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This is a summary of the wiki geared to your first month in GoonFleet. Since you’re reading this, you’ve already joined. Hopefully you read the public wiki pages and chose one of the Recommended Base Stat Builds, did the Tutorial, and have begun the Recommended Skill Training Guide. If you’re still in Empire, make sure you’ve begged some isk off the helpful goons in the GFHelp chat channel and have bought as many of those recommended skills as you can learn now. Train a couple points in each skill, so the skill books vanish from your Items window and the skills appear on your Character Sheet. Then ask in GFHelp where everyone is right now and use the Medical icon to set your clone to our current frontlines station, usually either JLOL Goon Algeria or NOL Ishukone Corporation Factory. Podjump there. Make sure to update your clone after you podjump.



What’s going on?

A few months ago we finally took Delve, Querious, and Period Basis from BoB/KenZoku. Our main fleet has become the GoonFleet Foreign Legion and is stationed back east in Scalding Pass, helping Red Alliance. When Against ALL Authorities or Triumvirate get uppity, we jump home to deal with them. Others of us are in Empire jihading everything in sight or are rolling in isk ratting in Delve. You're welcome to do any of those, although you'll get the most traditional GoonFleet newbie experience in the GFFL.


Set up EVEMon, EFT, Teamspeak, Jabber, and EVE-Map. EVEMon is a skill planner but also has descriptions of every skill, ship, and module in EVE. EFT is a ship fitting tool that will help you get the most out of your ships. You’ll need TeamSpeak to participate in ops, since orders are given over TS rather than in-game chat. Microphones are encouraged but not required. Jabber is primarily used to chill in when you’re not playing EVE. You can sign up for Jabber announcements to let you know when something exciting happens. Jabber's also used as a backup orders system if TS goes down. EVE-Map is a map and route planner.

Download the giant Southeast and Southwest maps if you want something printable. Delve is on the SW map, Scalding Pass is on the SE map.


While you’re out of game downloading stuff, apply for a mentor here. The biggest advantage GoonFleet offers its newbies is a personal mentor of your very own, who will show you the ropes, answer your questions, and shower you with isk and advice. If the newbie/mentor app can’t match you with a mentor, ask for help in the Boot Camp forum.

Chat channels

When you’re accepted into the corp you’ll receive an EVE-mail that lists current in-game channels and passwords. Join channels by clicking the "Channels" icon on the left of your screen.

  • Local - Local is the channel for whichever solar system you are in. Its most important feature is a list of all pilots in system with you, which will let you know whether you’re surrounded by enemies or friends.
  • GFHelp - GoonFleet’s public help channel. A good place to ask questions or beg for isk to buy skill books.
  • GFFrigates - This channel is staffed by mentors who take frigates from our caches and give them to you. These are the Free Frigates you’ve read about - just join the channel, tell the mentor which frigate you fly, and go die again.
  • GSDef - The main channel for Delve activity and where fleet invitations for Delve ops are posted.
  • GSIntel - Our homeland intel channel. If you're salvaging, ratting, or traveling in Delve/Querious/Period Basis, keep this open for warnings of hostile pilots. Report hostile pilot names, locations, and ship types (if known) here. Never shit up GSIntel.
  • Intel-FL - The main channel for the GFFL and where its fleet invitations are posted. Intel on hostile pilots in the east is often posted here too.
  • Mujahedeen - The main channel for JihadSwarm operations, for coordinating ops or chatting during solo suicides.
  • Fleet - When you join a fleet, this channel will open. It’s sort of supposed to be serious business. If you don’t have a microphone, this is where you type “two points on the Moros\xE2\x80\x9D and hope someone relays it over TS for you. If the op's slow feel free to shit up Fleet. If the fleet commander asks everyone to keep the channel clear, take it to GFGBS.
  • GFGBS - The very underused channel for pointless shit.
  • SquadSwarm (replace “Squad\xE2\x80\x9D with your squad’s name) - Official squads are being phased out but a lot of vets still hang out with theirs. If your mentor's active in his squad, he might encourage you to join the channel to ask questions and get to know people. Or you could visit them all if you're bored.
  • Corp/Alliance - Rarely used.

CSPA charges

CSPA charges are less of an issue now that we have fleet invitation links but you should still turn them off.


By default, your overview includes a lot of useless clutter that will slow you down in PvP. Get your Overview Settings sorted before joining a fleet. You’ll definitely want the Run Away, General, Fleet, and Tackling filters.


Your role

Newbies\xE2\x80\x99 job is Tackling. You fly up close to enemy ships, usually battleships, orbit them, warp disrupt them, and report “point on [pilot’s name]\xE2\x80\x9D over TS or Fleet chat. Watch this video to see how this works. Check in the War Room for newbie training ops and go on one if you can.

Note: You are probably going to die often but that is okay (you'll actually get prizes if you die in some spectacular fashion). Be sure that your clone is upgraded and don't always assume you'll get podded. Most ops will have a nice Carrier pilot with frigates in his hold just for you so try to escape the battle in your pod and ask if any Carriers have spare frigates. It's much faster than podding back to a station, getting a frigate there, and waiting for a convoy or titan bridge back to the fight.

Joining an op

You can join an op by clicking a fleet invitation link posted in the Intel-FL or GSDef channels. Once you click, the Fleet channel will open and two new windows, Fleet and Broadcasts, will appear. You can minimize both windows.

If you’re not in system with the fleet yet, you need to get there. Ask in Fleet chat whether the route is clear. If it’s not, wait to join a convoy or to be titan bridged - don’t get picked off by a hostile gatecamp before you join the fight. Once you arrive, listen to TS and tackle battleships. If you get podded, head back to the nearest frigate cache (JLO for GFFL, PUIG for Delve) and hop in another free frigate. Or if the fleet is shooting POS, join the other tacklers camping a gate and tackle anything that comes through.

Jump Bridges

A Jump bridge is a module on a POS that lets you jump between distant systems - instead of flying 25 jumps by regular stargates, you might take 5 jump bridges. They're great for getting to fights quickly. Bridges sometimes have spare liquid ozone for emergencies but it's good manners (and pretty cheap) to always pay your own way. EVE-Map has a route planner that will tell you which bridges to take and how much liquid ozone your ship will need. Merch Industrial's does the same and also works in the in-game browser.

We've got a large Webway network going throughout Delve, Querious and now Period Basis so get your ass in gear and plug that chart into your EVE-Map.


  • Never tackle or bump friendly capital ships (Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Motherships, Titans), even “just for fun.\xE2\x80\x9D You’ll be podded and kicked from GoonFleet. Only spies fuck with friendly caps. Read about Titan jumpbridging and watch this video for the rules on approaching Titans.
  • Never warp to anyone at 0 km unless specifically told to. Warp to people at 10 km by default. Warping at 0 km decloaks Covert Ops ships and they’ll be pissed when they die because of you.
  • Never warp to an armed hostile POS in a frigate (or any ship smaller than a battleship) unless the fleet commander tells you to. You will die instantly and pointlessly.
  • Never join an op without checking that your clone is up to date and your ship is insured. Losing skills because you forgot to update your clone isn’t fun.
  • Never jump through a gate before the FC tells you to. Best case, you’ll be killed. Worst case, you’ll scare away our enemies and an entire fleet of blueballed goons will hate you.

Finding ops

You can find out when ops will be held by checking for threads in the War Room. Ops also appear in the Notices box at the top of the forums. Newbie tacklers are always wanted and needed, whether or not the op lists them. Additional critical ops are announced over Jabber or spur of the moment cockfagging gangs may be linked in GSDef or Intel-FL.

Making money


Now that you’ve got tackling and your basic learning skills mastered, it’s time to make some isk. Salvaging is the best source of income for newbies. It requires only a few skills, a Salvager I module, and a frigate or destroyer. You can either warp around astroid belts looking for abandoned wrecks on your own or ask if you can tag along with someone who's ratting and salvage their wrecks. You’ll get building materials from the wrecks as well as whatever modules the ratter left behind. Most ratters take only high-end mods, so all of the lower-end ones will be left for you to collect and melt down into minerals. If you see any 1600mm Rolled Tungsten Plates, Tachyon lasers, lasers with "Modulated" in the name, or any laser crystals, definitely grab them to sell on the market because they're valuable.

You shouldn't keep anything you loot from ships destroyed during official fleet ops. If you loot a goon's wreck, try to find out whose it was and contract his loot back to him. If you loot an enemy wreck, loot should be dropped in the corp Taxes hangar. This rule's been relaxed lately, although if you loot blueprints or something valuable, people will get very mad if you keep it for yourself.

Other income sources

Other ways to make money include Ratting, Mining, running Agent Missions, Exploration, Production, scouting routes for goons moving expensive ships, importing items from Empire to 0.0, Selling Timecards, and Scamming. Ratting is straightforward, profitable, and improves your PvP skills - you should start training up a ratting ship as soon as you’ve finished your Learning skills.

The rats in Delve are Blood Raiders. They're ridiculously easy compared to the Angels we left behind in the southeast. You can rat them in a battlecruiser or even a cruiser if you're careful. To raise isk to fund your first ratting ship, save up your salvaging income, ask if your mentor will help subsidize it, take out a loan, or sell a timecard.


Check Local for hostile pilots before you undock. Read GSIntel to see if hostiles have been reported nearby. Check the in-game map’s statistics to see if ships have been destroyed nearby recently. Follow basic 0.0 Travel safety precautions.

Always be aware of your surroundings while you salvage. Watch Local and immediately warp to a friendly POS or a Safespot if you see a hostile enter your system. Watch out for rats too - some rats won’t be able to hit your salvaging frigate but others will.

Losing money

Don't send Alliance mails. Don't reply to them either. You'll look like an idiot. You'll also be fined 100 million isk, forced to sing on TS, or get kicked out of GoonFleet. Take half a second to check that the Alliance tab isn't on top when you go to write your EVE-mail.

Long-term skills

Basic skill plan

Your basic skill plan should be:

The most valued specialist fleet ships are Sniping Battleships (battleships with T2 guns) and Interdictors. If you're not sure what you're interested in, you can't go wrong with either of those. Consult What should I train? when you start thinking about specializing.

GoonFleet reimburses well-fit useful ships lost during official fleet ops. If you want to fly a good ship and minimize your isk losses at the same time, check out the Incompetence Compensation thread.

Additional useful skills

Drones V - This allows you to control five drones at once. You may have seen people typing “f5\xE2\x80\x9D in Fleet chat - they’re requesting that Carrier ships assign them five Fighters. Fighters are large, powerful drones which, combined with your frigate’s fast targeting speed, can kill large ships quickly. Only Drones V matters here. Don’t worry if your other Drones skills suck, since Fighters\xE2\x80\x99 strength is determined by their Carrier pilot’s skills. If you find yourself on a lot of ops where Fighters are being deployed, train the skill. You’ll need it anyway for your ratting ship.

Leadership V - Fleets are divided into Wings and Squads. A full fleet has 25 squads. Each squad needs a squad commander for everyone to receive Gang Bonuses. Training Leadership V allows you to move yourself into an empty squad commander position in the Fleet window and pass along bonuses to yourself and everyone else in your squad. It’s a helpful skill to pick up if you have time.

Infomorph Psychology and Cybernetics - While you’re a newbie and your clones are cheap, you can Podjump back to an Empire school station whenever you need to buy new skill books. As you get more SP, you’ll want to use Jump Clones instead. Infomorph Psychology lets you buy jump clones and Cybernetics allows you to use Implants. Eventually you’ll want several jump clones, one on the frontlines, one in Delve for PvP, one in Delve for ratting, and one in an Empire school. And you’ll want implants in one of your non-PvP jump clones, to maximize your learning speed.


Don’t be afraid to cross-train into another race’s ships. Most people train all four racial frigates to III eventually, so that if their preferred frigate is unavailable they’ll still be able to fly another. Many non-Amarr players cross-train into an Armageddon to take advantage of lasers for POS-shooting ops. Minmatar players who want to snipe often cross-train into an Apocalypse or Rokh, which are far better than the Tempest. Non-Minmatar players who like flying small ships often cross-train into a Vagabond, probably still the best solo Heavy Assault Ship in the game. And cross-training doesn’t take much longer than sticking to your own race, so check out the other races and ask older players for advice before assuming you’re stuck with your original race. For comparison, it will take much less time to train another race's frigate to III, and the relevant weapon class, than it would to train your current frigate to V.


If you run into problems, ask your mentor, ask in the Boot Camp forum, or even ask random goons for help. We like newbies. If we’re not in the middle of something, we’d love to help. Or if you’re feeling antisocial, read the GoonFleet Basics for more information.