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Goonfleet Overview

Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What?
The Squads
Goonfleet's Rules
The Directorate

Newbie Services

The Killboard
Training Videos
Newbie Printouts
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Newbie Guides

The Sigma Guide
Codex Anthopilia
New Player Training Syllabus
Life In Goonfleet
Newbie's Guide for Newbies
Top 10 Newbie Mistakes
Avoiding Catastrophe
No Bullshit Intro

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This is a condensed overview of the information found in our various newbie guides. The aim of this document is to prevent you from being overwhelmed by too much information, but still inform you enough to figure out what you should be doing.

Goonfleet Overview

I've Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What? - This is the most basic information you will need. Getting to our space and getting set up.

The Squads - Goonfleet is divided into several squads. Your squad is your posse.

The Rules - You should probably avoid breaking these since you can get kicked out and shit if the NAZI DIRECTORS notice.

Directors - A bunch of power-tripping ego cases that long ago ceased to be funny or relevant. Also, they are totally in control of Goonfleet and everybody in it. An example of their outdated, stale humor is that one of them wrote this page.

Newbie Services

The Killboard - The roster of shame, with occasional moments of glory. The killboard tracks the kills and losses for the entire alliance.

Training Videos - Probably the most newbie-friendly page on the wiki, these youtubes will teach you how to do pretty much everything.

Newbie Printouts - A condensed information packet to print out and keep on your desk. The maps and quick reference are invaluable. Beware, as the present version is rather dated and so will have outdated maps. This link is here despite this because the other information in the packet is very useful, and it is my hope that somebody will update the info packet to be more au current.

Useful Links - Various non-Goon sites that nevertheless have a great deal of useful info. Maybe someone will actually go through this page and write what the links lead to...

Newbie Guides

The Sigma Guide - A comprehensive yet accessible how-to, step by step. Very nuts and bolts.

Codex Anthopilia - Despite the gay name -I think it means the Book of Bees- this is very well written intro for newbies that touches on most aspects of the game.

New Player Training Syllabus - A very basic combat primer.

Life In Goonfleet - A newbie's addendum to the I've Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What? guide.

Newbie's Guide for Newbies - A newbie's guide to your first month in Goonfleet.

Top 10 Newbie Mistakes - What not to do (I mean aside from post).

Avoiding Catastrophe - Avoiding the worst-case scenarios that plague newbies.


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