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The majority of this guide isn’t applicable to Goonfleet, because we live in 0.0 space, where players make and enforce the rules. If you get caught trying any of these scams on fellow goons or our allies, don’t be surprised if you get kicked from the corp and podded repeatedly.


Don’t get robbed


The contracts system (under “missions\xE2\x80\x9D in a station) is one of EVE’s handy features. It’s useful for trades when one party is offline, it’s useful for selling stuff in 0.0 space where markets are dead, but it’s also another tool that can potentially be used by scammers.

  1. Always inspect merchandise before buying. If not, you might end up buying the wrong ship for 20 times what it’s worth, just because the picture looked the same and you were too lazy to examine the contract. You lazy bastard.


Never perform a direct trade with someone you don't know. This is particularly true in trade hubs; Jita is the worst offender.

In-station trade between players is a narrow avenue for scamming, mostly dependent on the stupidity of one person. Just make sure you know the value of the goods, and for god’s sake examine it before accepting. One example is a person advertising a +3 implant in local, then trading a +2 implant to you. Both implants share the same graphic.

As of May 2007, an exciting new exploit of the trade system was discovered (by Dark Shikari of FIX, who apparently didn't get back any of his shit when he petitioned :dog:). Here's the way it works:

Scammer: hay I want to buy ur T2 Cockwagon for 600m isk

Goon: Sure thing, let's trade.

The scammer then opens the trade window and enters 600,000,000 into the box. You drag your expensive module into the trade window and click accept, but--surprise! his part of the window now says 6,000,000 instead of 600,000,000, and he can still hit accept and complete the trade, without you confirming the changed cash value. The lag in Jita is so bad that the server lost track of the changes. This will likely be changed in an upcoming patch, but in the meantime don't sell anything via trade to idiot pubbies in Jita, what the hell is wrong with you.

December 2009 Update: The scam described above was tried on me twice. The technique was for them to open trade and add the money for the item. They then waited a minute while my attention turned to the module and after I'd dragged the module to the trade window, the number was changed. The trick seems to be to make sure that you've had enough time to direct your attention elsewhere before they change the values involved; this would probably work best when they opened the trade window.

Ore Thievery

If you want to be efficient while mining, you’ll probably end up mining into a “jetcan\xE2\x80\x9D, which is made by jettisoning cargo. Every once in a while you’ll go back to station and get an industrial ship (cargo hauler) to pick up all that ore. The downside to mining into this enormous container is that anyone who flies within 1,500 meters can steal from it. Unscrupulous jerks love to help themselves to the fruit of a miner’s labor. The upside is that you’re allowed to shoot people who steal from your cans, but since mining ships are usually ill equipped for combat, this might be a bad idea. They aren’t allowed to shoot at you until you do something hostile. You’d also better be sure they don’t have friends waiting to warp in and kick your ass as soon as you open fire. NEVER SHOOT BEFORE THEY STEAL UNLESS YOU ARE IN A .4 SEC OR LOWER BELT, otherwise CONCORD will warp in and blow up your ship within a few seconds. If you do shoot a thief first in low-sec, don’t go back to any station or gate for 15 minutes, unless you feel like getting shot to shit by sentry guns. The best way to avoid all this is to mine a few hops off the beaten path, in lower traffic systems.

Don’t get blown up

Player vs. Player combat is an important aspect of EVE. When a ship is destroyed, it’s gone forever. Yes, ships can be insured and you can recover some of the fittings. However, you still have to invest the time and money to buy, insure, and fit a new ship when one gets blown up. So don’t get blown up! Here’s how:

  1. NEVER accept blind (unknown) gang invites, especially in .4 space or lower. Being in a gang and in the same system gives people the ability to warp directly to you. Then they kill you because you accepted a blind gang invite. They might also warp you to a hostile POS, and then you really have zero chance of escape.
  2. Avoid pirate-filled shitholes. Many lowsec systems in the middle of empire are havens for pirates and their ilk. A good example is the low-sec systems on the path between Jita and Scolluzer. Another example is Reblier, the system that’s the gateway to Syndicate. If you have to enter these places, there are a few things you should know/do:
    • Keep the local channel up, examine everyone you don’t know. There are usually not many people in these systems, so spotting the few with negative sec status or bounties should be easy.

Don't get podded

Add stargates to your overview. When your ship is about to die, click on a stargate and spam the warp command in the overview toolbar area. Once in warp, you have a few seconds to set yourself up for another warp to a planet, safespot, or some other safe place.

Other celestial objects work too, but they are less useful on your overview than stargates. Having stargates on your overview is an essential part of gang navigation, making stargates a reasonably justifiable source of additional overview clutter. Do not assume that you can find a celestial object in space without the aid of your overview while you are dying in combat. Do not assume that you can add any class of celestial object to your overview, or switch overview presets. Pod safety necessitates dealing with a certain level of overview clutter at all times. Leave it be and you will get used to it soon enough.

You do not know, and can never know when your pod will be in danger. Making assumptions about your state of mind, the level of graphical or server lag, or the state of your client or machine soundly defeats the entire point of this exercise. If you are satisfied with a mere probability of escaping in your pod, all of this is pointless. Your preferred, or any other method of navigating through space may or may not work. Use it instead.

Another good way of getting your pod out of trouble quickly is to always keep a destination set for autopilot (doesn't matter where, just someplace outside your current system), and turning on autopilot right before your ship gets blown up. (Trinity patch notes: The autopilot will be disabled if you are podded. Duh!) Sometimes it will get you into warp before your screen finishes updating, so you'll be in warp (hopefully) before the enemy even gets a chance to click on your pod. Autopilot only warps to 15km from the gate, so you have to turn off autopilot and pick another location to warp to quickly in order to avoid whatever might be waiting for you before you come out of warp. This obviously won't work if you're sitting on top of the gate your autopilot wants to go through next, so be ready to madly mash the warp button as described above in the event you find yourself in this situation. Also, remember you will have a 60 second aggression timer, from you last drone/weapon/ewar use, to bleed off before you can use a jumpgate.

Don't Be Stupid

Don't mess with buying and selling while drunk. Always double check your buy/sell orders. Your entire fortune could vanish in an instant, all because of a few misplaced zeros.

Don't play on a laptop in bed. Especially while doing something boring like mining, ratting, etc. You will fall asleep and wake up in a new clone with no ship and burned junk.