspeak channel is significantly more exclusive than the in-game channel, it is the best place to discuss plans or targets—you never know when a spy is idling in the in-game channel.

Black Ops Gangs

Black Ops gangs tend to be less formal than fleet ops. Often enough, gangchat will just be a secure place for goons in an enemy station system to communicate with each other as they fritter the day away taking potshots at our enemies. Oftentimes, there will not even be an FC.

Here are some general rules to follow:

  1. Gang chat and TS are free to talk but shut up when we're taking down a hostile or a vulnerable hostile is spotted.
  2. Follow general TS etiquette. Black Ops isn't the lobby, and you are expected to know how to report hostiles or explain your situation succinctly.
  3. When we say bail that means you should be initiating warp that instant. If a inty is coming don't wait for your drones. Cloak and warp. Losing your drones is much better than losing your ship.

Economic Warfare

Messing with our enemies' economy is sometimes fun to do when one is bored. See Relisting for more about this.

Further Reading

These links are in the Black Ops subforum. If you are not in Black Ops, you will be unable to read them.