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DarkStar 1
Corporation Ticker DS1
Member of GoonSwarm
Standings to Goonfleet
Corp Status Active
Built the first GoonSwarm Deployed Outpost.

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Goonswarm corporation.

DarkStar 1 is the corporation responsible for the first Goonswarm built outpost. The outpost is a Minmatar Refinery located in HZFJ-M. This single action allowed Goonswarm a serious production base at the front lines against Band of Brothers and cemented Goonswarm as the first alliance with 2 level 4 Sovereignty capable systems. They have also privately financed an Avatar BPO and their own Avatar for CEO Pyrex.



Was involved in some controversy with CCP on Memorial Day weekend in 2007 when Sharkbait (a CCP developer) was spotted entering and leaving DarkStar1 with no explanation. This triggered vast quantities of drama in the Swarm as many goons pointed to this as more proof of CCP pro-BoB/anti-Goon faggotry (BoD, amirite?). It soon became one of the reasons the Mittani ordered the Threadnought launched when CCP failed to offer a quick and/or satisfactory explanation for the intrusion.

DS1 Birth

Darkstar 1 is a corp that started life by a bit of deviousness and backstabbing. Once part of Dirty Deeds Corp (DDC) back when they used to be good, DS1 was in fact the european timezone and industrial section of DDC that was tasked with making the corp isk and ships.

When capital ships came out, CEO Pyrex alone was the only muppet with the vision and bankroll to see caps would quickly become the new battleships of eve. Pyrex went out and paid over 30b of his own isk (selling t2 bpos and mining for 12 hours a day) to fund its first set of cap bpos. DS1 even beat CLS the biggest jews in game to own its first set and went on to build all the parts needed for the games first Archon and Chimera.

However CCP being complete monkeys released the ships bpos and parts but never set the stations factory slots to be able to produce the actual ship. So when finaly this was fixed, DS1 lauched the first archon and proceeded to blow up over 20 cruisers in a test session to proove how awesome carriers and fighters were.

Over time DDC went from strength to streghth as we built up quite a respectible capital fleet however when ASCN split into two parts, CEO Pyrex was not happy with this betrayal.

Gathering together the closest members of the DDCIND group Pyrex did a deal with Cyvok the leader of ASCN to break away from DDC and rejoin ASCN under a new corp. At first CEO Pyrex was content to do this alone however a fellow DDC Director Gilbert Drillerson also wanted to leave and together Pyrex and Gil formed Darkstar 1 in tribute to the first Darkstar Enterprises corp which launched Pyrex into 0.0

Within 48 hours of announcing our split, DS1 was a 50 man corp and we had rights to build a station in PMV (now owned by TCF). Led by the new corp and direction DS1 mined the required isk for the Minmatar outpost in 10 days with round the clock mining gangs.

ASCN War vs bob

Quickly Gilbert and Pyrex became part of the ASCN HC and with hindsight appears we were in fact the only two memebers who were not bob plants. The bob war started well with DS1 being sent north to fountain with STK to take PNQ - in a war similar to the smash smash campaign PNQ fell in a day (back when sov rules were brutal) and so began the bob smack talking of DS1.

At this time we didnt know DICE had in fact funded the PNQ station and our taking of it resulted in a huge amount of hatred for DS1 from DICE which to this day still exists.

ASCN War vs bob goes uhoh

Upon losing Paragon Soul to bob, DS1 was ordered back to ASCN space to prop up the failing pubbie fleets who had decided dreads were shit and spent all their isk on titan and ms builds. This could be observed as a turning point towards the bad for ASCN as between DS1, STK and Insurgency there were plans afoot to make a play for all of Fountian which was open and exposed.

Upon returning to ASCN space, DS1s cap fleet was ineffective vs the seemingly omnipotent bob cap fleets lead by Galavert (when the char belonged to a CCP Dev) and DS1 even recieved abuse from senior devs at the fanfest. Cap ops were scheduled in secret only to be trapped and destoyed by spies giving bob all target locations. DS1 and CLSF would jump in caps to a system only to find 50 bob dreads logged off waiting for us - even when a fight looked likely our TS would be invaded making it impossible to fight.

CYVOK drops the ball

Even with the ASCN fronts crumbling, morale was still high. Cyvoks titan launch boosted ASCNs hopes well with a number of successfull fleet fights in AZN area however it all went wrong in a flash of a probe scan.

The writer here has strong views on what actually happened so i will be nice and biased - Cyvok wasnt a noob and knew how to fly his titan. Upon fireing a doomsday he was suddenly kicked oout of the game and unable to log back into the system no matter howhard he tried. Other alts he ran were able to log back in to see some how 60au away a bob covops had mysteriously scanned down the avatar in its first go and the titan was being killed.

Call my a cyninc but the entire incident is of questionable play - later boosted by the fact that CCP later had to admit unfair play towards bob with bpos and devs openly assisting bob corps.

The real truth about CYVOKs titan kill will never be uncovered.

Bye Bye ASCN

CYVOK as his last task was to appoint Virtuozzo leader, a fatal move as Virtuozzo and CEO Pyrex shared a complete hatred for each other. It is likely CYVOK did this to try to split ASCN in two. The fleet corps of DS1, CLSF, STK were all bitterly opposed to Virtuozzo and a secret meeting was held to begin the dismantling of ASCN... it was time for the spoils to be spirited away.

DS1 announced to everyone it was leaving in a single post to Virtuzzo stating

"we will never follow Virtuozzo, we told you to build dreads and you ignored us, good bye"

DS1 left 2 station systems and relocated to empire.


Leadership expected at this time for DS1 to shrink, however we found that most people were actualy still up for fighting bob but we didnt want to become one of those stupid pointless 50 man corps who camp 0.0 thinking they are doing something. Our cap fleet at this time was more than most alliances in game so we went to Ka-tet under invitation and began to look into how we could punish bob.

Ka-tet and RA being so close meant alot of people thought we had switched sides however with the invasion of Feyth as part of UNL, TCF, Ka-tet we quickly captured PMV back from the fated alliance of 'GONAD' while goons were cleansing catch from bob.

Bobs supercap fleet once again played its card in feyth and after losing many capitals to bob we were pushed back into goon space unable to stop bobs seemingly unstoppable cap fleet. ka-tets own corps had betrayed us leaving us to fight the war alone.


Relationships with goons had become something DS1 enjoyed, goon fleets were fun and action packed. It became a simple choice to approach Mittani with a request to join alongside Arsed who DS1 has and always will have a very strong link with. Together we put all parties repuations on the line as goons accepted 2 ASCN corps into its alliance but all tasked with the sole purpose of fighting bob


The war was going badly as we joined, super cap fleets were pos bowling, doomsdaying and raping their way across goon space. Redswarm Federation as a group was on the ropes. The fight culminated in the invasion on 9-9. Bob quickly took the station and removed any refinary from the area within 20 jumps.

Upon its leaving ASCN, ds1 had some toys up its sleeves, one of which was a completed outpost egg. Seeing the tactical requirement of a refinary and factory combo DS1 ninja deployed its station into HZF while bob had 80 capitals and 200 man gang sat in 9-9. A tense time and a testament to Gilbert Drillersons insanity and Delcs hard work the station was built and provided a much needed boost to supplies and wargear in 77s.

Titan nerf

Finaly Shrike died and the war began to turn. Regions fell and provided DS1 with some much needed revenge on ex ASCN corps who dealt with bob (CORM) and once again feyth was secured.


DS1 is a builder and user of Avatar class Titans