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Get Into Goonfleet

Get into Goonfleet. Do this by following the instructions in the auth app. You probably did that already if you can read this article.

Get To Delve

Go to Agil in empire, while keeping an eye out for war targets. Get a goon to give you bookmarks to the webway jump bridges so you can go through lowsec (careful!) to Kaira, then to A-2, then take the jump bridges to O-H. You will probably need a good map of Delve and the surrounding areas, with jump bridges added. If Kaira is full of fags, the Efa route is (usually) a better choice. Check with intel to gauge your options (see below).

Get Set Up

You want to join GSINTEL and GSDEF. The former will tell you what systems enemies are in, and the latter will tell you when an op is going on (though the forum is good for this, too). You should figure out what station you are going to base out of, probably somewhere with a refinery or factory next to each other and good ratting, but not many hostiles breezing through.

Get Our Politics

Major Enemies

  • IT Alliance (aka Kenny, aka Bob) - the biggest faggots in this game, we have fucked them up a thousand times worse than they could ever hope to do to us. They have reformed under the name IT and taken on a laughably bad clown persona along with numerous former pet alliances and are currently attempting to secure territory in Fountain from our friends Pandemic Legion and (mostly friendly) Sons of Tangra.
  • Against All Authorities (aka AAA, aka -A-) - The Gay Russians\xE2\x84\xA2.
  • Atlas Alliance - Although not a direct threat, Atlas has absorbed a lot of corporations from failed alliances and have turned into a large conglomerate of suck. However, with their new-found numbers they are a force to be reckoned with. Whatever former BoB pets or allies that IT Alliance didn't take in mostly ended up in Atlas.

Minor Enemies

  • Stain Empire / C0VEN / Systematic-Chaos - In descending order of size, importance and competence these guys live in Eastern Stain as well as parts of Esoteria and Paragon Soul.
  • Red Overlord - Formerly members of Red Alliance who were tossed out for refusing to play nice with some complexes in our old territory in the southeast, they now occupy Feythabolis and engage in hit-and-run attacks on our holdings in Querious.
  • Triumvirate - Tri are -A- pets and live in the vicinity of Wicked Creek; they occasionally like to send remote-repping Drake gangs around to remind us that they still exist.


  • The Northern Coalition alliances (mostly Razor, Tau Ceti Federation and Morsus Mihi), two decent competent continental Europeans and a kind of crappy hangers-on, respectively. They live in the northern regions of EVE.
  • Pandemic Legion - Arguably the best pilot-for-pilot PVP alliance around as of this writing. They live in Fountain and lowsec and are occasionally neutral to us to keep the game lively.
  • Red Alliance and Legion of xXDEATHXx - The good Russians. They live in Insmother and most of the Drone Regions.
  • Rebellion Alliance - Rebellion lives in Querious as well as several stations in NPC Delve; they are almost exclusively Russian and their BS fleets are always a welcome addition to any engagement. Odds are if you're tracking a hostile gang through Delve and it suddenly up and dies Rebellion probably had something to do with it.

Get Bling

Asking for charity from bitter Goonfleet veterans (especially in your in-game squad channel and perhaps the help channel) is good at first, but eventually you will need to figure out what you will do for isk. Most people in Delve rat or explore, though these both will be difficult for very new players. Early on you should probably tag along with other ratters and loot and salvage wrecks they leave behind, but once you have a few more skill-points you can probably begin ratting yourself in a Battlecruiser and handle the NPC spawns in Delve with some degree of effectiveness.

Go On Ops

PvP is what it's about. Follow the newbie training plan, get your feet wet with some of our free frigates, on whatever ops are going on. Get used to moving effectively with your fleet, and tackling enemies. As you get better at playing and have some skill-points to burn, you should train some Ewar skills for one of the good ewar cruisers like Blackbirds or Arbitrators so that you can paralyze enemy ships and be fairly useful. Alternatively, you may consider training into a Tacklemaller, the Maller is a very tough cruiser that can tackle and has more hit points than some battleships. Depending on present circumstances, we may be giving Tacklemallers away to our newbies --inquire in the free frigates channel.

You can then detour into the ever-useful Interdictors to pin down our enemies, or maybe the newly-improved, oft-maligned Stealth Bombers that dish out fairly hefty damage for a newbie ship.

Please note, however, that from the fleet's perspective, most PvP ships that you learn to fly are just a rest stop on your way to Battleships. Battleships are the workhorse of the fleet, the best snipers and the most universally effective PvP ship. You can't just jump into them, however, as flying one without good support skills is a waste of time and isk. Fortunately, many of the skills used for other ships are handy in battleships, as well.