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New Player Training Document

This guide focuses exclusively on Fleet Operations, for guides on general living in Goonswarm space see Basic Guides

This is a template for the Goonswarm New Player training document. You should be reading this if you are an instructor or on a New Player Training Op as a member; every aspect of this curriculum is critical to master.

For Trainers: Simply start at the beginning and go over these points with your trainees in order. Answer questions as they come up.

For Trainees: You can follow along this as a quick reference guide or as a refresher course.

Training Protocol

  • Post Training Announcement Thread
  • Coordinate with the Mentor group for frigate cache access
  • Form up in friendly and secure space in tackling frigates with at least one veteran in a tanked battleship and a optionally a scout
  • Go over actions before undock, using communications, the user interface, overviews, fleet commands, and actions during engagements
  • Take gang on short trips through scouted and friendly systems in Scalding Pass, avoid engagements for this phase of the training
  • Have tanked BS go about 60Km from group at SafeSpot, if you have two BS then have them 60Km from each other. Have the new players start with orbit->tackle and have them observe their transversal - it will be low. Then have them zig zag to target->get in range then orbit-> tackle and again have them observe transversal - it should be significantly higher. Have the new players practice tackling runs for roughly 10 minutes. Ensure they follow the procedure - zig zag, in 20Km disruptor, orbit, web, weapons.
  • Emphasize that the warp disruptor is the most important module on their ship during the practical exercise
  • Allow goons to ask questions at each section of the lecture
  • When the practical exercise is over, convoy to the front or conduct a newbie cockfagging op



You don't need to be rich to participate in fleet ops. In fact, you could participate entirely with inexpensive frigates and be a critical asset - specifically a tackler or scout, both of which are in high demand. If you have a little more money to spend, you could consider an electronic warfare cruiser, or an anti support battlecruiser. With a bit of training time, you could be in an Interceptor or Covops, both of which are also in high demand.

Why participate in Fleets?

The fleet needs your participation in order to implement Goonswarm Policy
Its fun

RSF Fleet Commanders \xE2\x80\x93 styles and expectations

Dabigreadboat - WOOF WOOF WOOF
Scavok -
Daveydweeb - ANZAC

Fleet Operations

Before you undock

Verify your medical clone is appropriately updated.
Insure your ship.


why they are important and why they should be used minimally by most fleet members.

  1. Teamspeak - Setting up and using Teamspeak
    • Finding the op channel without shitting up gang chat
    • Appropriate times to speak on teamspeak \xE2\x80\x93 when assigned to scout and reporting hostiles, when asked to speak by the FC
    • Using TSDisplay or equivalent to identify who is speaking
  2. Gang Chat and other fleet use channels
    • Appropriate times to speak in gang chat \xE2\x80\x93 when asked to respond to a question by the FC
    • Use faggotgbs or your squad channels for general fleet questions such as what ship should I bring, what ammo types are needed, where is gang, etc. Alternatively initiate a private conversation with a squadmate or other person you know in gang to ask these questions.

User Interface

Preparing for fleet combat

  1. Chat channel arrangement to include left aligning the local channel


  1. Optimizing effects for client performance
    • turning off engine trails
    • turning off sound effects
    • choosing the appropriate zoom factor.
  2. Choosing appropriate overview settings for client performance \xE2\x80\x93 turning off color tags, reducing columns to minimum required.


Create and save basic fleet travel and fleet engagement overviews using filters


Switching overviews
Creating and saving special overviews for various fleet roles

Common commands by FCs

  1. Travel to
  2. Gate Green/Gate Red
  3. Burn to
  4. Hold on Gate \xE2\x80\x93 Rally points
  5. Warp to
    • Warpins are frequently provided by Covops warp to 10 by default, otherwise as ordered
    • Warp to in jump range
    • Warp to at optimals \xE2\x80\x93 Know your optimal before combat \xE2\x80\x93 gang bonuses may change your optimal
    • Align to
    • Warp to safespot - creating safespots on the fly
  6. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Targets
  7. Spread your points


Tacking toward a target to keep up traversal

Tackling \xE2\x80\x93 activating warp disruptors and webs in order to prevent escape

  1. Tackling approach
    • In your overview ensure the Traversal column is on
    • On your approach travel to your target at angles to keep traversal high except in high lag situations
    • In high lag situations simply select your target and press the orbit button
  2. Beginning your tackle
    • when in range activate your warp disruptor first, then activate webs \xE2\x80\x93 activating webs first may actually help the enemy ship escape
    • When you have activated your warp disruptor call “Point\xE2\x80\x9D in teamspeak (or have it pre typed in gang chat so you only have to press enter when you get a point)
    • After you have applied your warp disruptor and called “Point\xE2\x80\x9D, get into orbit on your target, and activate webs and your weapons.
  3. On your orbit and smartbombs \xE2\x80\x93 You are vulnerable to large smartbombs out to 5000m generally, and rarely 7500m
    • Your orbit should put you outside of 5000m at minimum
    • Establish your orbit prior to a fleet op by orbiting objects at your highest speed
    • The orbit you actually achieve will be different than what you set default orbit too based on your speed and agility. For example setting orbit at 5000m may actually put you at 9000m at full speed.

Tips and tricks for fleets

Type relevant information in a chat channel or a notepad, such as rally points and burn too targets
Type common statements in gang chat but don’t press enter, such as “Point\xE2\x80\x9D so you don’t have to type the whole word, just press enter when the time comes
Dragging names into chat channels to make the name a link for intel reports or by typing them, highlighting them, right click, then autolink
Creating links in chat channels for things such as system names by typing them, highlighting them, right click, then autolink

Hands on training

Try to include the following elements into the hands on portion:

  1. Dictor bubbles, their appearance and effects
  2. Common counterattacks by tackled ships, such as drones, neuts, and smartbombs
  3. Tackling runs and high traversal approaches
  4. A hunt for enemy ships to destroy

Other fleet roles you can train for

Electronic Warfare - Popular ships are the Celestis and Blackbird. You do little direct damage, but you will be devastating to enemy damage dealers. This role is in high demand for fleet on fleet operations.
Interceptors - Interceptors are the next level of tackling, greater speed and greater survivability over standard frigates.
Covops - You do very little direct damage, but the fleet moves and engages based on your reports.
Battleships - the staple of the fleet, this is the primary damage dealer.
Anti-Support - Specialized ships that destroy the support ships of the enemy fleet.