I've Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What?

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  • Be sure you have joined the in-game chat channel "GF Help". Ask all your stupid questions in here. Try the "help" channel on jabber too.
  • Be sure to turn off your CSPA charges, so that we can invite you gangs etc. Open Evemail -> Click the arrow in the upper left corner -> Settings. Set your CSPA charge to 0.
  • You're expected to follow the rules of Goonswarm, so reading them will keep you out of trouble.
  • Check out the Newbie Guides

Before You Leave Empire

Right now you are probably sitting in empire space. If you are, then there are a bunch of steps you should take before heading down to Goonspace.

Buy Skills

Training various skills can unlock the ability to use equipment as well as giving you bonuses. In order to make space gold and help the fleet in fights, you'll need to pick up some various skills. Because skillbooks are spawned by NPCs in Empire, getting them down to our space in 0.0 requires players to import them and as such their sell price will most likely be marked up significantly if the books are available in our space at all. Because of this we strongly recommend that you buy and begin to train as many skills as you can from their source in Empire before you move down to our space. To see which skills are trainable, go into your character sheet and on the Settings tab under Skills, click 'Only show skills I can currently train'. This will show all skills available to you on your skillchart. If you're not sure whether a skill will be useful, or if you need ISK to buy the books in question ask in the GFHELP channel where a veteran player will come to your rescue (after calling you a faggot spy). At the very least, look into picking up:

  • Propulsion Jamming (This will let you fit tackling gear, which you can use to prevent really expensive ships from escaping from the fight)
  • Salvaging (One of the best ways to make money as a newbee)
  • Racial Cruiser (Amarr Cruiser, Caldari Cruiser, etc, as appropriate to your chosen race)

You may not be able to train these at this very second, but if the training times for the prerequisite skills are short you may want to read the wiki while the prereq skills are training.

Every skillbook you buy should be injected to store the skill safely in your head. Once you inject the skill, the skillbook is consumed and the training can begin at a later time without requiring the book.

  • LEAVE EMPIRE: I cannot stress this enough. You may think that Empire is safe while you buy skills and learn and stuff. It isn't. As soon as you join Goonfleet, you pick up all our wardecs (War Declarations) meaning anyone we're at war with will shoot you in the face, making empire LESS safe than 0.0
  • If you want another skill later on, just pod up to a 'xxx school xxx' station and buy it there. You will learn much faster in 0.0

Join Our Chat Channels

On the right side of all chat windows is a speech bubble icon. Clicking on this icon will bring up a list of chat channels, and also allow you to type in the name of a channel to join.

GF Help Goon help channel.
GSDef Used to organize and join PVP gangs.
Intel-FL Foreign Legion gang forming and intel channel
GF FRIGATES Join and ask for your free frigate here. (Please do not idle in here. Mentors track who needs frigates by who is in this channel. If you don't need frigates, don't be in here.)

Don't forget to join your squad's chat channel. The exact name should be listed on your squad's page.

Sell Your Empire Crap

Forget whatever pitiful supplies you have in empire space as those items will most likely be destroyed if you try to travel by yourself. You may have a zillion different reasons why you want to bring your valuables with you NOW, but every goon is just going to tell you to podjump anyway so you might as well sell your space crap that you can't take with you and turn it into space money which you can.

Once again, get the fuck out of empire. Your empire destroyer or frigate stash is worthless. You will never use them again. We will give you more money than you can imagine and ships aplenty to lose repeatedly. There is no reason to stay in empire once you're accepted.

Traveling To The South

Where to Base Out Of

Now that you've taken care of all the stuff above, you're ready to head down to Goonspace and join in the fun. You'll want to go to NOL-M9 (NOL ISKUKONE CORPORATION FACTORY) which is our market hub in Delve. The easiest way of getting there is to podjump .

Conquerable Space

Conquerable space is a tough place to live in to start out. There are no missions. There are relatively few stations per region. The rats are hard. There are faggots about. However there is excitement abound whether in PVP small or large fleet ops, mining, production, logistics, or just fagging about. The best place to start is going to be your squad chat channel.

I Need A Ship!

There are a few ways you can get a ship:

  • For a good, corp-issued frigate, join the channel GFFrigates and follow the instructions therein.
  • Ask in your squad channel. There should be either a mentor or a friendly space goon who will trade you a ship and fittings.

For anything more than that (perhaps a destroyer or cruiser):

  • Buy off the local market.
  • Buy from local Contracts. Note that you can't use contracts if you're on a trial account.

I Need Stuff!

Corp-issued frigates usually come with a set of modules and a minimal amount of ammo. You will usually have to buy ammo and other fittings on the market yourself.

Alternately, check the corp public hanger at a station with a Goonfleet office for free fittings and ammo (you will need the "Bee" role to do this - ask in your squad channel). Take an item from the hangar only if you actually need it - not because you might need it someday, or are going to sell or refine it. During recruitment drives, the public hanger at main GS stations will usually be stocked with a variety of frigate modules for newbie use.

Likewise, if you have spare modules or ammo that you you don't need and can't be bothered to sell/refine, consider donating them to the public hanger so that someone else can use them.

Okay, Now What?

Get blown up. Seriously. Take your free frigate out on any op you can find and get ridiculously blown to pieces. Have a blast out in space. Generous goons will reward your demise. In fact, it's the best way to make money while still training Tackling skills and by God, finish training your Tackling skills before moving on. Once you've gotten all the tackling skills trained, think about what kind of ships you want to fly. You won't be able to make major space bux until you're a bit farther along so try different things out. You'll have probably been on a couple of ops already so you should have some idea of what goes on in fleets and the roles that are played.

If you really want to start making money quickly, think about training up salvaging and racial cruiser (finish Tackling though!). Then you can start making mad space bux! Your squad chat channel is a good place to start. Other goons are going to be out Mining or Ratting. If there are goons ratting in your area, ask nicely if you can salvage their cans. Salvage is a great way to make isk if you are new, and most goons will let you in on it. Just collect, sell to a goon buyer, repeat. This will help give you some income until you've got skills for a ratting ship.

  • Askin GSDef if there are any gangs, or check the Fleet Finder.

Out in space you should get used to the Overview, User Interface, and pay attention to hostile reports in the GSIntel channel.

Don't Shoot Friendlies!
* Any ship that is colored blue (or green) (or purple) in the overview is friendly. Any other color is an enemy, including "neutrals". You can click on a hostile in the overview and determine their ship type in space (Report hostile name, ship, location in GSIntel).

I Died

Yeah. You're probably going to die and/or get podded, but that happens. Often. Upgrade your clone if you have more than 900k skillpoints. Get a new free frigate.

This is Hard

EVE's Learning Curve

EVE is an insane game to actually master. Have faith and keep training towards your goals. Set benchmarks for yourself. Don't try to train straight to battleships, you'll burn out. Train up cruisers and battlecruisers so you have something to do while you train for battleships. Along the way, keep reading the wiki, getting into ops, and learning about the game and you'll start to catch on.

Who Runs This Thing?

How Do I Get Help?

Let us help you!