Top ten newbie mistakes in Eve

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Eve has a pretty steep learning curve. This is actually one of its selling points, but it might not feel like that at first. This is the list of big mistakes that newbies are prone to making. Learn from the mistakes of nubs past, and thrive. Here we go:

  1. Failing to go through the standard character creation process correctly
    • Not finishing the tutorial missions
  2. Not being prepared for the worst
    • Failure to upgrade clone level
    • Failure to insure a ship
    • Flying something you can't afford to lose and then crying when it gets blown up
  3. Being stupid in 0.0 space
    • Not Watching Local
    • Going AFK in dangerous areas
    • Not having an escort, info and WCS for travel in 0.0
    • Accepting "Blind" gang invites from enemies
    • Going out into 0.0 space with skillbooks in your cargo hold instead of "inject"ing them into your skill queue.
  4. Being an utter failure at diplomacy
  5. Being an idiot during ops
    • Giving orders contrary to your gang/op leader
    • Filling gang chat with random garbage during PvP ops
    • Warping to a friendly Covert Ops pilot at 0 and decloaking him
    • Warping to a friendly Capital Ship pilot at 0 or attacking a capital ship "just for lols" (this includes titans)
    • Taking any unmanned ship thats bigger than a frigate from friendly POS's
    • Not aligning before gangwarp
    • Not being on teamspeak in a fight
  6. Not yet getting the basics of the game's mechanics
  7. Not training Learning Skills first.
    • Dude they pay for themselves in skillpoints after like a week fucking train that shit.
  8. Not asking for or accepting charity from older goons.
    • Not taking advantage of the free frigate program.
    • Not begging for startup cash from your squad or whatever. Seriously, it's no big deal, especially for advanced learning skillbooks or whatever.
    • Not asking older players questions.
    • Not attending ops because you're worried you'll suck.
  9. Not reading Goonfleet's Rules
    • We have rules. If you break them, we will probably kick you. Sorry!
  10. Not using Implants after your first month of playing
    • You will kick yourself for all the lost skillpoints if you end up playing for more than six months.

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