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The Corporations of Goonswarm


Major Corporations of Goonswarm

Goonfleet · Order of Elite Games
Battlestars · Legion Du Lys · Ars ex Discordia
Igneus Auctorita · Merch Industrial
Free Space Pilots aka Banderlogs

Minor Corporations of Goonswarm

DPG · Ultrapolite Socialites · GoonPlatoon

Shitty Corporations of Goonswarm

Magellanic ITG · Man Train Inc.
Crimson Corporation · Hobbit Enterprises
TunkbwahCorp · Mothership Connection Inc.
Eight year old girls · Elitistops
Crice corp · Band of Brosefs
GF Development Inc

Former Corporations of Goonswarm

Visual I.D · DarkStar 1

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Eurosquad's POS alt-corp. Officially set up by Tunkbwah (Eurosquad Squad Leader at the time). Tunk ignored a series of great names for the Corp to ensure that he is remembered for something other than being gay.

Un-Officially the owners of the most poorly fuelled POSes in Goonswarm.

For information on joining, contact Tunkbwah.

smitz note: the above used to say contact tunkbwah or smitz but I had to leave cos tunk is afk. I have my own alt corp now if anyone needs in.