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Important note

This document is a compilation from several sources, mainly the old document. This is version, 1.0, was released August 09. Changes I made:

  • Took out all old maps
  • Inputed Delve, Querious, and Period Basis
  • Updated coversheet
  • Added all Rat info to include
    • Which ships will scram, web, kit, neut, etc.

I have not cross-referenced most of table information but the rest is up-to-date. Mainly the ships, and missle damage maybe out of date now in Apocrypha. This document is still great for quick refrence.

The Newbie Document

If you're not Rain Man and can't seem to memorize all of the regions we're in, all of the ships, their intent, and bonuses, all of the ammo details and ECM and mining and oh god I wanted to play not memorize a fucking dissertation on internet space, get this.

A complete collection of current cartography, charts, catalogs, and condensed CCP compilations. Includes:

  • Relevant Ombey maps of nearby regions
  • NPC rat list, by name and faction
  • Mining ore breakdown
  • Named equipment
  • Ammo, missile, drone, and ECM damage and details at a glance
  • Ship list, distilled from the wiki alphabetically into tidbits of race, class, bonuses, and primary purpose

newbie1.png newbie2.png newbie3.png newbie4.png

Fun suggestion: pick up a set of those colored tabs at Staples, and index the print version with maps that you use most and the ship table. That way you won't be saying "falcon... falcon... isn't that the Caldari mining ARRRGH FUCK MEEEEE!" as you alt-tab and start searching the wiki.

What I did: I printed out this document and placed it into page protectors organized into a 1" binder. Looks great and will hold up. I also printed out the jump bridge map and placed it in there. I did not include this into the document due to comm sec.


New Print version

Maintained by knowonecanknow. It will be periodicly updated.

Old Versions

DkHelmet no longer maintains this package or plays Eve, this document will never be updated.