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Org Chart 5/19/09



Image:TinySAgrenade.png karttoon - There is no God but Allah, and karttoon is his prophet. Tres sheikh!


The bolded project text indicates that they are leading the project. Plain text indicates that they are a member of the project. The SA logo indicates that the person in question has an SA account from '07 or earlier.

Image:TinySAgrenade.png Brennah - Capitals
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Daitengu - Moonfleet
image:TinySAgrenade.png Duckbar - Sysadmin, Solo without the redeeming qualities
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Ektor - GS Recon
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Isidien Madcap - Software Development
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Junkie Beverage - Fleet Command
Image:TinySAgrenade.png niarT epaR - Moonfleet, Finances
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Nurpicles - Capitals
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Oran Sound - Authentications and Applications
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Pringlescan - Spying
SloMoJoe - Logistics
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Solo Drakban - Running the server, Newbie Drive
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Trzzbk - Auditing
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Vio Geraci - GIA, The Wiki, Newbie Drive, *raises paw*
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Xttz - Supercap Production
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Zapawork - Diplomacy
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Zastrow - Offensive Logistics

On Leave or No Official Capacity

Image:TinySAgrenade.png The Mittani
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Grayton - Logistics
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Lazyrabbitt
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Knar
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Sorenson Roynex
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Stampert - Logistics, Yeeps

Former Directors

Alctel - Former Black Ops director
Althair Erin - Diplomacy and Little Boys
Avalloc - Roles
Banduril - Logistics, Finance
Berrik Radhok - FC, org chart, office renting/upkeep, miscellaneous bullshit
Blitter - Logistics, Finance
BobVII - Authentications and Applications, The Wiki, Bon Jovi Fan Club
Bos Tess - Logistics
Buff Daddy - covops training
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Captain Mutiny - Mentors, Traitors
Ceros X - Logistics, Australian TZ Diplomat
Cube Polygon - Portrait Cache
Dalaxi - Sheep Shagger, Scapegoat
Dabigredboat - Fleet Command
Darsi - Black Ops, Augswarm
Daveydweeb - Pubbies
deadtear - Anger, Being deadtear, Second in command of theta hate
Deaken Fiss - Being Away, FC
Drew Macklin - Roles/nothing/MIA
Dungar - Sky Marshal, also some GIA stuff somehow
Eskimofo - Wiki, Ladies man
FatKao - Moon mining
Fvahnqroxt Pnarzjeld - Diplomacy, People called Steven
Garregus - Auths
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Graham
Hoegaarden - Faggot who used to be in charge but history has kind of vindicated him re:Remedial, yeah, I know
icorion - Chief Financial Officer
Iromei - Capitals, Spying
Jacinto Naysmith - Logistics
Kalahn - Logistics, Wannabe Timecard fucker
KIATolon aka Suas (shutupandshave) - Sky Marshal, Drunkard FC
Kiwillian - Mentors, Newbies, The Free Frigates Program
Image:TinySAgrenade.png lljkdeathscythe - Black Ops
Magicalmako - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mannlicher - rest in peace nigga
Marielle MacClay - nothing
MrsWatts - MIA
mykow - Capitals'
Image:TinySAgrenade.png Myrtarous - Crayons, Special Interest Group Recruitment
neccette - Logistics superman
Nicnivin - BobVII
Parid - Newbies, Frigates, GSRecon
Phobos Ra - Newbie Relations
Ronin Achuru - SupportSwarm
Rycar - GIA
Image:TinySAgrenade.png SamHandwich - Moonfleet, Authentications and Applications
Sesfan Qu'Lah - #1
Stahlregen - Stoned Video Editing
Stoffer Ninjapirate - GIA
Tilta - Production, Superjew
Treylis - Logistics
TWAIN - Wiki, complexes
Tyrien Maladarr - Organizational and management genius
Vandee Yarr - Later known as Iraf Thaiberd, Recruitment director
Vile Rat - GIA, Diplomacy
Wicaeed - Nothing
Widebrant - Black Ops, Director of Widebrants
Woobins - Forum Moderation/Manager, Avatars/Icon Manager
Yeep - World of WarCraft