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Goonfleet Educational Videos

Videos in Progress-
Tackling 201- Kalralahr
Convoys 101- Helston
Probing and Covops- Doan Eidos
Newbie guides to ratting Angels in various cruisers- Kiledan Darkmoon
Guide to salvaging and looting-Kiledan Darkmoon
How to get to Goonswarm space from empire- Phil Miller
So, you've joined Goonfleet? Important First Points- Praetorius Rex
Bumping 101- dmosinee
Good topics for videos:
*Tackling 102
*Scanning 102
*Interdictor Piloting 101
*Covert Ops 101
*Using ECM 101
*Fleet Sniping 101
*A more lucid overview settings video than Soy Lu's.
*Production: Step by step
*Research: Step by step
*A newbies guide to cockfagging
*A newbies guide to fleet ops
*How to rat angels in 0.0
*Goonfleet history, ancient and modern
*How to use the market
*Whatever confused you as a newbie that lends itself to a video with voice-over.

Goonfleet Educational MP3s

  • Jew Academy Part 2, a general guide to making your money work for you, spreadsheets, and generally how to make a profit.