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Basics of GoonFleet life


Life In GoonFleet

I wrote this guide as a supplement to the official "What to do in your first days of GoonFleet" guides on the wiki. Also, it offers a condensed version of the wisdom that abounds here. The aim of this document is to prevent you from collapsing in a gibbering heap and quitting the game because you get trolled to hell in the first thread you post.

Above all else, you should be watching these videos. Seriously. They're made to teach you the basics of everything in nice, quick, clearly narrated videos. They are invaluable.

Welcome to GoonFleet

So you've podjumped down from Empire to:

  • NOL (our market hub in Delve and our Goontopia Capital)
  • QY6-RK (a production hub)
  • 39P-1J (Western Delve)
  • Any other station in Delve

All of these stations are on the Jump Bridge network, which is a set of private jump bridges that Goonfleet has set up. They make travel both easy and safe, and connect you to the edge of empire. You should also ask your squad or corp (if you're in a pubbie corp) where they "live" in our space so you can situate yourselves with them.

Goonfleet station names all follow the same pattern:

[First few letters of system name] - [Unfunny station name].

Some of our allies name their stations obscure names that presumably some people in the alliance know the locations of but otherwise give no indication where the fuck it is. GF ~always~ has the system name in the station name. So if you are looking for a station in NOL, chances are it'll be down with the rest of the N's.

Firstly, read the wiki. If you're lazy or can't find the answer to your question, ask your squad or post in Space GBS in the forums. There are plenty of nice people out there that will answer your questions. GFHelp, a public channel, also exists for you people with a burning desire for knowledge. It's staffed by professional drunk and/or high mentors who will gladly help you. Usually.

However, this is not the I've Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What? page. You can work all the mundane stuff out there. This is a short primer to what you can expect your first few days in GoonFleet to be like.

Secondly, be sure to skim over the Basic Rules of Behavior. I say skim... fucking read it or get banned you worthless fucknugget

What To Expect

Newbie scouts save lives

The GoonFleet attitude to newbies is a mixed one. Most people will help you out when you ask a question, but at the same time most of them will mock you. Please don't get butthurt when someone trolls you. People will crack jokes at you and burn you and insult you almost constantly. Don't get offended by it, because you will get told to "kill yourself" by random people almost daily. If someone is a cunt to you, you have the right and responsibility to tell them to eat a bowl of flaming dicks and die. Seriously, stand the fuck up for yourself.

Goons are utter cunts, trolls, terrible posters and faggots. Get used to it. It will speed your transformation from a mewling, know-nothing, hairless pseudo-pubbie into a death-dealing, hairy-chested woman-beast (I like the stealth LadyScarlet reference, you butte).

You will be expected to throw yourself into the fray every time something like this comes across.

Goon > Delve Homeland Defence gang forming. Let's clean out the jew mines!

To join up, either type "x [whatever op]" or something similar into the chat window or click the "Fleet Invitation (Alliance)" link in the channel. That'll automagically add you to the fleet.

Do not think that because you are a newbie you aren't allowed on ops. Newbies are always allowed on ops. Always. No exceptions, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

Please please please, don't think that because you're a newbie, you should wait for someone to explain things to you in case you fuck up. If I see any of you citing this as a reason for not joining an op I'm running, I will drag you in and then make everyone pod you repeatedly till you see the error of your ways.

The best way to learn is in the field. The worst that will happen is you will die. Which isn't bad at all. Announce that you're a complete newbie fucktard to the gang and they'll walk you through what you need to do. Personally, I ask if I have newbies in gang and whoever pipes up, I make them scout for me. They are expendable and in a fast ship. Scouting is a good way to learn what goes on in a gang so you understand the reasons behind decisions made by the commander

Defense ops are mandatory. Unless you are a lazy fuck and don't care. If hostiles are reported in system, get a defense gang going. Try to clear out hostiles when you see them. Or at least report them in GSIntel

Read Fleet Commanding For Newbies to get an idea on how to lead a gang if you're a beginner. On that note, remember that we are not a dictatorship when it comes to leading gangs. Anyone can take charge. Don't wait for an experienced player to start a gang, do it yourself. Get them killed, respawn, fly out again, learn.

On Ops

For a more detailed writeup check Fleet Op Basics

You will go out with small gangs most of the time, but most nights there are large fleet ops. These often consist of the entire spectrum of ships, ranging from your lowly frigate through to dreadnoughts and carriers. The etiquette for these is covered in detail in other places in the Wiki, but I'll give a condensed version.

  • TeamSpeak is somewhat moderated on fleet ops.
    • Whereas in smaller roaming gangs I lift the restrictions on TS use, opening it to general bullshit chatter, you are expected to stay quiet on TS while on fleet ops. Unless you're flying with DBRB
    • The reson for this is that commanders are often talking to each other and co-ordinating and they hate it when someone pipes up and asks what time it is.
  • Obey ALL orders. Instantly.
    • Your life is unimportant
    • You WILL die doing whatever the FC (Fleet Commander) tells you to do. It's your job.
    • If lacking orders, find something expensive and tackle it. Call out the tackle on TS: "POINT ON [whatever]"
    • Revel in the fact that you just ruined someone's day in your 200k ISK ship.
    • Primary targets are always that: Primary. Drop whatever you're doing and focus on tackling or killing him.
      • As our friends Lotka Volterra discovered, it really helps when you focus fire on a target.
  • Listen for gate statuses
    • Green means jump through
      • It doesn't matter if you KNOW the other side is clear. The FC has a reason for telling you to hold.
  • Pay attention to DBRB's dog. It might save your life. DBRB, on the other hand, probably won't.
    • Look at the picture at the top of the page.
      • SHUT UP!
  • NEVER, in serious ops, backchat an FC.
  • If the FC dies or nobody is calling primaries, just pick an expensive target like a battleship or HAC/Recon and call it out.
    • If you have a suggestion to make, please talk to the FC post facto or convo them. Don't interfere mid-combat. EVER.

Making Money

Starting out, you'll find Delve and the surrounding 0.0 regions quite difficult to rat in. Don't despair, help is always around. Firstly, don't be ashamed to ask your squadmates for money. Newbies are poor and to a lot of pilots, 10m ISK is pennies. There are modules on the market that they use that are worth 3-4x that.

Ways To Make Spacebux

  • Rat in groups
    • Join with 4-5 other newbies and rat together. You can take on battleship spawns without too much difficulty.
    • Eliminate the frigate escorts and orbit 1 BS together, while firing on it. The numbers will add up and it'll go down.
    • Battleships can't hit frigate-sized targets because they can't track you.
      • This may be dangerous, since many Blood Raider rats use Neutralizers (they drain your capacitor quickly). You will take damage from these rats, though probably not too much.
  • Run Agent Missions in Delve
    • Missions are safer and you can start right away in your frigate/destroyer without having to wait to get to battleships to take on belt rats.
    • It scales nicely with your skill progression
    • The ISK rewards aren't all that bad, especially if you salvage everything afterwards!
  • Salvage/Scavenge
    • Get a destroyer or cruiser and fit it out with a MWD and some Salvagers and a Tractor Beam if you can. Fit a couple of expanded cargoholds too
    • Ask members if they're ratting and if it's ok to come and hoover their loot and wrecks.
    • Salvaging brings amazing cash at newbie level and it's virtually zero-risk.
    • Be sure to check both S-Mart and the regional market when selling your salvage. Salvage is small and easy to move if it means more profit!
  • Mine
    • Ask your squad for some cash to buy and fit a mining cruiser.
    • Ask in GFMoney, or ask your squad, if there are any mining ops going down and ask to join in.
    • If there aren't any, do some ninjamining.
    • Cruiser mine in a system with active friendly ratters. Many of them will be happy to shoot any rats that spawn on you if you ask.
    • Delve isn't that great for mining. MERCHI mine Western Delve occasionally because they're pubbies.
    • Shoot yourself, because mining is fucking boring.
  • Import skillbooks from Empire.